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  1. In Ireland going by Revolutions of the past, it was said that you need about 3% of the population on board to start one that will have any chance of success. I'd say we have much more than that?
  2. I agree to an extent, But I think if your a Normie and your reading this thread, it's because deep your not a Normie, if you know what I mean. My best guess is that maybe 10% of us are all out dissenters, 15% closet dissenters, and 75% beyond repair. It's the 75% I'm telling people not to waste their time with. Early days, yes it was good and right to try and convince people. But it's been a year now, and if you haven't seen through the lies at this stage, it's because your using a mental blocking defence mechanism and this is virtually impossible to break down. But by all means, keep convincing the 15% closet dissenters they are not mad, as these people are in a very scary place right now. You remember yourself how it was when you first started to wake up.
  3. Honestly mate, I really don't think most people are for waking up. After a year of having our lives systematically turned upside down in this macabre psyop it's fairly obvious that whats happening is not about protecting us from some virus, and there is any amount of information out there to prove this. Like I said before THEY DON'T WANT TO KNOW, because doing so would require them to turn their entire world view on it's head, and that's just too scary a place for Normies to venture into. Believing the official narative is basically a defence mechanism, it works in the same way millions will follow an easily disproved religion. The time for waking the Sheep is basically over, as it's just a waste of energy.
  4. They say Hollywood tells all. https://rumble.com/vf8cv7-is-hollywood-telling-us-the-devils-exact-plan.html
  5. Freudian slip, or mistake? You decide....
  6. Lets be honest, living in that mans head must surely be worse than hell.
  7. We live in a world where the vast majority of people are just order followers, they have been conditioned this way and really don't know any better. The type of people who frequent this forum are are not order followers. We are the type of people who would have been rounded up in the early days of Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia and sent off to some re-education camp (or worse). Following the path of rightieousness sadly comes at a great cost in our World, but we have no other option but to fight on, because when we give up........It's game over.
  8. Apologies if this was already posted. This is how it's done.
  9. Iv'e said it before, and I'll say it again. Now is the time for folks with the means to cut their losses and get the hell out of large populated areas. History tells us, that those that fled totalitarian situations in the early days tended to be the ones that survived.
  10. I think that's the main problem. People think we actually live in a democracy where politicians are accountable. If that were true the jails would be thronging with Etonian types. I don't think we have ever had a true democracy, nor will we ever see one barring some mass popular revolt akin to the French Revolution. That comes with it's own dangers though, as revolutions tend to be hijacked manipulated by elite guided idiologies. https://libcom.org/files/Fire in the Minds of Men.pdf
  11. Here in Ireland the MSM is 100% pro lockdown, it's almost impossible to find any disenting voices. On the street though, some people are starting to question more. I think deep down everyone knows that something is not right with the measures that are being imposed, but many are just too afraid to voice their opinion for fear of being labeled a right wing conspiracy nut. In my view most people are just going along with the narrative, because questioning it would require them to turn their entire World view upside down, and that's just too scary a place for your average Joe to venture into.
  12. Never understood the logic in believing paying out benefits and pensions is costly, and cutting them saves money. Fact is, when these people are payed, they then spend the money in local shops etc helping keep millions in work. I think those at the top are well aware of this, because you only have to look at countries with generous benefits in place, and you can see that it reduces crime and increases living standards. Although I'm very weary of UBI, I think there could be a case to be made where it could work. But only under an honest Government system ( not the one we have) and a system of price capping introduced on essential living items like milk and Bread.
  13. I think that by posting that, what the poster was doing was implying that what is happening to us here and now is out and out fascism. Hard to disagree with that. But I get your point, misquotes can damage the credability of the truther community.
  14. Lie maybe a bit strong. The poster may have genuinely believed that what Hitler said. Point is though, it's happening to us here and now.
  15. I don't think it matters if he said it or not, fact is, it's exactly what his Nazi Government done once in power.
  16. There must be something more to it though? I'm guessing hypnosis?
  17. You have to wonder what goes through those peoples heads? I mean do they actually believe that what they are doing is for the common good. Or do you think it's more a case of fuck it we're all fucked anyway, and I might as well get a decent pay check out of it before human civilization as we know it sinks beneath the waves. Part of me thinks that because we have members of our species who are so easily manipulated in this way (both now and throughout our history) that it might actually be too dangerous for the universe to allow us to continue to exist. Then another part of me thinks that we are a magical wonderful species who could develop peacefully and harmoniously if we were just left alone to our own devices.
  18. Yeh politicians of the mainstream parties are well vetted, and wouldn't get anywhere near a leadership position if they harboured any crazy notions of freedumb and or true dumocracy. But there must be some lingering flickers of humanity in there somewhere, there has to be?
  19. Here in Ireland all we have is a few fringe independent TD's (MP) who are willing to speak out against the madness. All of the mainstream parties and their members seem to be 100% in lock step with the agenda. It's like the effin twighlight zone.
  20. Do they honestly think people will give their real name and number? Complete waste of time.
  21. Imagine a faction within the Government came to the conclusion that they were being gaslighted and used by the elites to usher in an totalatarian nightmare, and started working to reverse/ block the agenda. Could that even be possible?
  22. Yeh whats Starmers game here? I mean the guy is Fabian to the core. Looks like classic Hegalian dialectic at play, plain and simple.
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