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  1. In humans, numerous CpG sites show DNA methylation patterns that change with age and retrospective analysis of longitudinal cohort studies have indicated that premature changes in DNA methylation–correlated molecular aging patterns coincide with a significantly increased risk of overall mortality. In general, the clustering of diseases, known as comorbidities, indicates a common factor. The comorbidities associated with aging, such as frailty, kyphosis, cataract, and skin dystrophia, imply a shared underlying mechanism. Thus, a holistic pathomechanistic view of aging and age-related diseases has to address systems-based rather than tissue- or organ-specific means of explanation. The idea that aging and the aging process may be related to protein synthesis and its accuracy has been an attractive hypothesis for many years, in part because the main contributor to errors in gene expression comes from mRNA translation by the ribosome with an average error rate of 10−4. Premature aging in mice with error-prone protein synthesis https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.abl9051 The Wizard is indeed behind the curtain. We are seeing a 26-year-old die. But that 26-year-old has the organs of a 96-year-old. No surprise in rapid cancers, neurodegeneration or sudden cardiac death – for a 96-year-old. I believe the Spike Protein is acting as a Progeria Drug – delivered via the Endothelium to all organs. I don’t know, yet, what to do. I am deeply saddened, and numb. No matter what evidence or hypothesis is presented – the band plays on… And it is playing a funeral march. https://wmcresearch.substack.com/p/urgentbreaking-updated-summation It's 5G...
  2. Didn't you know pregnancy is parasite disease?
  3. I dono I saw another lady started to wear mask again...
  4. My fav was covid bitch laughing in her dumb show from unvaccinated...
  5. Just... Turn back to middle ages? So we will stay in our lovely neighbourhoods where the only entertainment is weekly burglary when our owner will fly to other planets...
  6. It's a miracle we are still alive.
  7. Putin should send them real sex bomb...
  8. I don't get it This concept should enable people to travel actively in support of their health and well-being, without access being limited by the cost of transport Travel to where? Within 20 minutes? Traveling to Bath would improve my wellbeing... It's about 4h... Does it count in? Or do I need neighbourhood visa or Bath settlement status?
  9. How is it going and is it really bad like you can't walk here or there? Does anyone check it? This Oxfart seams far to overrated... They proved it not the first time...
  10. You can think what you want about Holocaust but The Night of the Long Knives when 1000's SA German people who helped to rise Hitler were killed is rather disturbing and proves Jews manslaughter took place...
  11. Oh holly shit! Is this really happening? I mean these 15 min towns?
  12. I several times used these programs for diagnosis and so far there was no mistake. Also these are less dumb. At least doctors I met took too much amphetamine during studies.
  13. Although AI is not yet self aware intelligence (at least what public knows) it can steal many jobs... Very often creative and requiring many hours of work in the past. I'm sure some more curly hair groups would like to keep AI for themselves. What they think 'regulating' is literally 'we don't earn on it'. There are already absurd examples with copyright law - imagine 'christmas coloring book' is copyrighted and sounds of ocean waves are copyrighted... Try YT - probably your farts also belongs to some 'lizard'.
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