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  1. People have very short memories. I mean this is the same Tory party that brought in a sweeping range of austerity measures that killed an estimated 120k people. We are now to believe that these same politicians are doing all this because they care about the well being of the elderly and vulnerable. The fact is that they have went along with these policies and that this will only mean a massive reduction in tax revenues being collected and a whole new range of austerity measures being brought in to pay for it. This tells you only one thing, that there is something very sinister, well planned and organised going on, and that the little people are going to come out of it far worse than most of them would have thought possible.
  2. For now it's all we have. I think the fighting stage may well become inevitable though. Either that or they leave us alone to form our own society, which is what I see happening in the short term.
  3. Not so much here in Ireland. To be fair, Antifa tried their hand but were sent packing in the early days.
  4. Lots of networks of resistance being set up as likeminded people get together with these events. They are serving a great service to humanity, if you ask me.
  5. Surprised as RTE gave the Irish protest a fairly decent report especially when you compare their past record on reporting on these events. Down played the numbers, but that was to be expected. Maybe the heat is getting to them? https://www.rte.ie/news/2021/0724/1237046-vaccine-protest-dublin/
  6. Small clip of the Dublin crowd today.
  7. For me Covid exists in as far as it's just the flu rebranded. The reason for the increase in deaths compared a normal flu seasons death rate is purely down to manipulated figures, faulty testing, and the constant fear porn weakening peoples immune systems.
  8. What a pure Dick. Nothing more needs said about the cunt or his comments.
  9. The UK also has 160k armed forces personel armed to the teath. Just sayin.........
  10. I think nearly everyone is firmly in one camp or the other by now anyways. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  11. That's a pretty decent idea, but I fear it will just create more division. Which is what the Globalist string pullers want. It also has to be remembered that a lot of these business owners are in a dire financial situation, and may have to follow Government orders so that they can keep their businesses alive. They have us by the Balls.
  12. Been saying this on here for a while. People really need to get themselves and their loved ones out of large populated areas ASAP.
  13. Last week I heard that some local Cafe owner said they weren;t going to follow the rules and let everyone come in and sit regardless of whether they had the useless Prick or not. Next morning two Guards came into the Cafe asking to see licences and asking awkward questions. If your going to go against the rules, for now it's probably best not to advertise it IMO. As these mad cunts will probably do everything they can to close down your business.
  14. looks like they are just arresting folks as per orders so that they can have Tomorrows headlines saying things like Violent protests, several arrests, bla, bla, bla. Helping to create division and demonize folks like ourselves. Pathetic, but predictable.
  15. Got me thinking...... (Ah back in the day in a previous life)
  16. I'm aware of that. But it does have to be said, many of the Guards in rural ireland (especially) are down to earth and human, and I can't see them turning on their people. There is a new men in Black division based in Dublin, these guys seem like they have been brainwashed into protecting the status qo at all costs, but they are very few in number and without mainstream Garda support they will stand no chance.
  17. A small moment of Victory for the people. (Also noticed that there was not one Garda present at the Galway protest last week.)
  18. The medium seemed certain that the good side was going to win out in the end, it's just that there's going to be a lot of pain before we get to that point.
  19. Someone I know was at a medium and was told in these exact words. In order for the light to come everything needs to fall, there will be a lot of deaths but there is nothing we can do about it. We just need relax and to prepare to be there for the coming awakening so that we can be there for the people who are left, who will realize that they have been very wrong and will need a lot of spiritual help. The World in it's current state is not worth saving. When we get angry and engage in the same energy what we are doing is feeding into the same evil energy field that we are against. Make of that what you will. but it makes a lot of sense to me.
  20. Seen a guy out running in the park (wearing a fucking Mask) and it was obviously causing him distress what with it being a very warm day. These people need help.
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