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  1. I don't know but If we have a chance run to pub or cafe till it lasts... ;)
  2. This new variant attacks hair... BoJo needs to watch out.
  3. Sounds like forfeiture is a part of every variant... Or 452 - 'God Coded Person'... L cyfe R Wise like breathing through ass...
  4. And that's how covidians breathe. We just need to open on infinitive possibilities
  5. No one left country for a year but Indian variant - yes for sure...
  6. And how army will help to stop the spread are they going to shoot this virus?
  7. I meant that coronaviruses probably (cos I'm not any expert) second type coronavirus will not lead to much more serious disease because this is dengue virus property... Generally if you had one infection the second one is less serious? I didn't find anywhere that vaccine used in Philippines was mRNA and it looks like it's adverse effect was caused by virus properties where second infection kills... It's hard to believe doctors were so stupid they hadn't recognised the risk. WHO was recommending it. How can we trust this murderers or idiots (let's hope it's just stupidity)...
  8. The dengue virus is peculiar: A first infection is rarely fatal, but a second one with a different virus type can lead to much more serious disease, because of what is called antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/04/dengue-vaccine-fiasco-leads-criminal-charges-researcher-philippines I don't think Coronaviruses have the same properties.
  9. Media is too big and I can't download too...
  10. Where is it? What a horrible place. I probably live on a different tiny planet... But from my daughter I know in her school teachers behave the same way. It's like some fetish...
  11. Me speaking with Indian doctor would for sure explode the internet...
  12. And worst victims demanding Poland to pay them for hiding from Germans like Polanski - best example... ;D
  13. Germans were checking nationality anyway - this is how my family survived. Smart and 'informed' Jews were already in America when the war stated...
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