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  1. How can they possibly know that the "Indian Variant" is behind a certain number of deaths, when the original variant hasn't even been isolated? Am I missing something here?
  2. Religious satellite TV channel fined £125,000 for broadcasting COVID conspiracy theories Loveworld is a religious television channel broadcast on satellite to a UK audience, from an Evangelical Christian denomination with a global network of churches. An investigation by broadcast regulator Ofcom found its 29-hour programme, the Global Day of Prayer, breached its rules by presenting "potentially harmful" claims about COVID-19. It is the second time in a year the watchdog has ruled against the channel for statements made on air about the virus. The programme, which aired from 1 December 2020, contained claims the pandemic is a "planned" event created by the "deep state" for nefarious purposes and that the vaccine is a "sinister" means of administering "nanochips" to control and harm people. Other claims included the debunked conspiracy theory linking the cause of COVID to the rollout of 5G technology. Ofcom had previously ordered Loveworld not to repeat the programme and to broadcast a summary of its decision three times in a day. It has now ordered the further sanction of a fine after concluding the breaches were "serious, repeated and reckless". A statement from Ofcom said: "Loveworld's failure to put these unsubstantiated statements into context risked serious harm to its audience. "They had the potential to undermine confidence in public health measures put in place to tackle COVID-19 - at a time when cases, hospital admissions and deaths were rising in the UK, and when people were looking for reliable information given advances in the vaccination programme." Can't say I agree with all of Loveworld's arguments, but a fine for having an alternative opinion? Damn.
  3. 33 years old.. "Freemens Way". Couldn't make it up
  4. Funny.. with that same "after or with" logic, surely the COVID death toll need not bother anyone? They still shove it in our faces everyday though.
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