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  1. Good article from the Saker regarding sanctions.


    Russian leverage

    It´s impossible to approach all aspects involved at once, so let´s briefly touch upon part of Russia´s bargaining power.

    1. Russia does not want, let alone need, to defeat all of Europe. Just turning Germany — or Poland for that matter — into a messy mess would be more than enough for the whole EU to focus and reason out basic stuff.
    2. No uranium from Russia means the 3 remaining German nuclear power stations cannot be re-commissioned. Not having already scheduled substitute delivery of finely-tuned Russian uranium means an adaptive retro-fit with newly-sourced feed, which technically is risky and mission almost impossible which would take years.
    3. China + India + Brazil have ´free-patent-IP´ investments plans in Russia kicking off an entirely new ball game
    4. 60% of German gas consumption is Russian. Today German industry would not survive without Russian gas.
    5. A partial or total reduction of Russian nat-gas and coal supply in retaliation for banning Russian oil would negatively and instantly impact Europe in many ways and the rest of the world with irregular market dynamics.
    6. If not delivered to the EU, the Russian nat-gas can be vented or flared at well-heads as there is plenty more.
    7. Russian oil can be sold elsewhere and/or stockpiled relatively rapidly and easily, or production can be slowed down without damaging reservoirs or wells. Russia will actually increase its “drill baby drill” policy.
    8. Paraphrasing former US Secretary of Treasury John Connally “Sorry, Russian commodities, your problem
    9. Russia´s market is 85% of the world population largely under growth and just as fed up with the US-dollar reserve currency system. The EU trade embargo on Russia does not work per parallel imports from 3rd parties
    10. The defiant Russian economy is doing just fine, the Ruble is as strong as ever. US President Biden vowed “to make sure the pain of our sanctions hits the Russian economy, not ours” as if he were getting the picture…
    11. China and others definitely back Russia while the rest of the world de-dollarizes and does not sanction Russia
    12. There are $ 500 billion worth of physical Western assets in Russia that can be confiscated at any time.


      Looks like they are bringing in the GREAT RESET by collapsing the economy and blaming it on the Russians.

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  2. 4 hours ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    I watched some of this guys stuff earlier ...the man is a swivel eyed loon and its going to take some heavy duty psychotropic medication and/or counselling to bring him back down once this conflict and subsequently his reason for being are over ...and thats only if he survives

    Dunno too much about him TBH. But I know this war is nothing but a part of a NATO/Globalist expansion operation at the Slavic peoples expense. He has been exposing the other side of the conflict since the begining. He started mostly as a cameraman for that guy Graham philips, and soon split from him to start his own channel. His eyes do look a bit spaced, but wouldn't anyone look strange or different after cutting about a war zone for 8 years solid.

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  3. On 4/21/2022 at 12:33 PM, whatthefoxhat said:

    Nazi's  Nazi's everywhere..its the new McCarthyism...i mean ffs how many do you think there really are in this mythical ultra right wing ghost 'Azov battalion' ?

    I think people need to realise how many people comprise a battalion  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battalion


    The population of Ukraine was at last decent estimate 41 million


    You are being led by the nose like a pig to slaughter if you follow this 'Nazi' narrative that is being rammed down your throats


    Utter unmitigated horseshit


    More fear driven tactics to get you to obey and bow down to your new overlords

    Follwed this conflict a lot since the coup in 2014, Azov is only one of many units with similar Nazi/de-Russification ideologies and I would give and estimate of at several 10's of thousands comprising all. Basically the West is using these people as usefull idiots (much like they encouraged muslims to go and fight in Syria) to achieve their Geopolitical aims.

    If you want to follow whats going on in Ukraine/Donbass, follow Patrick Lancaster (who surprisingly is still on youtube) the man has been reporting independently from the region for 8 years.

    I don;t buy the narrative that Putin is a Globalist Puppet, not since he completely destroyed the regime change operation in Syria. 

    Latest from PL


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  4. Back in 2014  Nikolai Starikov brilliantly explained why Russia will not invade Ukraine. The situation has not changed from a Russian perspective, except from the fact that the Hawks in the West are now even more desperate, which does point towards an imminent false flag event coming very soon.

    Even so, Putin will be a few steps ahead of the Globalists and at the very most might send a few special forces into the Donbass region, but that is all.

    Older video, but a must watch for those trying to get a basic grasp on a very complicated situation.........


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  5. This is merely a a 3D chess move by Putin, and one that should have been done long ago if you ask me.

    In order to join NATO a country must have NO DISPUTED BORDER TERRITORY, as long as Kiev recognizes these regions as part of Ukraine the country is blocked from Joining NATO.

    Western Media don;t seem to be hanging about the streets of Donetsk much, wonder why ??????



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    We need YOU to join the fight against the VACCINE pass.
    We are the first business in Ireland to challenge the vaccine pass on the grounds of discrimination and breach of privacy law.
    We believe that this divisive law is legally, morally, and ethically wrong. It discriminates against people who may not be able to get a vaccine or choose not to get a vaccine. It raises serious privacy law (GDPR) concerns about the processing of private sensitive health data. This law is dividing friends and families and risks destroying the entire social fabric of Irish society.

    45K Raised, 120k the target, please help if you can and share.........
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  7. 7 minutes ago, Shy Talk said:

    Austria threatening lockdown for unvaccinated:




    Then they'll manipulate case/death figures downwards and ta-daa! they'll think they've backed the unvaxxed into a corner. Too obvious guys, waaayyyy too obvious.

    This could backfire.

    Who then could they blame for the rise in PCR positives? Which will happen during flu season.


    Unless off course they massively scale down the testing.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, skitzorat said:


    We are going to come up against situations like this ourselves very soon.


    I am compiling a list of decent Doctors here in Ireland, ones who have been outspoken about this farce, and I'm going to try and register myself with them for in case I need any treatment.


    We are witnessing the disintigration of the Human race, and while it is terryfing it is also fascinating to watch in a strange kinda way.

  9. 2 hours ago, Made in Wales said:

    Another site I go on in the UK to discuss football is JA606. 

    Sometimes though the topic is about the covid 19 "vaccines" 


    I do not contribute because as you will see from an unbelievably ignorant and ill informed reply 99% of the contributers to this topic are brainwashed sheep. 


    This is a typical opinion of someone who dislikes critical thinking souls such as us who don't wish to have a load of poison injected into them. I should add that out of 170 plus of replies about 6 are critical thinkers which the rest set upon like a pack of rabid dogs. 


    The people who protest against vaccines are often the same ones that protest against masks and lockdowns. They just can't get it into their heads that simply ignoring a pandemic was never going to work. If you don't have widespread vaccination, you will likely end up in a cycle of rising cases, unsustainable hospital numbers, and then restrictions/lockdowns to bring the numbers back down again. Because they don't like this reality (who does?), they have to undermine and/or politicise it. It is an infantile response.

    The "unsustainable hospital numbers" bit just gets overlooked. It really doesn't matter all that much if Covid has a 99.97 survival rate (or whatever the latest number is), or if you, your wife, your kids, all their mates, all their teachers and all their dogs caught it and were fine. Good for them - genuinely. But those people who are not fine are ending up in hospital, often staying there for weeks before dying or being released, perhaps with long Covid. And that's on top of every thing else hospitals have to deal with.

    If you live in this country, YOU are dependent on our underfunded and overstretched health service. So even if you don't want to be jabbed, the life you enjoy so much will continue to be affected by restrictions until enough people do get themselves vaccinated for there to be a decent enough wall of protection. It will take time and it's not a pleasant situation. As far as I can see, the adults are facing up to it and getting on with things, while the brats are whining, spouting conspiracy nonsense and engaging in ridiculous point-scoring every time they get the merest glimpes of vaccine "failure".

    And as for "boot-licking", I can't stand the lying charlatans who run this country. But you know what? Vaccines, like viruses, are not political.


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    Like I said this is the thinking of 99% of football fans on this particular forum and is a sad example how the masses have been brainwashed and taken in hook line and sinker. 


    This is all you need.


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  10. 4 minutes ago, blowonthepie said:


    Lol; how about you stop acting like a fascist and let @Ween Dwijler and whoever else , say what they choose to say.


    Talk about play ground bullies; if you’re the new kid you have to shut up  until we - the popular kids - accept you; fuck that for a load of bollocks.


    Well said, this scaring off potentialy decent people/posters just because they are new to the forum is getting tiresome.

    I know we have to be weary of Brigade 77 types, but everyone deserves a chance,with innocent until proven guilty being the default position in my opinion.

    Too many bullies in society these days, we could be doing without them on here, we're better than that.....supposedly!

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  11. 1 hour ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    I think that would be as bad as banning the unvaxxed. It's fascism whether it's banning vaxxed or unvaxxed. Nobody should be banned from anywhere, period. 

    While I agree in principle, it does have to be taken into consideration that the V might be transmitting something sinister.

    Given the levels of Evil in which we are dealing with, the above cannot be ruled out without further evidence coming to the fore.

    Truth be told though. I have just been through so much shit from not adhering to the tyranical rules from the self appointed Police types that I would just love to see the tables turned on them and have them taste some of their own discusting discrimatory medicine.


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  12. 4 hours ago, SimonTV said:



    Pilots create their own airline to boycott vaccine mandates 

    This is what has to be done across the board, from GP surgeries to grocery stores.

    We are not creating this divided society, but we will have to live in it, so we will need services.

    I would like to see it going a step further and having places banning the Vaxxed, but I know that's not going to happen.

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  13. 2 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    Don't forget the Jewish blood

    Well the original peoples of these Islands migrated from Europe when there was a land bridge during the last ice age?

    I believe.

    At the end of the day, we're all humans from a tiny wee Rock in Space called earth. Despite this fact I still believe in the Nation State, National borders and keeping things that way. My reasoning for this would be that the opposite of Nationalism is Elitist Globalist Totalinarianism and the end of any kind of semblance of Democracy (something we're still trying to figure out).

  14. 7 minutes ago, Shake said:

    Im disgusted that so called stv are showing the England game whilst it should be scotland playing the fareos islands. Still I hope they didn't do the Soros heeling


    I need the Scots to win 3-1 for a bet.


    Mon the Scots

    0-0 at HT though 🙄

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