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  1. Remdesivir was same untested poison as vaccines...
  2. If Putin was a little on our side would just blow this place... They are all lizards. Don't confuse with this one: Icke is right.
  3. His vaccine works after all!
  4. I had one tin of bins but we had it for a dinner...
  5. I think watching television had big impact and now computers... Also many cases are false claimed as autistic or with ADHD... But yes vaccines probably make more people stupid... Or climate change?
  6. We will see how next Eurovision in Ukraine will look like... Singers in helmets with Kalashnikovs? And who will win? I put odds on black Ukrainian transgender.
  7. There you go - I also illuminated it...
  8. They always knew. Actually they went home for Easter celebrations... After a week they came back. That's how scary this war is... Poland pays 3000£ for first child 4300£ for second. Although it is one time payment they are treated better than BLM. Would you move?
  9. He's not destroying it and opposite to Poland they still use Putin's gas...
  10. I checked their pages and they say it's ones choice (should be)...
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