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  1. https://www.tes.com/news/nadhim-zahawi-appointed-education-secretary So the jab minister has been appointed to turn schools into jabbatoirs. What the actual fuck?
  2. I'd love to counter-tweet: "WARNING. Do not compare anti-vaxxers with fat fucks who are a constant drain on our country's resources."
  3. Really sorry to jump in with this, but, I was apparently wrong about Terraria tweeting anything about vaccines aimed at kids. It was just Microsoft, and right underneath that tweet was another completely separate one from Terraria, hence why I thought it was linked. Terraria's good name thus reinstated. Sorry to have spread fake news, esp to you EW, but it was a genuine mistake.
  4. We're all bound for MuMu land at this rate, in an ice cream van if I remember correctly.
  5. Anti parasite, (anthelmintic) used for scabies for example and sleeping sickness I think in Africa caused by Tsetse flies. weird how it helps against convid.
  6. They used to put a wee nip in a baby's bottle to help them sleep. Not saying it's a good thing, believe me, but 5 decades ago, that's what they did!!!!
  7. Even the private schools round here are full on zombie apocalypse. No escape!!!
  8. I thought we had but clearly not enough!
  9. Or with the school for kids? I told my kids' school in no uncertain terms that I did not give consent for the swab test and one comes home tonight with a whole bagful of test kits, informing me that they were lined up like sheep and tested. You have no idea how annoyed i was, actually you probably do. Anyway it's strengthened my resolve to take them out at the first sniff of death jab teams moving in.
  10. Cunts. A word I swear to God I never used until this shit show.
  11. Slides 11 and 17 relevant right now
  12. Wow, the band has 19 ex members. Did all of them die of Covid?
  13. Also interesting that both of you have been ill at the same time so yes. Plausible.
  14. https://mouthfulmatters.com/suramin-contained-in-these-unusual-foods-and-spices/ I knew it was in pine needles, but didn't know it was in all these other foods
  15. Sounds dreadful. In the summer, too, so not normal at all. What was the cause do you think?
  16. They need to give us more reactions. Lol.
  17. Do you mean literally or metaphorically?
  18. What a disgrace that she was prescribed Tranexamic Acid when she was already passing clots of that size. Two dozen?!! And it's not being properly investigated? Dreadful stuff anyway, Tranexamic Acid, designed to clot blood. Wth. Unbelievable and lazy of the doctors. I was prescribed it, too, years ago, for heavy periods, and took one dose. I thought, No, this can't be good for anyone. Is there anything alternative she could take? Herbal for example? Suramin?
  19. Out of likes but great find, thanks
  20. I nicked the word from someone on here, but yes, a great word I agree !!!!!!
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