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  1. Pretty much the way I see it. Anyone or anything that questions the official mainstream narrative has to be seen as a good thing IMO. Especially in the current climate where practically no-one is doing so. Just have some salt handy, and you'll be grand.
  2. Many places are crying out for staff at the moment. Might be a pay cut involved, but at least you wouldn't have to compromise your life.
  3. Sorry, but I just can't see the logic in getting a jab that you know has zero health benefits and most likely some sinister real reason for being administered of which will probably shorten your life, just to keep a job?
  4. https://www.statista.com/statistics/288091/readership-trend-of-the-daily-mirror-newspaper-uk/
  5. I'm sure your already aware, but...... Apparently dandilions are great for many remidies. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/dandelion-benefits
  6. Some folks have the right idea. I would love to be a fly on the wall and listen to the conversations of people like this.
  7. Look at our history, we have fought countless wars and wiped out millions of our fellow human beings because we are so easily led. It's like we're the Elites plaything and we never seem to learn. We cannot progress properly and naturally as a species until we break free from our Evil self appointed masters.
  8. It really feels like some kind of test to see if our species deserves to survive, and so far we're losing. Imagine if everyone who took the V were to die within 5 years, we would be near enough wiped out.
  9. If they were to Lockdown again, I think the Sheeple types will just go along with it, otherwise all their arguments for the last 18 months would be null and void. Basically the Sheep have backed themselves into a corner where they have to " follow the science" mainstream narrative or they're going to make themselves look like hypocrites of the century. A few might switch sides, but only a few percent IMO.
  10. On yersel Melbourne/Victoria Some people say protest are useless......... I beg to differ. What it does is send a message to the Elites that not everyone buys the propoganda, and lets people who have spent much of the last 18 months thinking they were alone know that there are thousands of likeminded folks who have their backs. Protests are stage one of organized resistance.
  11. Making people stay indoors when all they needed was large doses of Vit D (sunshine) was tantamount to murder, especially for the elderly. Pumping people full of the fear also, as living in astate of fear is well known to weaken the immune system. For me all Covid ever was was the Flu rebranded, the measures (above) and others just made sure the death toll was slightly higher than it otherwise would have been for a normal flu season. Wash, rinse and repeat for the next season, and there you have it......A PLANDEMIC.
  12. It's only a matter of time before someone is killed, Police or Protester. And that's what they want
  13. Problem is the majority are Yes men, order follower types. But I heard the figure of 10% of OZ cops are planning on refusing the V, so we'll see how it goes.
  14. I think it's just Police mate. If you could even call them that. Elite Controlled Drones is what they are.
  15. It just makes perfect sense. Whats more, anyone would be welcome V'd or not, like it should be.
  16. Susanne Delaney is a concerned citizen and mother who wrote an open letter addressing Irish doctors (below), asking many pertinent and urgent questions relating to the conduct and slipping ethics of the medical community over the past 18 months. Susanne seeks to highlight many unsettling issues, urging people to examine what really happened in Irish nursing homes. In addition, she raised issues regarding how children are also being failed by the medical community. In tonight's One To One show, Aisling and Susanne discuss ongoing issues relating to two of the most vulnerable groups in society, who have in reality been anything but protected in these times, amongst other topics. Such as whether the financial incentivisation of doctors has overtaken their due diligence to assess the safety of covid vaccines. *Given the current rhetoric of silencing dissenters through "far-right, anti-vaxxer" labels, Susanne would like to state that she affiliates with no political leader, party nor paradigm, and is not against any group in society. She does not identify as "anti vax" Both Susanne and her daughter have received fully approved traditional vaccines in the past. She is anti experimental "vaccine" and vehemently against the push to administer this novel gene therapy to children. She is also pro-sound science (backed by long-term data) and anti-censorship.
  17. Karma for the Cunts..... Cops in OZ have been given two weeks to take the Jab or face suspension. This should be interesting, as apparently many are dead set against. LOL
  18. These thugs can no longer be called Police. Big Pharmas private militia is a more fitting term IMO.
  19. These dissident Doctors and Nurses will be needed by us and our alternative communities, they;re better off out of those unethical (Big Pharma run) hell holes anyway.. And I would much rather go and visit one of these kinds of medical practitioners any day of the week, these are the real Angels, and you know they would have your best interests at heart, Basically this plandemic is seperation of the wheat from the Chaff in that regard.
  20. Good watch that. I'm sure you will have seen this one also, but for anyone who hasn't, it's a must watch.
  21. Not sure if this has been posted already. Some very interesting comments by opposition politician Clive Palmer. Claiming that Big Pharma is behind everything, and that they have basically taken over the Austrailian Government, press corruption, Vax injuries and more........ https://odysee.com/@ScottishUnity:8/ClivePalmer:7
  22. Suppose there's always been large sections of the planet literally starved to death on a constant basis. Just had a quick google search there (so it has to be taken with a large pinch of salt) and it gives the yearly death toll from starvation as 9 million. That should tell you all you need to know when you compare it with the so called Covid death rate of 4.7 million.
  23. Poor Child. These people are insane.
  24. I see what your saying. They kinda have us by the balls. Suppose the only way would be for us to set up some sort of alternative Blackmarket
  25. Surely this just means the UN V'd just withhold paying taxes. No basic services, no tax, stands to reason.
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