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  1. I don't think Human rights exist any more.
  2. That's pretty much my position. Constantly hiding, it's just feeding the paranoia, and that's what they want and thrive on. If they want to waste their time, money and resources spying on little old me, well good luck to them.
  3. Thing is, Virtually all so called terror groups in recent History have been controlled opposition directed by the Elites. either directly or by having plants within. Pretty easy to see how they could manipulate the situation so that being an "anti vaxxer", could by default mean that you are a terrorist sympathiser.
  4. I would think they would go for whom they percieve as the biggest threat first???? Or they might just leave us alone as the Cunts might too busy shittin a brick because they're dealing with the backlash of adverse reactions from the jab. On a side note, Denmark has just announced the lifting of all restictions from Sept 10 and we might well follow suit?
  5. I'm in rural Ireland where literally hundreds of thousands of people have small land holdings. and I'd be hopeful of just blending in as one of those nicely, as that's basically my current situation. If the small Irish Police/Defence forces do start rounding up and interning (say non vaxxed) then I would hope I would be well down the pecking order as they would have to deal with Criminal gangs, dissident Repulican groups and a very large strongly independent traveller community first. Don't get me wrong, Mainstream Ireland has swallowed this Cova crap hook and line, but at the same time there does seem to be plenty of folks who are well awake to whats going on. People who live in the Five eyes countries, I do feel for them though.
  6. Still rather live a life of dealing with sporadic frutless raids with real human beings around me, than living in one of these new prison cell Smart cities.
  7. Here's a vid ef of herself in a debate from earlier tonight. Worth a watch, for anyone interested.
  8. I just had one canvasser last election ( FF). Would have told them to do one but for I knew the canvasser from the pub, and he's a sound enough cunt. Just told him I vote with my feet, which is the truth. Sinn Fein have an absolute cheek to call themselves a nationalist party. We had a lot of check points for the Cova last year, but they're non existant now.
  9. I hear you. The problem Ireland has that the left and right are too extreme, and the middle ground is 100% PRO Globalist. Say your anti EU here in the South, and you would get looked at as though you had two heads.
  10. I can't get my head around how the left wing elements of republicanism seem to have swallowed this Covid hoax hook line, and sinker, and have actually been engaged in harrasing people protesting lockdowns trying to make out that the anti locdown people as being some kind of right wing front group. The Antifa groups especially. From what I can see, mainstream republicanism, and even the fringe groups, seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet at the Globalists.
  11. There has to be some traces of a human being in at least some of them? I know that in general they progress in their career by being good little order followers, but what's going on (especially down under) goes way beyond the actions of a bunch of yes men. It just seems as if there is something much more sinister going on, and I'm leaning towards the theory of them being under some form of hypnosis.
  12. You do have to wonder if they Police have actually hypnotized or something, surely they can't believe what they are doing is protecting society. You also have to wonder what they get up to on their days off, bet they don't just sit in the house waiting on the next shift. Be interesting to see if there is any vids of interaction between off/on duty cops, and wether they're treated the same?
  13. This message from Dr. Anne McCloskey was recorded on the 21st August. It received over 120K views in less than 36 hours before Facebook removed it. Please share far and wide to help warn people about the dangers of these untested injections. https://www.bitchute.com/video/BhNd96g26dHX/
  14. I remember reading this back then, pur in your face telling us whats going to happen and it spooked the hell out of me. It seemed immpossible back then, but now it nearly seems inevitable. Humanity is now currently in a fight for it's very survival, and the sad thing is that the majority of Humans are actually aiding the side who are bent on their destruction. Sadder still, is the fact that we could win this war within 24 hrs, if people would just wake up.
  15. What a Prick. If and when we have our Nuremburg 2.0, I cant wait to see him and his Ilk squirm in the dock. Can they not just think logically for one second. I mean if these so called Vaccs actually worked, there would be no issue as they would be protected.
  16. But they were just cannon fodder, the British Government never really cared about grunt deaths, if anything it saved them on pensions. It wasn't until the RA attacked the financial heart of London that the Brits started to get serious about any ceasefire. Best thing we can do, is try to get the Police and military on side, there must be plenty who are having serious reservations about what is going on.
  17. If this where to happen, I suppose the best policy would be to remain silent. Don't answer daft questions designed to put you in a box.
  18. Moved to the sticks a couple of years ago, I have a small bit of land, I'm growing my own food (mostly) and I even have chickens laying more eggs than I can eat, so I;m going in the right direction. But most importantly, I'm building up a network of freinds who are likeminded, and I beleive there is similar commumities forming all over. I'm also firmly of the belief that we are spiritual beings, and this physical life we're living now is also only temporay, so I dont harbour much fear about the short tem outcome. We have to batton down the hatches while this bunch of control freaks plays their hand, but I'm just waiting for them to make their mistake.......And I know they will.
  19. Surely this Grid will have week spots that can be hacked and attacked?
  20. While I agree to an extent, it's all fakery though. Fake Fiat money backed by nothing, fake TV shows and news channels that are seeing their ratings drop like a stone through water, fake politics with barely 20% voting for the party in charge, and to top it off we have our souls, our human spirit, empathy and our ability to love. This last part is something the elites will never control nor understand, and it's the main reason I can see us winning out in the end. Remember, every situation is temporary.
  21. Few Hundred thousand in the UK maybe. But World wide there must be 10.s of millions, sure in some US States alone the Vaggs hesitancy rate is 40%. Hardline pro official narrative I'd say (UK/Irelamd) there is only about 10% in that catagory and the vast majority are leaning that way but are really middle ground and swayable. This war will be won by whoever controls the middle ground, and in that fight we're losing but have not lost yet. If it was a football match I'd say we are down to ten men and 2 nil down at half time.........So while it's a tall order to turn things around, it's not immpossible. We need a game plan, leadership, and direction fast.
  22. Got to be Saline jabs, as they're hardly going to risk wiping out a large percentage of their own military.?????
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