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  1. Are you "On our side?" What I am saying is that although the original source, which was Russian I believe, has been debunked by Factchackers, the fact remains that Jacques Attali has written many times regarding one world governance and has written about pandemics, also climate crisis. So I am showing other sources of his writing that illustrate that point. Unfortunately it is you who cannot accept that I am quoting OTHER SOURCES, NOT the original one.
  2. You are missing the point. According to the original article: According to the video, Jacques Attali wrote in 2010: “In order to establish New World Order, we need an important pandemic.” What I am saying is that Jacques Attali indeed does allude to this many times, including in the sources I have quoted. « L’Histoire nous apprend que l’humanité n’évolue significativement que lorsqu’elle a vraiment peur : elle met alors d’abord en place des mécanismes de défense ; parfois intolérables (des boucs émissaires et des totalitarismes) ; parfois futiles (de la distraction) ; parfois efficaces (des thérapeutiques, écartant si nécessaire tous les principes moraux antérieurs). Puis, une fois la crise passée, elle transforme ces mécanismes pour les rendre compatibles avec la liberté individuelle et les inscrire dans une politique de santé démocratique. » Pour Attali, « La pandémie qui commence pourrait déclencher une de ces peurs structurantes », car elle fera surgir, « mieux qu’aucun discours humanitaire ou écologique, la prise de conscience de la nécessité d’un altruisme, au moins intéressé. » Argue semantics if you like.
  3. It's not about a virus and never was. If you are focusing on it being about a virus, or even for that matter a vaccine, you're going to miss the real shitshow.
  4. Factcheckers unfortunately missed this article then!!!! https://blogs.lexpress.fr/attali/2009/05/03/changer_par_precaution/ In original French: https://blogs.lexpress.fr/attali/2009/05/03/changer_par_precaution/ https://solidariteetprogres.fr/actualites-001/attali-une-petite-pandemie.html Another of his books which is quite interesting is "Who will rule the world?" on Amazon you can read the first chapter.
  5. Wow, it seems the NHS has spent a bit of lolly on anticoagulants. I wonder why? https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/bbec3a9a-168a-46c5-a71d-990c2a8a8212?origin=SearchResults&p=1
  6. So, children and the covid jab. It's clear that they want every child to be jabbed as well, although they are pretending that for now, only "vulnerable" children should be jabbed. However, they are now pushing for all children to receive the flu jab, as if that is the norm and safe, which it isn't, drug companies have paid out more compensation for the flu jab than any other in USA. Also, there is talk of flu jab containing graphene oxide nanoparticles. https://godskingdom.org/blog/2021/07/covid-19-and-graphene-oxide The anti-flu vaccine contained nanoparticles of graphene oxide and the new anti-flu vaccines and the new and supposedly intranasal anti-COVID vaccines they are preparing also contain enormous doses of graphene oxide nanoparticles. Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism, graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation. Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system. By decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves. If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm. If that's true, there may well be many ill children this year, side effects from flu jab and it could be rebranded Covid. Hence justifying children getting covid jabs. Also, the schools seem to be being targeted for "educating" children about the "benefits" of vaccination and how to avoid misinformation. https://stephenhawkingfoundation.org/vaccine-resources-registration-confirmation/?eid=RZ1XRk%2FSjxUoCTYwj1eUcC5xHBr9QmKSWiRIs8H5fpL2dvLE%2Fm7SVF8Ov9PkvMkS%2FEw%2BIYBiPTzI1ZvviyaMNlBo0qa1a9idIxiG9RPyieiafhr1Ng%3D%3D https://stephenhawkingfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Vaccine-Initiative.pdf This person pushing all the lies: https://www.emilygrossman.co.uk/ And https://edexec.co.uk/neu-and-runnymede-trust-endorse-classroom-resources-to-tackle-vaccine-hesitancy/ https://stephenhawkingfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Stephen-Hawking-Foundation-Vaccine-Initiative-V2-April-2021.pdf
  7. Yes, predictable thanks to the new Police, Crime and Courts bill, that doesn't actually outlaw protests, although today, it was obviously interpreted that way, "Causing a nuisance" or whatever. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-factsheets/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-protest-powers-factsheet Having reviewed the evidence, our conclusion is that the police do not strike the right balance on every occasion. The balance may tip too readily in favour of protesters when – as is often the case – the police do not accurately assess the level of disruption caused, or likely to be caused, by a protest. These and other observations led us to conclude that a modest reset of the scales is needed.
  8. In France, it's different; Macron does U turn following protests and various vaccination centres are "out of action" (ie, burned down). https://www.independent.co.uk/tv/news/france-covid-pass-vaccination-protest-v163f233d https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1464334/Emmanuel-Macron-France-protests-Paris-Covid-health-pass-latest-news-vn https://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2021/07/18/des-centres-de-vaccination-contre-le-covid-19-vandalises-en-isere-et-dans-les-pyrenees-atlantiques_6088667_3224.html
  9. The actual. Smashing an unarmed woman against the concrete. For no reason other than she is now breaking some bullshit new "law" regarding no right to protest, Cressida Dickless needs to answer for this surely?
  10. I think that they are being really devious (again) by saying that the Gov. will not impose restrictions, knowing that businesses themselves and entire industries will go the whole hog to impose their own restrictions, out of fear or stupidity, and the already vaxxed will applaud their efforts in following the science and controlling the "virus". Then the actual perpetrators ie the gov and their advisors can slither away, wash their hands of it. The anger can then be directed at the shop owners, etc etc.....
  11. You can get it from abroad, for an ant killer or washing powder enhancer. Demonised because it apparently cures arthritis. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233126216803?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item364767c463:g:XzwAAOSwosxg6FTe&amdata=enc%3AAQAGAAACoPYe5NmHp%2B2JMhMi7yxGiTJkPrKr5t53CooMSQt2orsSRAQR8FABHjfpFoyRlXhWmROh9nhSGxcGtwrq7l8fV7VyLcLvLd7d8LkYc4Q58mMvwgR4BKYeoDWbS52EldK7Ghv7TKbUS2fS7asNSv1AR0IQnktH%2BgpiYH8LuNrv9uIsHvTanLZMtlUbzrNkXKRgDdnEmXDNLe3GYlAX%2Bj0OfZNB2zReIghGH60xP8POmNSakmH176ssnnMT%2BmrwxMpIzDvZJ3y9eKWsHnhEL5ZD2vY1HfUM2%2Bazhlch5VAOiyEscFsS%2FR8Dpoc2VGxC9hqnw3m4C2UIAEh3GXxSP1cS%2BxYZZDIxpPI3APNvrH9JBgVOwI%2FxtUoHp7VpUZjltmA275HqK26A7x61KOU5k7gI5cTqhXuKe0w1tSC3gXc9C0XpQXjlj9J7MHlFNeXiVgbdUX7gVLlMPAnuBQs4bMccqm0tdG6hJTYVoyh3fSwhbCmIlb7ZUGZaicUVhg0iIKRxsVLoEEQQbImVC%2FF%2BRCI0%2BS5Oiq0RWzaOPMW6NNBbPll0nBgWIxauJB7QXZ9FT3ZxbjQ2mmPY8ME%2BwiwZ%2F6TOVwDzF5Mf1E772AZRLXbAkyu5ItAwEiTVpnc1xbm86R9S2cAQlDA%2BECXFdpq2TMJjYyPyws3w0aJVn6M1mhUICCQvhw4w8Dz%2FDt6IyTZhNUcmdLHMVv72CtUl2EWi2nj7ovPyQM464UQ8VBGecgYw5gAP7CJX%2B5xVsga2vK0KvpdDXjQgiw72xeFkX0%2FsxZnDRsGPgm2O7REstGOhay%2BrazCFTFzgDosBR6a544NHcUPfsB9BorY9lS2sBm782AYsZei0TOuVAmjyK61YyMKop6RlnT6V4ZEjaBnw2B0yVu%2FaXg%3D%3D|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524
  12. You can't drink alcohol, smoke, eat certain cheeses, get your hair coloured or ride on a roller coaster when pregnant, but apparently it's safe and effective to have a death jab.
  13. How they want us to imagine a test centre vs. the reality (above)
  14. That made me laugh. Probably the people who made the advert were on something, like the Magic Roundabout!!
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