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  1. I just had a census guy knock on my door. I've not seen them before and I thought it maybe a delivery driver. He introduced himself and said that they've not received a census from me I said "okay" and shut the door on him.
  2. Cool. We can use this thread to give updates to track what they're doing and formulate a plan against them.
  3. I signed up to this forum regarding this. Yes back on Harris's forum a lot of people ignored it and they sent around a load of brownshirts but eventually didn't do shit. I think there were too many people ignoring it. I came back here to see if anyone else is going to ignore it this year because it seems anti-establishment sentiment is at an all time low. However glad that some are already gearing up for the fight.
  4. New here, though some may remember me from the old icke forum and Harris's forum.
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