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  1. He probably did get it, because the Russian vaccine is more of a traditional vaccine, not this experimental MRNA sh#te..... Worth noting.
  2. It's not my Bro mate. What should be done though, is hundreds should be outside the care home protesting, handing out leaflets letting passers by know whats going on inside.
  3. Yeh, I'm in Ireland and it's pretty much the same. Though you probably could camp out for a while in one of the many rural abandoned cottages that are scattered around the West of the country. Especially if you were to give the local farmer some hush money.
  4. Surely there will be small cottages and holiday homes available in rural areas to rent or buy at the moment. Pay some rent in advance, and you will be established at least for a while.
  5. As I said earlier, I think it's best to move out of large populated areas.
  6. I think the best thing to do would be to rent or buy somewhere with a small plot of land.
  7. He should have sold it, and used the money to buy a polytunnel and seeds. Ah well.
  8. I must admit part of me is also still in denial. But just knowing what the elites are capable of, tells me that I'm doing the right thing. Have to admit though, I started my exit strategy from the rat race two years ago, so I have a head start. Forming communities of likeminded folks is now the next stage, and I'm actually gaining some headway in this regard. Even organising a caravan in a freindly farmers field (in exchange for labour perhaps) would be a better option than taking your chances in an urban enviroment at this stage IMO. The window of oportunity is rapidly closing. Good luck with everything.
  9. It's like pre WW2 Germany, the Jewish people who used their resources and fled (instead of following Government advice to get onto the cattle wagons) are usually the ones who survived. My seeds are planted, and a few chickens are on their way.
  10. The only advice I can give to anyone is move to the rural countryside, if you have the means. As this rolls on, our cities are going to become basically nothing more than large prison camps.
  11. It's madness, I mean if the vacine actually worked people who are vaccinated would have no worries about anyone who is not, as they should be protected. That sums up this whole fraud in a nutshell.
  12. It's sad but true. Someone recently worked out that there was only six intances in the last year of people being allowed on mainstream Irish media who were anti lockdown. Meanwhile we have a 24/7 propaganda machine pumping the insanity of lockdown on the Irish people as the only viable option. Besminov himself would not have believed this level of indoctrination/demoralization could be achieved on a people who have spent the guts of 800 years rebelling againts imperialism......... but it has. Not all of us have been fooled though.
  13. I'm not. The left have got mainstream republicanism well in their pockets. Here is a short video of Republicans (in masks) attacking an anti lockdown rally held by the Nationalist party recently. The Elites have us right where they want us, fighting among ourselves.
  14. I think we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. I think Assad is still alive because they know the retaliation would be severe.
  15. The Woke left have done a job on them, they believe the anti Lockdowners are some sort of far right infiltration mob. You couldn't make it up.
  16. Russia and Iran have Assads back, those are powerful allies. It's key military instalations that are being targeted, and it's happening quite often, but it would be on a much larger and less discrimate scale if there was no Russia presence in the country. If Assad was a member of the Cabal, those pipelines would have been installed and up and running long ago. Its also refreshing watching jaafari tearing the Globalists a new one every now and again at the UN assembly.
  17. Via Kurdistan? Not much Syria can do about that just now, she's still dealing with the Loonballs in Idlib and constant airstrikes from the entity.
  18. I know, I,m in Ireland and the so called fighting Irish are taking it up the erse big time, and with only maybe 10/15% questioning things and about 2/3% angry enough to be willing to take to the streets. Its so disheatening to see how easily this country can be manipulated into believing black is white, the media have done some job on the Irish, I can tell you. That being said something like half the population of the World are currently not in lockdown, that must mean something?
  19. The War in Syria tells me otherwise. The cabal were desperate (and still are) for that country to fold, but so far they have been thwarted big time.
  20. Could be covering their backs, not knowing what the Globalist elites have planned or whats coming next. Has to be said, this whole Covid scam does from the outside look like countries are conducting some sort of biological warfare drill. Enemies of the NWO (if they exist) would be stupid not take head and play along at least at some level. I still think if there was no resistance, we would be living in a totalitarian nightmare already.
  21. I know Governments/politicians are just yes men/puppets and I'm also aware that international Communism is a Zio construct. But I still believe there is some sort of internationalist resistance which is puting up a spirited fight, Syria, Iran, Russia? for example.
  22. I lean more towards believing that there are different factions within the elites vying for control. Otherwise we would have a one world Government already?
  23. I,m caught between thinking our Governments are in bed with China (who is pulling the strings) or that our Governments are doing this because they need to implement some stuff quickly, in order for China not to move too far ahead technologically?
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