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  1. There you go - I also illuminated it...
  2. They always knew. Actually they went home for Easter celebrations... After a week they came back. That's how scary this war is... Poland pays 3000£ for first child 4300£ for second. Although it is one time payment they are treated better than BLM. Would you move?
  3. He's not destroying it and opposite to Poland they still use Putin's gas...
  4. I checked their pages and they say it's ones choice (should be)...
  5. Probably it's time to dust guillotines
  6. They will wait in bunkers for us to properly absorb radioactive dust to sell cream for ulcers
  7. Maybe Putin variant will establish stronger position and sheep will be more scared of nukes than sniffle...
  8. Good observation - dogs own nothing and they are happy...
  9. I'm happy. First part they can keep for themselves
  10. Did you know ALan Turing 'committed suicide' with cyanide... I wonder what did he know that he had to die It would be probably interesting 'conspiracy theory' if we had internet back that time...
  11. You sure it's not hydroretarded palm oil?
  12. I love the floor tails. They are ridiculous with this symbolism...
  13. Smart meters and 5G can impact our health... No way to escape... It will take years to establish some science behind it :(
  14. When grandma was scared to die I can understand but Athlete taking it?
  15. Well if 'Nazis' escape to avoid vaccine they probably know what they are doing as they did in the past?
  16. As we can see passengers could land a plane. Fuck pilots.
  17. She thinks they helped her... And that more money will make cancer more curable... Reminds me bringing money to a golden calf. She will only die because it is still hungry and needs more sacrifice. We didn't give enough. It's our fault...
  18. I wanted to write f off Matt but comments are off... xD
  19. I'm not sure about it. Even it will happen there have to be demand for goods. Dead don't buy too much.
  20. Or maybe 61 or 20... Who knows.
  21. Imagine someone buying his book
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