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  1. The argument they give is that the death rate would be much higher if it weren't for masks and lockdown. Point out that Sweden disproves this theory and all you get is a blank guant stare.
  2. I,m not so sure, many are just wearing the mask (although anti mask) because they just want to go in and grab some shopping without things turning into a large pantomine with them being centre of attention. I remember being in a room recently with 15 people, and they were told that mask wearing in that setting was voluntary. Given the choice only 4 of the 15 wore a mask in that room of people, that tells me that most are wearing masks because of conformity rather than safety. I'm guessing the vax refusal mob will be maybe as high as 40%, especially as more and more stories circulate about adverse effects.
  3. We will have to form our own communities, whereas people like yourself can make it clear that you will treat anyone vaxed or unvaxed. Shopkeepers could do the same, having some kind of NO VAX NECESSARY poster at the enterance to their premises.
  4. I know mate. Just thought the tweet explained it in such simple terms that even the most sheepish of sheep types would be able to understand, and so might be of use to some of the folks on here.
  5. If this was an actual organic revolt, the Police would be in there arresting and cracking skulls. This crowd has rent a mob written all over it.
  6. I agree. I will also add that fear, and walking around suspecting every fellow human being as a potential plague carrier actually suppresses your immune system and makes you far more susceptible to any potential illnesses out there. Fear attracts like energy. The 24/7 fear porn being pumped out by our media and politicians at the moment is for a very good reason.
  7. Our species is doomed if it does't wake up, and stop following these ridiculous draconian rules. The elites are merely finding out how far they can push us, the less we resist, the more they will push. What's happening has got nothing whatsoever to do with any virus or saving lives.
  8. Although I strongly disagree with the face covering narrative. I have to admit I do wear a scarf thingy on some odd occasions, purely because I can't be arsed getting into confrontations with self appointed medical police types. A couple of occasions it's been pretty bad, like up to four people harrasing me. Have to say though, it's a breath of fresh air when you cross paths with a fellow non masker and you exchange smiles. Up da resistance.....
  9. Wearing a mask is not only dangerous, but it's also a statement that you have very little confidence in your immune system. Our immune system needs constant practice, and masks suppress this essential balancing act from running it's course naturally.
  10. Please urgently watch and share Legislation has been drafted at EU level for vaccine (and more)passports
  11. I was talking to some one recently and they gave a suggestion, which although it is very extreme, it might actually work. They suggested people being arrested for breaking covid regulations and refusing to participate in the legal process. Once these people are jailed they would then go on hunger strike with a list of well defined demands (lockdown related) which once met would end the strike. This would raise massive publicity and generate unprecedented support as it rolls on, and the media would be forced to report on it as more and more public become aware. In Ireland this method was used in the 80's and seen guys going from obscure gun runners only known within their local community to being elected Westminster MP's. It would have to be well organised with up to 50 participants with legal and publicity teams supporting from the outside, and they would have to be brave and commited enough to go the whole way if necessary, but it would probably work IMO. Desperate situations call for desperate measures.
  12. Debate concerning protecting Irelands vulnerable.
  13. Sure you can tell this is an elite sponsored rent a mob pysop, purely because of the amount of media coverage it's getting.
  14. If he was to wear a white coat, with an official looking badge sewn on and claim this was a Government announcement, he would probably attract a large crowd swarming around him within mins. Might actually be worth a try?
  15. Meanwhile in Ireland..... https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/police-in-ireland-fine-catholic-priest-for-offering-public-masses
  16. You have to wonder, are these people even worth saving? Literally plodding through life, waiting for the next Government instuction which they will follow to the letter. Stop the World, I'm getting off.
  17. 60% of the Russians have been lifted above the poverty line since Putin came to power. Has to be remembered also that one of the first things he done when coming to power was to expell the jooish Western backed Oligarghs who were systematically destroying the country, most of whom found refuge in London. He has also been playing the long game when it comes to removing the country from the tentacles of the Western banking elites, which is probably the reason he's boogey man no#1 as far as the West is concerned. https://www.gold-eagle.com/article/grandmaster-putins-golden-trap
  18. I remember him saying something along the lines of whoever conquers AI, conquers the World. Which is also another way of saying if our adversaries are pursuing this line of technology, then so must we. As for the GOD part, he's building some mighty fine churches, while we here in the West seem content to destroy our cultural past and replace it with this woke nonsense, which is another thing that Putin wants nothing to do with. For me, the jury is still out as far as Putin is concerned.
  19. Well I don't know anything about that. But no MRNA does say something.
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