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  1. You can't drink alcohol, smoke, eat certain cheeses, get your hair coloured or ride on a roller coaster when pregnant, but apparently it's safe and effective to have a death jab.
  2. How they want us to imagine a test centre vs. the reality (above)
  3. That made me laugh. Probably the people who made the advert were on something, like the Magic Roundabout!!
  4. Ah, I see. Thank you! Really disturbing about newborns dying because they are breastfed and are being poisoned, I wonder if it's the graphene oxide or spike proteins, or both?
  5. Sorry to be retarded, but what is danced and tango code for? Thanks!
  6. Probably fear, but not fear of the 'virus'?
  7. This is probably the most disturbing propaganda of all as it's aimed at pre school children, which reveals that they are not waiting for any "data" or "experts" to weigh up any pros and cons and other such lies.
  8. Yes, talk about s#!£ing in your own nest, although to be fair, an imposter has flown in and done its business, if you know what I mean.
  9. In my day, punks were rebels, not paid parrots for government propaganda, how embarrassing. I'm assuming the same stupid people paid by TikToxic to say "have the death jab" are now paid to say this rubbish.
  10. Staggering levels of unemployment, literally mind boggling
  11. He will hopefully become a liability and relieved of his job as a parrot
  12. Ah, thought it was this coming Monday for some reason, best of luck for then
  13. Epsilon is the fifth letter in the Greek alphabetic system, which is preceded by delta and followed by zeta letters. The sign represents a variable, like the symbols x, n, and T. In math and science, it may be used to denote an arbitrarily small quantity, like an error, or a value that can be taken as zero in some limit.
  14. This is true. You'll be fine beginning of September, just enjoy the wonderful day and do Old Normal.
  15. There really is a sort of strange schadenfreude creeping in, where the vaxxed are taking great pleasure in the tyranny being promised for the refuseniks (if that's still an ok word, probably not). They are pushing for conformity, and feel justified to create this apartheid, egged on by the national newspapers, etc. They honestly think that if they have, then everyone else should, too.
  16. The formula milk company saying they expect huge reductions in births, due to infertility, really shocking, and a good link to your Handmaid's Tale references
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