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  1. Don't know who Pauline Hanson is but basically my point is we share the same problem, be it third, first or last chance world problem. Hopefully that explains what I said.
  2. The power lies in the unity not in the volume or the violence...although when in Rome....Thank you for this, it is powerful in a way we need right now.
  3. First World problems are done, ain't they? Stop using up airspace by moaning is the new black and no, everyone, that has nothing to do with race, skin, colour, creed or politics. To clarify.
  4. Hi All, just joined forum today....looking for the line of logic that'll save us...seem's I've got security on my tail and fair play BC...not sure of the protocols as inexperienced forum user and full on non-social media victim - hope this suffices for entry. Peace to all.,
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