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  1. These thugs can no longer be called Police. Big Pharmas private militia is a more fitting term IMO.
  2. These dissident Doctors and Nurses will be needed by us and our alternative communities, they;re better off out of those unethical (Big Pharma run) hell holes anyway.. And I would much rather go and visit one of these kinds of medical practitioners any day of the week, these are the real Angels, and you know they would have your best interests at heart, Basically this plandemic is seperation of the wheat from the Chaff in that regard.
  3. Good watch that. I'm sure you will have seen this one also, but for anyone who hasn't, it's a must watch.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already. Some very interesting comments by opposition politician Clive Palmer. Claiming that Big Pharma is behind everything, and that they have basically taken over the Austrailian Government, press corruption, Vax injuries and more........ https://odysee.com/@ScottishUnity:8/ClivePalmer:7
  5. Suppose there's always been large sections of the planet literally starved to death on a constant basis. Just had a quick google search there (so it has to be taken with a large pinch of salt) and it gives the yearly death toll from starvation as 9 million. That should tell you all you need to know when you compare it with the so called Covid death rate of 4.7 million.
  6. I see what your saying. They kinda have us by the balls. Suppose the only way would be for us to set up some sort of alternative Blackmarket
  7. Surely this just means the UN V'd just withhold paying taxes. No basic services, no tax, stands to reason.
  8. I struggle to see how this could work? A car crash for instance, or someone taking a heart attack in the middle of the street, how could they possibly know if people in those stuations are jabbed.
  9. Hedge schools are going to make a big comeback me thinks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedge_school
  10. Where I live in Rural Ireland people have been living of the land and helping each other for centuries. These people know the land, many are armed and have strong family/freindship ties. Mad Max types, might find steeling a few spuds and a sheep might not be worth the bother. But as I said before, I don't think starvation is going to be used as the main tactic. Though it will be used as a side show to keep (especially city folks) people reliant and compliant with the Government.
  11. As in the past, defence militia's can and will be formed. Humans learned a long time ago that forming communities and defending them is essential if survival is to be achieved. Trying to survive what's coming on your lonesome is a sure fire route to failure if you ask me.
  12. I'm not so sure they're going to use starvation as a weapon this time around, I believe the V will do the wiping out, slowly but surely. With new varients taking the blame along with the anti Jabbed for being the spreaders. Among the dissentors (especially) people have started learning how to become more self sufficient, that's got to count for something. I don't think I have bought one vegatable from the shop in the last year. Two years ago I would have laughed at even the thought of putting a spade to ground and planting seeds, now I have more than I can eat and I'm giving food to nieghbours for free. I know many others who have done the same.
  13. I don't think you can change public opinion now at this stage, as people have long since decided to which camp they belong. There is still some middle ground Sheep types, but they are the types who could change their opinion after watching the 6 news. This is though a massive Commie/Globalist takeover in the making, and like all previous commie takeovers, dissentors will be sent to the (modern day) Gulags. That's why I'm saying to folks that the best thing to do is keep the head down. These are very dangerous times my friend.
  14. We are like the Anti Nazi's in 1930.s Germany. The more this goes on, the more I,m thinking best policy is just to keep your head down for now.
  15. Four mins that smashes the official narrative to bits. It's from an Irish perspective, but you can sure the same applies Globally. Watch and share........
  16. This is one of the latest buidings in Russia. Dunno what to make of it myself, but it's certainly impressive.
  17. Sadly it would seem that the vast majority of the population are in a state of wilful ignorance. The information has always been there but they just don't want to know, mainly because the truth brings them to a very scary place, and that place too many people are just not ready to venture into. Then you have the MSM, which is doing a brilliant job of keeping people from going down any and all rabit holes. I think at this stage everyone is firmly in their own camp. My best guess is that there is roughly 10% on our side, 20% on their side, and 70% lost Sheep. We have more than enough for a revolution, but at the moment we're rudderless, leaderless and without any realistic end goal. So IMO it's prob best just looking after yourself for now by basically prepping and keeping yourself fit, healthy, and informed.
  18. Came across this old chestnut last night and thought it was worth a bump on here for any Lurkers trying to get a basic handle on whats actually going on. 10 min of truth bombs, both historical and whats happening today.
  19. Did they not spend several decades using the red scare tactics to scare the bejeesus out of the Western general public. It was used to justify the Vietnam war/domino theory, the blockade of countless countries, and the demonization of many leaders (many rightly so). I was young at the time, and I do remember the anti Nazi stuff at school, but from what I can remember some red scare stuff was thrown in there also,,,,,,,,for good measure. The Fabians have been working tirelessly in recent years though, it has to be said.
  20. Feel so sorry for the upcoming Generation of kids, they will never enjoy the kind of freedoms we had when we were young. (or at least thought we had)
  21. Just reading through, and there;s some interesting stuff. Think I'll leave it for now Bud.
  22. Sorry about the Rake of Tweets coming up. I only meant to post the first one, maybe some Mod could sort it ???
  23. The true face of Policing in Austrailia.
  24. I think it would be a good idea also to exercise complete silence when approached by police and or put under arrest. This would make it extremely difficult and time consuming for them to process people. You could claim at the start, you will only speak via legal representation, then just keep it zipped.
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