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  1. URGENT: Final opportunity to lobby TD's to vote against the extension of draconian laws. .
  2. My TV is now in a box in the shed. Best thing I have done, but I should have put it there years ago. Alternative media on the laptop is now my only source of info.
  3. Monopoly, follow the money.
  4. All to quick. I go for something more along the lines of hard labour in a new Gulag system. Politicians and media should be made to build their new eternal holiday camp.
  5. Was at an event with 30 people in one room/hall this evening and the wearing of masks was completely optional, and given this choice 26 people went mask free and 6 wore the rag. Other than restoring my confidence in the Sheeple folks, this tells me that as soon as they start relaxing some of these mask measures the entire charade will fall appart within a week.
  6. Pass this one among the Sheep. Might save some lives. 18 reasons I won't be getting the Covid vaccine. https://www.deconstructingconventional.com/post/18-reason-i-won-t-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine
  7. I just say I cant wear one for health reasons. Anyone can say that and they won't be lying.
  8. Would you not just leave a false name?
  9. Dole money and doctors. That's about all I can think of.
  10. New rules coming into effect in Ireland from Monday. Travel restrictions will be relaxed, with people being able to travel anywhere within their county, or up to 20km from their home if crossing county boundaries. In-person teaching will fully return for all school students. Two households can meet up with each other outdoors for social and recreational purposes, however not in private gardens. People are urged that for any such meetings face coverings are worn, and that social distance be maintained. All residential construction can restart, as well as early learning and childcare projects. The blanket moratorium on evictions will expire, with the earliest anyone can be made to leave their accommodation is 23 April.
  11. I was talking to a traveller about the Covid stuff, and he just says " we don't trust the Government, never have never will, so nothings changed for us" Them folks are probably in the best position to fight this, and in that respect I kind of envy them.
  12. I know we all basically knew this already, but it's more ammo to hit the Sheep with.........
  13. Bet some of these idiots will be turning up every few days. You know the type, the type that look at you with the mad eyes and jump out of your way if you get within two metres. These people are psycologically damaged.
  14. Ireland needs new cases to justify continued lockdown measures throughout the summer. So they have opened several drop in centres and are encouraging people with no symptoms to come and get tested. Nothing but a nefarious fear porn spreading exercise. Just a reminder, the Irish people have been locked down more than any other country in Europe (I believe) https://www.rte.ie/news/2021/0409/1208765-ireland-covid-testing/
  15. Guilty, probably done it about 3/4 times just to get a quick shop without the drama. After chatting with a few folks on here about it, and I'm now 100% no mask ever. If they don't serve me, i'll go somewhere else.
  16. It was actually a mistake. But Cheers anyway Bee.
  17. Sorry could a Mod delete my post with all those tweets, as I don't know what happened. I only wanted to post the tweet in the following post. Cheers in advance.
  18. Don't be too hard on them. They have just been subjected to full year of some of the most sophisticated propaganda ever. They are actually victims.
  19. Nice place, I have a cousin and freind there, and have been there often. Was actually talking to my freind from there on the phone recently, and I think I have planted a seed where he is now questioning the narrative. But it would be a bit of a snobby county compared to where I'm from (Bogland) and it doesn't surprise me that they are order followers. Not having a dig.
  20. What County are you in? If you don't mind me asking. I think it's fairly obvious where I am.
  21. I live in Farmer country, and virtually no-one wears a mask except when visiting the local Centra.
  22. All other (peaceful) avenues have to be exausted first. This natural process has been played out countless times in human history.
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