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  1. Devil's Pass Official Theatrical Trailer - YouTube My mistake, the film isnt called the dyatlov pass, its called the devils pass. Worth a watch if your a horror fan, pretty sure its on netflix. Enjoy
  2. Update, it was the same guy, he's in custody being charged with arson. Police asked if i was willing to go to court if i need to so i reluctantly said yes. Police also asked permission to enter flat to take evidence photo's, im gutted as my partners fathers ashes were on the windowsill so i just hope he and the photo's have survived. Also, i cant return for awhile as the floor in unsafe, but they said they'll arrange an escort for when i can return to get my belongings. Currently trying to get through to my housing officer to tell her myself what's happened. It never rains
  3. Right- backstory. I am currently living on my own and let a friend of a friend stay over for a week because he'd recently been made homeless. Very nice guy, so i thought. In alcoholics anonymous circles a hostage situation is where you basically get someone back on the alcohol and/or drugs of choice so you can control them and milk them for £. I am a recovering alcoholic and ex IV user. not proud of it. He became more and more aggressive, tried to make me give him a blowjob, shouting at me, i actually woke up with a needle in my arm a few times and i'd been clean since last July, so i ob
  4. I also heard the bodies were radiated. I'm sure you've already all seen the movie 'dyatlov pass incident', not sure much how fact is in there but im a big horror fan, there's a scene where something white on all fours runs past in the far background. Its an interesting watch for a horror fan anyway lol
  5. There very well could be AI / cyborg alien intelligence out there. But who created the cyborgs? Aliens! Also we are carbon based lifeforms and who knows what ET's base elements or compounds are, or even if they have a physical form. So it could be possible for them to exist in space (away from the atmosphere of a planet or ship) perfectly happily. I would hazard a guess that what is damaging to us is not what is damaging to them. As you said, we cannot know for sure. One of my RL friends believes ET's are us humans that are so far in the future that have evolved and are travel
  6. First off, in my opinion Covid was created to wipe out certain 'undesirable' members of the worlds population, ie the elderly in western countries due to the care crisis that was all over MSM a few years back (as not enough £, not enough carers, not enough elderly homes); also to reduce the population in poorer countries that the powers that be see as a drain on the global economy as they receive global aid; as well as the effect Covid has had on countries like Syria, Yemen and many African and South American countries has been devastating. Which is presumably what these c***s want.
  7. wouldn't be at all surprised if all these televised jabs of politicians and their ilk is no more than a saline solution....
  8. I already did Darian thats why im so shocked that (im sure) astrazeneca is still being offered to pregnant and breastfeeding women in certain countries. Thank you both again for all the info, i would never of been able to unearth all this info by myself lol
  9. I completely agree, im not a mum yet but me and my partner will be trying very soon. I definitely wouldn't take it if i were already pregnant or breastfeeding either. TBH, i was dead set against having any of the vaccines to begin with, but my mother has already had her 1st jab due to numerous underlying health problems (she's 50), and persuaded me to at least do some research on the effects on fertility as she supports the vaccines...when it suits her , anyway after a google search and deep mistrust of the MSM i decided to rejoin this forum as i know there's a lot of ppl here wit
  10. Yeah your probably right, but mental health is a touchy subject with me and it kinda hit a nerve :P
  11. Thank you DarianF, it truly is shocking when you look at the information and that it's still being offered to certain groups (in alot of countries).
  12. I got your point, i just don't agree with all you said. no need for hostility. enough of that in the world already :/
  13. Hi Basket Case, thank you for the info. I was 99% sure about not getting the thing but now it definitely ain't happening! It's definitely given me some interesting research to do, at least (so far) it sounds like it doesn't effect male fertility thankfully. Also saw on the news today in the UK they're next offering the jab to homeless people and the recently re-homed in hostels ect, (and as i said before i have bipolar and us and schizophrenics are soon to be offered before others too) So im pretty sure they're wiping out prisoners like my partner, nut jobs like me to save the stat
  14. Im not quite sure what you're trying to say here, im pretty sure most people with serious depression (not the in vogue "oh, ive had a rough day today" 'depression', would drink or drug themselves to death within weeks. its called self destruct and money wouldn't help, however it might get you so out of it you don't have to feel anymore. Just saying.
  15. Beaujangles that's awful, I'm sorry you lost her. It's crazy the different infections or even variants out there, about two months ago i was convinced i had covid, ordered myself a test online, had ALL of the symptoms, test came back negative! So F*** only knows what else is being spread around, Other variants that the tests don't detect? Or something else entirely. Ive said from the beginning give it 5 to 10 years and there will be an illness more transmissible than the common cold and more deadly than anything we can imagine, people will say how awful it is, "but reme
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