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  1. Whenever I come across those types (which is now basically all the time) I just point out how succesful the Swedes were with their low key response. Usually the response is either the blank stare, or a kind of mumbled agreement followed by a quick subject change. These people are beyond brainwashed, and the only way to reverse this would be some kind of re-education camp scenario? But Yeh, the vax hesitant folks are going to get the blame when the Flu season kicks in later in the year, and there's not much we can do about it, except probably just point out that the un-vaxxed seem to be fairing better. We are now officially in the twighlight Zone.
  2. We are now officially in a Brave New World with the majority of the population Gammas through and through. Pointless trying to reason with them.
  3. Bet most of that is for the Sports. Many folks having to watch their favourite Football team on TV these days as going to the match on a regular basis now is just too unnafforable for people on a low wage. (so much for football being the Working mans sport) Dought many get Sky, just to watch the news channel. It must be noted also, that Sky News Australia has actually done a great job of destroying the official narratice, I know it's some kind of Hegalian dialectic at play, but I'm sure they have shoved many a fence sitter into our camp.
  4. Who cares about MSM. Just be happy to note that there was around 1 million people who turned up to show that they do not believe in the official narrative, and god only how many other likeminded folks were unable to make it. We can also now be safe in the knowledge that the vast majority of these people will NOT BE TAKING THE VAX.
  5. It could have been Hancock was a naughty boy and didn't follow his orders to the letter. So they gave him a taster of how they have him by the balls. I dunno, the story in of itself is just a big nothing burger, but it's been shown on MSM for some reason.
  6. Not a hope. He will be told to scurry away or else. They will have even more dirt on him, as people like him don't get into positions of power without it.
  7. The replacement will be well groomed for setting thing up the next stage of the plan Agenda I'm sure. But Yeh, Hancocks gone it would seem.
  8. For over a year, we’ve had mainstream reports of “unprecedented” and “illegal” DNRs – how big a role did they play in creating this “pandemic”? And are they being used to mask large-scale euthanasia? https://off-guardian.org/2021/06/22/illegal-dnrs-ventilators-and-involuntary-euthanasia/
  9. Here Del explains it. The entire video is well worth a watch but if you want a short segment that explains it laymans terms skip to 38.50 and watch the next few mins. A real eye opener. https://www.brighteon.com/257797f0-06fa-4596-be69-af71bb3adc21
  10. The amount of people I've heard starting a sentence with the phrase "I'm not a conspiracy theorist".........."BUT" is impossible to count. They just hate being labeled , so they have to start the sentence with that phrase, it's pathetic. Powerful people conspire FFS, always have done and always will.
  11. To be fair, anything has got to be better than GSTQ.
  12. This could be interesting for our Irish members, starts at 9pm. Link,,,,,
  13. Because we,ve basically had the cure for Flu all along. That's all Covid is, the Flu rebranded.
  14. Some are saying we are actually in WW3. I tend to agree....... The following article explains just how we are in this war, and how we will ultimately win in the end. https://www.thenewera.uk/we-are-civilians/ Excerpt below The final civilian death count from World War Three is likely to exceed, by far, all civilian deaths ever recorded in all the wars that human beings have ever waged combined. This is because the definition will come to include any death that can be traced back to the harm caused by any measure deliberately imposed upon the civilian population in the name of “controlling” a virus. The argument will be made that those imposing such measures knew that viruses cannot be “controlled”. Even if they could be, all control measures would have to have passed strict safety standards and a cost-benefit analysis proving they did not do more harm than good; you can’t just experiment on people with measures that have never been tried and tested before. None of this happened, of course. So we will be looking at deaths due to the withdrawal of health services, deaths due to fear-induced stress causing heart disease, deaths due to social neglect, deaths due to fear of contacting emergency services, deaths due to fear of leaving the home, deaths due to stress-induced domestic abuse, deaths due to increased drug and alcohol abuse, deaths due to malnutrition from loss of livelihood, deaths due to compromised human immune systems, deaths due to medical malpractice, deaths due to the politicisation of medical interventions and the hasty authorisation of novel drugs, deaths due to ADE, deaths due to failed medical experimentation, deaths due to lung disease caused by mask wearing, and deaths due to suicide as a direct result of isolation and the loss of hope. Deaths that will not be recorded as civilian deaths during World War Three will be those triggered by an upper respiratory virus. You cannot hold a virus responsible for intentionally inflicting harm on people.
  15. Just going to repost this tweet as some of you may have missed what I believe to be important information. (Especially for our Irish members)
  16. The first tweet explained basically what it was about. If you had have read the other tweets you would have found no more wee pictures and some very interesting information regarding the disinformation being pounded onto the Irish population, with many links attached. The person who posted the original tweet asked for the information (via the first tweet) to be shared as much as possible, I was merely obliging.
  17. Well it had me convinced........ NOT
  18. Only the first tweet has the bunnies
  19. No worries. It's interesting all the same.
  20. Was talking about this... What if the Elites (who believe in eugenics/survival of the fittest and all that) are actually thinning down the human population by getting rid of the weak minded easily led types. I know that if this were the case the survivors would be for setting up the gullotines, but the real elites will have their escape plans sorted the army to protect them and serve up a few patsies to appease the masses. Bit mad and far fetched I know, but who knows how these people think? ........certainly not like me or you....
  21. I think at this stage they;ve figured out the Sheep will believe just about anything, so selling this varient crap is like water off a Ducks back to them.
  22. I'm still trying to figure out how they are able to tell which variant the people have, given that the PCR test is unable to decipher this. Clown World indeed.......
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