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  1. A tribute to Dan Andrews. A man of the people.
  2. The ideology behind Communism, Fascism and Covid is one and the same. "What you Radicals and we who hold opposing views differ about, is not so much the end as the means, not so much what should be brought about as how it should, and can, be brought about....." Otto H Khan, Director Merican International Corp. https://www.bitchute.com/video/g3cx1xVPfVEH/
  3. Imagine the clearances never took place. Do you think there would be large towns and cities all over the Highlands?? One things for sure, Scotland would be a very different place.
  4. Exactly. I'm Irish, and we too suffered greatly at the hands of the British, probably more than anyone else. Apart from maybe a few extremists there's virtually no hatred towards the British. Generalising is a tactic used by the elites to create division where there is none, and people on this forum at least should see right through it.
  5. They, along with the vast majority of humanity (maybe 80%) have been hypnotized. The other side of that coin though, is the fact that millions who would never have paid any interest in political matters before have now became awake to the notion that they have been played like a fiddle for their entire lives.
  6. The people behind big Pharma want power, not money which is just a means to that end. There has always been mass cullings throughout our entire History, in previous generations the main method would have been wars, but this is no longer possible as a modern war with modern weapons would wipe out the entire planet. Us humans have to be brought down to managable numbers, if this Globalist utopia is to be realized, so the powers that shouldn't be have decided on death by a thousand cuts via vaggs and boosters. Created out of thin air, backed by nothing Fiat money is fast becoming meaningless to those that run the system. Though it still maintains some value in as much as it keeps their worker bee's happy.
  7. Yeh, the Girlfreind keeps asking me about that box of stuff in the freezer that keeps accumulating. I just tell her it's our pension ............
  8. It's not being enforced, at least in the places I go. There was a high level of adherance at the start, but now it's just basically forgotten about. You could walk into a place flash someone else's phone that says you have been vaxxed and you were in.......The whole thing was a joke. Sad thing is. I know people who will never go into certain establishments ever again because of the way they were treated (being non vaxxed) when these rules first came out, it's caused a lot of deep division and resentment.
  9. In an Israeli hospital outbreak, 96% vaccination rates (and universal masking) made no difference. And guess who had mild cases? Hint: not the vaccinated. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/so-much-for-vaccine-generated-herd
  10. I feel for you people I really do. It looks like armed resistance might well become your only option? Things here in Ireland have for the most part are back to normal, with things like majority wearing masks in shops being a firm constant reminder that tyrany is still lurking. This coming winter is my biggest worry, as the Flu season kicks in I feel it will be used for more lockdowns.
  11. What you people have to do is get together and come up with innovative ways of making their draconian rules redundant.... Like this....
  12. I posted link to a podcast recently where Clinical Psycologist professor Matties Desmet gave a highly detailed anylisis on how basically all of humanity has been put under some kind of hypnotic spell in regards to Covid, as well as why some people (like ourselves) have not been influenced. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you give it a watch. He lays out a very convicing case which leads me to believe that he is 100% bang on the money. and in fact when you think about it there is no other explanation....... https://www.pscp.tv/w/1dRJZNaMrkNJB
  13. Although I hate everything these people stand for in regards to the Plandemic. Is it not the case that since these people are acting under a state of hypnosis they therefore cannot be criminally liable. I know this would let a hell of a lot of evil people off the hook, but it would have to be taken into consideration if we were ever to have a Nremburg 2.0 scenario. But the people who planned and organized the hypnosis should swing from the Gallows, with there being some sort of re-education camp system set up for the rest. Thoughts ?????
  14. Someone posted an article on some isolated tribe on some Pacific Island the other day, where it was said that the people are best left alone for several reasons. Maybe it's Basically the same for us humans as far as the Universe goes. Any Aliens eying us up for possible contacts must just think that we are too primitive and dangerously easily led to be made contact with. And they would be right. Sometimes I do wonder if I am in the same species as some of these Morons I see on TV.
  15. Fair Play to them. But it baffles me to think that people actually still believe this can be sorted out via the courts and legal systems. We no longer live in a democracy or under any recognizable legal jurisdiction, as the entire system has been bought out and was only ever an illusion anyway. There's only one way we can regain our freedoms and or any hope for our childrens future, and I'm sure I don't need to spell out what that entails.
  16. I want to be very clear. Take the V and your life will be shortened. EFF OFF YA SATANIC WITCH,
  17. Worth a watch. Podcast featuring professor Mattias Desmet, discussing why so many people around us seem to have been put under some kind of hypnotic spell, while other have not. https://www.pscp.tv/w/1dRJZNaMrkNJB
  18. Irish Doctors speak out. https://healthfreedomireland.com/the-time-has-come-irish-doctors-are-speaking-out/
  19. (Bold part) I agree. And to think that up until fairly recently those two teams would have had fairly large segments of their supporters being members of ruthless paramilitary groups.
  20. That Biden doesn't even know what day of the week it is.
  21. Locking out the away fans is one thing. In fact there has been several instances of massive away fan reductions for the old firm games in recent seasons, and tickets for the away end in those games were always Gold Dust. But banning all the fans from going to the games would send many folks up there over the edge altogether. Yes they went along with the temp thing because most bought the Cova crap, but they were always under the assumption that they would be going back one day, and now they actually are back. Football without fans is nothing (Jock Stien)
  22. For many, going to the Rangers and Celtic games is like a religion. Woe betide the politician/s who tries to stop the fans of those teams (especially) from going to watch the games live. Seriously, that could actually start a revolution.
  23. I thinks it's more the case that these people instinctively follow orders and they can't understand the mindset of those who don't. Worst about it is, that even in a normal experimental scenario a large percentage of the population would NOT be given the jab, so that they would be able to compare. In that regard we are actually doing the medical institutions a great service....... They can thank me later
  24. Seen some guy wearing one the other day, I'm sure the thing was meant to be white, but it was yellow and brown with dirt.
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