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  1. Why would anyone with an ounce of knowledge still be on Facebook?
  2. I’ve looked into this over the last couple of years and I probably agree with you in part. Certainly people are not equal. Additionally I don’t think the Bible necessarily teaches that all who are today called people are from Adam and Eve either. “Equality” is read into scripture not from it. That said I believe you are making an assumption that the first two chapters of Genesis are purely chronological. Chapter 2 is probably a restating of Chapter 1, possibly from a different source or author, and were brought together into the ‘book’ we call Genesis. It is likely that the Sons of God are men and the Daughters of Man are women and called such because they came from man (Adam’s rib in the story). This explanation seems to work. As for the fallen angels, they are not relevant when we’re talking about people. They aren’t people. They are simply fallen angels. The Bible says nothing of their creation. https://www.bibleodyssey.org/en/passages/related-articles/two-creations-in-genesis
  3. My thinking is very similar but I’ve not worked out any detail, I’m still a little muddled about it and focusing on learning more before I commit to any answers, but based on what I think I know already I do think you’re on the right track. My research is leading me down the same path and has been for a while now. I found your post very helpful, so thanks again. I hope to read more from you as time goes on. I also resonate with @78ast78dgyad’s thoughts about PKD. Again I’ve been interested in his writings for years and dip into his Exegesis from time to time. These are all aspects of the truth, I’m convinced. I’ve just got to continue putting all the pieces together.
  4. Excellent post. Some very good thoughts there my friend.
  5. I don’t trust it at all. People are getting rich, but it very often isn’t the little man. I invested and traded it for 4 years. Lost about 90%. It is not as easy as it looks, I promise. It’s a highly manipulated arena. Sure you can buy and hold, but you must be certain the future for Bitcoin is bright, and frankly none of us are. Very risky. But to address the OP. Yes, this is getting everyone used to digital currency and the thought that it is antiestablishment is hilarious when you dig a little under the surface. Bitcoin, like everything else, is completely controlled.
  6. This is honestly perfect. And will work for anyone, including those who have had other injections (someone above said it wouldn’t) because the fear isn’t the injection itself but rather the contents of it based on legitimate information. I have kept this and shared it, and I will use it. And it will work. Thank you very much.
  7. Absolute proof of Geoengineering using weather modification by chemtrails. Dane Wigington and GeoeongineeringWatch.org are excited to announce the release of their groundbreaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global climate engineering operations. Global climate engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by GeoengineeringWatch.org has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told. Over 75 years ago global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return. The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planet's life support systems. The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing geoengineering operations is also inflicting unquantifiable damage to human health. Why aren’t scientists or official sources disclosing the ongoing climate engineering operations? Who is responsible for carrying out these programs? What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed to continue? The Dimming documentary provides answers to these questions and many more. source: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/the-dimming-full-length-climate-engineering-documentary/
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