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  1. Ah ok. It's a pathetic tweet though. "It's all so awful". I'm surprised that she didn't list all her remote relatives who've snuffed it in the last 12 months, making herself the victim of this terrible disease.
  2. I think people are hardwired to worshipping the NHS, along with doctors and the BBC. Classic cognitive dissonance. Jimmy Saville didn't destroy the BBC's reputation, and pharmicide won't make people question their doctor's advice.
  3. Wonder if it was this Sara Thornton?!
  4. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/572581
  5. No, you're right. They'll probably just get worse to justify their current mental stae
  6. Well they behave like school children, so..
  7. It'll take a fuck ton of therapy to normalise @SaraThornton
  8. Why do you think this date? (I'm not disputing your estimate, I'm just curious!!!)
  9. I wonder how many of them will go abroad for their holidays?
  10. This clip from Jurassic Park comes to mind with all this Brave New World stuff.
  11. Leonard Patchett says he feels like he knows what he is signing up for with AstraZeneca. The UK changed its position on AstraZeneca in April and recommended anyone under 30 be offered an alternative vaccine, if available, due to the growing evidence about blood clots. But Emma Dawson, another Australian now living in London, said the government messaging in the UK had actually been reassuring. "It was a very easy decision for me to get vaccinated [with AstraZeneca] because the government messaging in the UK has been strong, and the risk is so small," she said. Well at least all the propaganda money hasn't gone to waste.
  12. They aren't being subtle anymore with their plans. It would be impossible to have this level of perspective on a genuine pandemic within the timescale of when that book was written, which is more circumstantial evidence that the entire thing was planned long ago.
  13. It's like Brave New World as a policy document.
  14. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/986301/Human_Augmentation_SIP_access2.pdf Their great plan then.
  15. Wow I didn't know this was a thing. I'll look into it!!! I thought green flash was those trainers. Shows what I know!!!
  16. Here's one to blow their mind: https://www.flemingmethod.com/documentation Dr Fleming has done a lot of research which points to the spike protein being a bioweapon. I don't personally agree that Sars-Cov2 as such existed in communities until the roll out of the death jab, but his research is otherwise amazing nonetheless.
  17. Wow, so a green flash, interesting. Does that often happen with weather shenanigans? We've just had a torrential downpour, again, storms on and off today, as if we've just had a heatwave, but that ended after G7 of course. I wonder if anyone remembers this, speaking of American presidents visiting UK and weather modification. In 2003, 18th November, George W visited Tony Bliar, and met with the Queen. It was as usual very cold weather that November, but during his 4 day visit, the weather felt really muggy and tropical, humid. Warm but not exactly hot like summer. Just certainly not November in UK weather. Then it returned to normal after he left. I was already sort of awake to this by then or at least noticing things, and that has always stuck with me. At the time, I believed it was so that the British public associated his visit with good feelings, which you don't have when it's cold and raining.
  18. It's on CTN. They missed out the U.
  19. Yes. These same people research any product they purchase, look out for reviews, comments, ask questions, consider how reliable the company is for exchanges, money back, product reliability, etc. Is it really because the death jab is being generously offered for free? Or incentivised? Are they really that incredibly dull? Terry Fuckwit looks bright in comparison.
  20. Yes, nobody uses the name of the so-called virus, Sars-Cov2. I guess that's because it doesn't exist??!! The worst of all Covidiots, I've decided, are those who frequent bloody Garden Centres. At our local one, where I was forced to go today, is mainly chock full of overpriced tat, such as pieces of wood which say stupid things like, "The answer to everything is....Gin!" priced at upwards of £7.99, and ridiculously priced stinking candles. But there they all are, shuffling along, rubbing a gallon of hand sanitiser into their hands and cleaning down the trolleys, glaring at me evilly for not wearing a face nappy. Yes, that's the word I was thinking of too.
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