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  1. I'd say the number of anti devil juice is easily about 20%, that;s well over 10 million in the UK alone. There's no way they can jail all those people without triggering a civil war. They need us vaxxed voluntarily before flu season or their entire plan falls on it's arse, hang tight and stick to your principles mate, we're going to win this.
  2. If ever there was a time for the big Fella to show face, I think now would be it.
  3. If we do manage to get some kind of Nuremborg 2.0, then the media should be one of the first in line. "We were Just doing our job will be the cry" and like the first Nuremborg it will be no grounds for defence. These people need to be locked up for life.
  4. Come winter when the vaxxed people start dropping like flies due to their compromised immune systems, the MSM and politician puppets are going to have some job explaining how the non vaxxed folks seem to be surving with little to no problem. That's why they are so desperate to get everyone and their dog vaxxed now, it's a race against time for them.
  5. The Irony is, is that if we were to jail off or cull off that section of humanity the rest of us would thrive beyond our wildest dreams.
  6. In fairness, that;s how people in the medical profesion would be dressed if there was a real pandemic going on.
  7. So where is God in all this. If there is a devil, surely there is a God, and surely he's more powerfull?
  8. We're your family now. Hopefuly someone on here can link you up with some likeminded group who may be able to get you out somewhere for a wee day out now and again.
  9. I doubt it. Every so often throughout history the Elites deliberately thin out the population (which they believe is their right), in the past this was done mainly through large scale wars. But the weapons being held by potential adversaries like Russia make war out of the Question. For me everything about this entire shit show points towards a mass culling in operation.
  10. Hope it doesn't lead to that. Remember, she is a victim of some of the most sophisticated propaganda ever to be vented out on humanity.
  11. The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis - Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?
  12. Not sure what age your child is, but it's up to you to fight to keep them on side. Good luck.
  13. The Globalists have done what they set out to do in regards to Vax uptake. That is divide society and isolate the non vaxxers making them out to be some sort of enemy, when nothing could be further from the truth. I think we are all going to have to come to terms with the fact that there is now two societies, and we will have to stick with our own as much as possible if we want to remain sane.
  14. Think of the tens of thousands of protesters recently. We're not as rare as they would have you believe. The way I look at it is that most Germans went along with the Nazi doctrine in the 1930,s, mostly due to fear or misguided loyalty, and I see many similarities with this Covid crap. We are the types who would have been against the Nazi's in the early days, this is something to be proud of.
  15. Sorry mate. I was watching that video of that Girl confronting people in a vaccine que, and she was telling them something along those lines, and saying she was quoting Government sources.
  16. Had someone asking me if I was getting the jab today. Told them I was after hearing that in the UK alone something like 8 people per day are dying from adverse reactions and that I feel it's best to wait a while given that it's still in the experimental stage. I could tell they had never been told anything like this before, as the went from being enthusiastic about their upcoming second jab to having that guant blank look thing they do when their World view has just been turned upside down. Think I'll stick with that bullet point for any more upcoming conversations with the pro MSM narrative types.
  17. Prof. Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, Eddie Hobbs, Tracey O’Mahony BL, Pat Morrissey MD, and Anne McCloskey MD take part in a round-table discussion, addressing the main issues affecting us over the past year.
  18. I still think the best ones are those who drive around in a car themselves but still wear a mask. What do they think, they're protecting themselves from themselves???? The mind boggles........
  19. I know, could you imagine how much the health service could have been improved with this money. Crazy.
  20. Sorry mate. Aye I meant workers.
  21. What do you mean? Basically everyone was told not to go to work and fill out an online form, and within a week you were getting 350 per week. They have since tweeked it so that people who were only working part time are now getting a little less (300 I think), but thats basically how it goes.
  22. The way it's just turned into money being no object. I think that just tells us they are basically planning to crash the current economic system. Here in Ireland practically the whole country was thrown on the pandemic payment benefit which is 350 per week. Lets not even get into how much they have given to businesses in prop up grants. There's no way this could be payed back.
  23. Whats to stop you using a fake name and number ?
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