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  1. It was a little joke... But yes - I used it and have mixed feelings. It doesn't get rid of much fluoride... And when you open it smells mould... It's not single time. It always stinks to me... I suppose germs and fungus thrive on wet granules. So you maybe get rid of some chemicals but will get some new germs... Or maybe they stay in the filter and that's why it stinks? I have no idea... In survival situations I would use it for river water but would boil it anyway...
  2. It works opposite on me... Wake up anger or laugh... Just like bad play... Like Bollywood or Venezuelan soap operas...
  3. I can't help you... I live with partner without marriage for 18 years... I guess in UK people do it for tax reasons... In Poland lady can get pension after man death if his pension is higher...
  4. And I found this photo... Imagine his thoughts... "Did I wipe myself?"
  5. oh well - sorry my language... It would explain why profession is less and less popular. I should search 'whitesmith'.
  6. And to show that all these antivaxxers are just pedos and rapists - not to treat seriously?
  7. I had once British dentist but she moved to Hull... In good old times black smith did this job... What can you expect in covid ages? We don't have too many black smiths nowadays... Take what live (NHS) gives you!
  8. I wish someone offered me a dental care...Fucking witches from 111 (paid line) disconnected me after 16 minutes waiting. I called 999 the other day because my neck started swallowing and antibiotics didn't seam to work... The lady after wasted about 20 min trying to sort my camera (I could see myself BTW), sending several new links eventually asked if I can breath - YES, can I swallow - YES, I can talk so decided I'm fine and should fuck off. Did I mention I couldn't find a dentist for about 2 years now and had to pay only for prescribing antibiotics and sweet photo of my molar 158£? But you can get all knowledge on 111 about coronavirus... Truly said they hired so many people to tell you to fuck off that it would be for sure cheaper just to hire some fucking dentist from Pakistan or whatever. Dark ages... Fuckers literally want us dead
  9. Man away at least I can watch the Cell. I planed it for a while... It will be nice evening
  10. Bodybuilder on steroids? What can go wrong...
  11. It makes me happy he is home. Could stay there...
  12. Many people are so fucked by these vaccines or know someone who died or had a stroke that at least most amoebas will turn brain cell. Of course they will not publically admit it - because it would meant they were wrong and would impact their ego.
  13. Mine has few extra features but never asked about age... Actually never asked about anything - maybe because it's washing machine...
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