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  1. Maybe it will help someone... I read taurine and turkey tail mushrooms cure many cancers. There are official papers... These have many other positive benefits so worth to have them in a cupboard...
  2. How about they are all healthy and ready to leave on some nice private Island? When ordinary folks can feel better about own misery - even Royals had to go through 'this'.
  3. Once in a while for special occasions toxics are good And I'm not talking about Acesulfame and other E 'vitamins'... But chips from deep fry with friends or lamp of vine?
  4. Well... One can buy it because as simple reason as a 'price'. Sometimes people opt for vegetarianism because of poverty... When my dad lived in a village they rarely eat meat... More eggs and milk... It was cheaper and more available... We also eat beef and lamb on rare occasion for a price reason... Many supplements can be generated in a lab - like taurine... I can't tell if it's better or worse... Probably sometimes better - you avoid heavy metals contamination - like from kelp and other seaweed... Lab collagen for sure is not a good option...
  5. I take sometimes collagen and encountered 'vegan' versions... All vegetarians and vegans be careful... Sounds like another Frankenstein on food and supplements market... Vegan collagen can be made from genetically modified yeast and bacteria. To do so, four human genes that code for collagen are added to the genetic structure of these sources, which then generate their own collagen. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/collagen-benefits#alternatives
  6. Imagine my mom wanted to move to Australia... WTF... Poor people... :(
  7. Get ready for new variant With established safe and effective use, protein vaccines offer another choice against COVID-19 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9515329/ The authors declare the following financial interests/personal relationships which may be considered as potential competing interests: Anthony M. Marchese and Hadi Beyhaghi are salaried employees of and own stock in Novavax, Inc. Walter A. Orenstein is an uncompensated member of the Moderna Scientific Advisory Board.
  8. Well should stick to horse medicines... I don't know any horse with a stroke...
  9. The one who win most on any agenda...
  10. Poland covid is back - attacks brains again...
  11. Epic. "Get covid and live longer". Some people can find it offensive...
  12. Sorry for laughing... BUt red meat... I couldn't stop...
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