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  1. Doesn't matter... No sense. Let say no one cares about they fucking immunity. Let's say 1% cares - the rest wants die. Shouldn't they just fuck off? They're moaning about overpopulation, global warming. It would sort one problem... They should be happy
  2. Changing the rules during he game is unlawful - not to mention whole this situation is one 'enormous' absurd...
  3. Proves it's worse than jail xD
  4. It doesn't happen often that pet owner want to kill it :) It looks like dealing with rat infestation...
  5. My parents live in Poland and my dad somehow knows all the plan... I don't know how he sorted this out. Probably he's just smart... Works and live with young people... Doesn't have time to watch TV. My mom prefers Investigation Discovery and History Channel. At the other hand my partner's family is fully converted to covidianism :D
  6. Poland, Slovakia are worse than UK at this point... Luckily my parents are retired.. I heard from some people they were refused treatments because there unvaccinated
  7. 500g bread flour, 350ml water, yeast, pinch of salt...Mix, wait, bake, eat, repeat ;)
  8. Someone have to pick these carrots when Rumanians left :P I don't think lazy doughnuts are going to bend in an open air... It's to dangerous for this fragile lot - it could cause long covid and their blood clots could explode ;)))
  9. Each moment I start to hate f. blue more... No - I don't trust...
  10. I wonder how many bots were in that lot...
  11. I love that in US everyone has a lawyer :))))))))) In EU/UK only lobbyist have lawyers...
  12. Were they vaccinated with Kaspersky? WHat a blessing these bad untivaxxers will die... WHat's the problem?
  13. Did they take it to the court? I'm sure it's unlawful.
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