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  1. Hello, thank you. Then you also believe that all this that we are experiencing right now is a diabolical plan prepared long in advance. And by "long prepared" I mean, preparation of the reset for decades? Do you see a possibility, or have an idea, how one can oppose this diabolical plan oneself...without choosing the senseless sacrificial death/martyrdom? The mere digital dissemination of information on this, does not seem to me to be very effective in terms of a 2awakening" of the masses. When I look around me...in Germany, I notice that the majority of people have few to no open ears for the topic of reset and everything diabolical that is connected with it.... I even have the feeling that one has to protect oneself from this flock of sheep again in order not to fall victim to the "witch burning". How do you see it? LG
  2. Hello, I am new here. Can someone explain to me how it is possible that so quickly all governments in the world are in fascist sync? Thank you for feedbacks.
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