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  1. can't tell if that's sarcasm or not.. :P but I doo take offence some times when I assume the worst.
  2. the info U look up..
  3. I'm hot tempered.. and slightly broken.. working on it..
  4. both masculine and feminine energy.. my bad.. the good and bad is just yin and yang.. my mistake corrected..
  5. lol I'm done interacting with your narrow mind. ;)
  6. don't like it? then leave the thread.. doo I have the right 2 speak or not? kick me off? I don't much care
  7. the way I C it.. so many people R so brainwashed by tv and the screen.. I'm trying 2 teach people that they can Use the enemy's tools against the enemy.. (revelation of the method) predictive programing.. people have spent so much time watching movies and enjoying them but its hard 2 brake out of that mindset of not living.. if the cabals plan is 2 change name and start over I wanna ensure they stay dead this time.. wake people up in A different way.. let them B authentic with the information and perspective they got while still brainwashed but still grow as A person.. I'm A tiny voice now but I'm working on it..
  8. everyone has an agenda.. but most don't know it yet.. complete unity is utterly impossible.. getting everyone on the same page is making everyone just like everyone else.. Ima doo me and speak my mind.. don't like it kick me off.. people make mistakes but they can learn from them. why doo I not have time 2 sit and read? cuz I don't learn from books.. I learn from people and actions.. I decode their words and find inconsistencies.. U can disagree with me all U like.. I'm hear trying 2 grow and learn and help others doo the same.
  9. the way I C it.. U need 2 have both good energy and bad energy.. the way I put it is "big dick energy and princess behavior" fullest capacity of your brain.. look up A polymath.. sure some of what I say may B flawed but I can admit I'm wrong when I'm proved wrong. absorb information, perspective and inspiration from the things U like.. movies, video games ect don't idolize anyone but yourself and like the role they play not the actor playing it. Hollywood is full of scum bags with ill intent and broken values.. most if not all of them sold out 4 money an power. 4 instance.. tommy from peaky blinders.. the Witcher.. arrow.. just movies and shows but I learned lots from the way they acted and roles they got into.. I'm not anyone else.. I'm my own person with my own brain.. U can look at it multiple ways.. ether I'm brainwashed in another way or creating my own way of being and standing with my morals. sure there might B others..
  10. then go away.. freedom 2 type and speak.. kick me off if I go against the rules.
  11. doenut factory / JP Morgan built it but never boarded it? sister ship damaged? International mercantile marine company / white star line / people on the titanic were against the federal reserve? 3 important people? / Harland and wolff
  12. info drop, look it up yourself
  13. I guess I could B more organized in my info drops.. humility is A big lesson.. Ill work on it
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