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  1. Good advice from one of smarter guys - never sign anything... Best to have a lawyer... LOL. Be billionaire and screw everyone
  2. Instead of vaccines they should provide them nappies and pacifiers...
  3. Probably symbolic and planed like Polish 'freedoom' movement. Look at the dates: After being tried and convicted of economic sabotage and genocide,[5] both were sentenced to death, and they were immediately executed by firing squad on 25 December. They like December... Martial law in Poland was declared in the period between 13 December 1981 and 22 July 1983. The Pacification of Wujek was a strike-breaking action by the Polish police and army at the Wujek Coal Mine in Katowice, Poland, culminating in the massacre of nine striking miners on December 16, 1981.
  4. Considering internet comments, number of retards voluntary taking tests and wearing masks - it can take a while...
  5. Good representation of the society unfortunately...
  6. Maybe for Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Bush and monarchy... I'm sure
  7. I've heard they started to add graphene to flu jabs in 2019... I'm also wondering how our overall health is influenced by the increase of microwaves from every direction... We stop thinking about 5G, smart meters, satellites - maybe it's the real reason of health problems.
  8. Can't say much about Mao but Stalin and Hitler wouldn't have much to say without Elite's support...
  9. Man from my work had problems with hearing too... Rare side effect lol.
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