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  1. I'm not an economist, but we're fucked. I'm assuming all this money bolloxing our economy along with so many people not working, will mean melt down in some way. Leading to the biggest asset grab of property etc in history, everyone unburdened of the encumbrance of actually owning anything, and hey presto! Agenda 2030.
  2. Wow, how thoughtful of you. (!!) It's a great time for a eugenicist, what better way of pretending to be kind and generous?
  3. London Olympics nhs satanic ritual
  4. Love the goth look anecdote! Sudocrem also has lanolin in it, which is a miracle treatment for skin, as long as not allergic obviously. Cheap and too effective, so not in many products these days.
  5. Note the number 13 too. Shameless whores of satan.
  6. It's terrible that anyone loses a child, but it's impossible to die from an imaginary virus. Dripping in vaccine propaganda. This was an interesting nod to their Luciferian agenda though: After two years of trying, and failed fertility treatments, teacher Jessika Ricarte had all but given up on having a family. Then she fell pregnant with Lucas. "His name comes from luminous. And he was a light in our life. He showed that happiness was much more than we imagined," she says.
  7. Wow, isn't that kind and thoughtful of them.
  8. Yes, exactly. They are idiots. (Btw, the text was all an extract from the article, not my own words!!!)
  9. https://www.dnaindia.com/entertainment/report-tamil-actor-vivek-hospitalised-in-chennai-admitted-in-icu-after-heart-attack-condition-said-to-be-critical-2886642 Extract from the above article: "It is to be mentioned that it was on Thursday that Vivek received his first dose of COVID-19 vaccination at Omandurar government hospital. However, the hospital as well as Tamil Nadu Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan said at a press meet that the COVID-19 vaccine was unlikely to be the cause of the cardiac arrest. Vivek was in the news on Thursday for his efforts to remove the fear
  10. All blindly shuffling along. The real SHTF situation is let's estimate 8 months away now???? I guess another shit Christmas. If the sheep not immediately culled by the death jab go into immune system melt down due to next winter's flu season? We become targets for abuse and possibly for real want to avoid public places?
  11. Yes, you're right, Cassady, people will never ever want to admit that they've been 'had', they will rather ignore any instinct they have, or other perspective, they have totally bought into the whole thing. I could cry for them all right now, but also want to yell at them too.
  12. Who knows. It's certainly not about curbing a pandemic, or about protecting people's health that's for sure. Psychopaths push and push until there's pushback, so before there is any pushback, they'll keep on jabbin', probably using variants to justify.
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