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  1. Just hang the cunt, or better, build a guillotine!
  2. Has anyone seen this : https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/breaking-news-urgent-we-have-a-literal-catastrophe-antibody-dependent-enhancement-detected-with-covid-19 If it's true and I have no doubt that it is, we may be in survival mode by Christmas. No staff for shops or factories, farms not working, owners all dead. Hospitals, essential services. No shops = no food. Who will bury the dead? Do you know what decaying corpses smell like? Best stock up with bog roll and non-perishable food. Get some proper knives (if you can still get them) for killing and cleaning animals. It could be fun, tough but all the real fucking morons will be gone.
  3. Simple. She's a fucking moron. Just tell her to fuck off.
  4. I've been reading about Lines in the Sand, time and time again. Every time that line is crossed, what happens? FUCK ALL I've given up bothering. NOTHING is going to change what is happening, because no one has balls and the majority of the population are brain dead fucking idiots and they are against you. Do you REALLY believe that mass demonstrations and peaceful fucking protests are going to change anything? The entire thing. including Fuellmich and even this forum is just telling people 'Alles sal regkom' All you have to do is keep PEACEFUL, no violence, and everything is going to change. I've given up!
  5. I can only give you my take. I was in Belize in 2003. I came down with SARS-COV-1. If was bad REALLY bad. My lungs were full of shit. I could hardly breathe. I really thought - This is IT. Bye bye cruel world. Hospital in Belize? Doctors in Belize? I'd rather have the fucking Ngoma in South Africa throw the fucking bones for me. I didn't lack Vitamin D, I had a good tan all over. Never thought of Ivermectin (you could buy it in Belize). My wife took me to a Chinese acupuncturist, herbalist, Aromatherapy and chiropractor. He wasn't a doctor in Belize. He's left China and was now a farmer in Belize, but he treated people for almost free (I think all he charged for were the oils and his acupuncture needles) I seem to recall he charged me 5 Belize Dollars (US$2.50). He only treated me once. I stayed in bed. drank plenty fluids, kept warm, Drank boiled Lemon and grapefruit skins (boil add sugar strain of the pulp - makes good jam) drink the liquid. Breathing got better in 24 hours after treatment. Took me a couple of months to fully recover. Felt like utter crap for a couple of months after, but once you can breathe you are out of the woods. My advice. Get Vitamin D 1000 IU capsules from Swansons. Get zinc from Swansons. Take 5,000 IU daily Vit D, Zinc capsule daily and mix up the concoction of Lemon and Grapefruit skins. Don't put a lot of sugar in. Just enough to stop the tongue from sticking to the roof of your mouth!
  6. You'll get a hell of a lot fitter if you get to the gym, or buy yourself some weights and start pushing HEAVY weights (not staying in your comfort zone to show off) We had one (and I believe 95% of folks have the same attitude) guy who came 3x weekly and always used the same exercises and the same weight. I asked him if he had ever heard of Progressive Overload, he said "Yes, but if I try to use heavier weights, I might fail and people will laugh at me." I guess he took the kill shot as well! There's a word for people like him - CÜNTS
  7. I have ALL the Spetsnaz training videos. If anyone wants them. They're not bad, but you can see that the trainer is using Ki. The moves are good, but without correct diaphragm breathing and Ki (by any other name would smell as sweet), they aren't fully effective
  8. NO. When you point a loaded weapon at someone. you aim to destroy them. To be able to actually hit a moving target in the leg, you would need to spend hundreds of hours on the range and shoot off thousands of rounds of ammo. When you squeeze that trigger, you aim for a double-tap. First shot Heart, second shot head. We used to practice an exercise called "El Presidente". It was based on an actual event. The shooter stands 10 feet away, with his back to 4 head and shoulders range targets. On the range officers whistle, he turns and draws his piece (you cannot point it anywhere except towards the targets - range safety). The shooter then fires 2 shots (double-tap) into each target, going from left to right. He then changes magazine and fires 2 shots into each target a second time going back from right to left. That's 16 shots. My best time was 10 seconds. The range champion could do it in 6 seconds. I had a video and it showed the magazine still in the air, hadn't reached to ground yet, and the shooter was clearing the last target. Have you any idea how many hours of practice that takes? Have you any idea how many thousand rounds of Ammo?
  9. In the words of my Sensei, MANY years ago. "When you go into battle, don't think of death. Don't be afraid of death. Only be afraid of the shame of defeat." "Evaluate the situation. First take out the corners. Strike with all your body, all your strength, and above all, with all your mind. Don’t strike at the object, strike through it." By taking out the corners he explained that if the assailant is right-handed, take out the right shoulder first. If left-handed, take out the left. If you have the ki power, go for the hips if not go for knees or feet. A REAL karate master can shatter your shoulder / collar bone with a single blow. I saw Koichi Tohei sit on a three-legged stool and defy a bunch of policemen to push him off. They were spectacularly unsuccessful. If you watch REAL Aikido it looks so very simple. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WRC_u_e3jM Try to execute any of these simple moves with someone stronger than you, and YOU WILL FAIL. Only Ki will allow you to succeed. How long does it take? Several years and no-one can be bothered. You must have INSTANT results. THAT is why all the clubs are FAKE!
  10. First, only Judo was meant to be a sport. If you could get hold of movies of Judo in the 1950s and 60s and compare it with today's judo, you would be shocked. NO resemblance whatsoever. Judo today is wrestling with clothes on and that's all. The biggest difference between REAL martial art and "modern" (fake) martial art is Ki and breathing. Without learning these, it isn't a martial art, it's glorified street fighting. What is Ki? Through modern science we learn that every element of this universe we inhabit is in motion, from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest planet. This motion is fueled by a constant, unceasing energy. Science has no defined name for it. In Asia, since ancient times, this energy has been known as Ki, Chi or Qi. Ki, flows through everything, animal, vegetable or mineral. It is a is a universal energy. We humans have the ability to tap into it consciously, through prescribed methods. Ki is a part of nature itself. Aikido is harmonizing with nature. Ki is not related to the personal strength of a person. Ki can, however, be isolated and put to use by anyone. Unlike muscles, Ki can't be developed like a muscle. Development of your ability to utilize Ki comes through refining your mental clarity and your understanding of the way this universal energy flows through your body. The first step is believing that Ki exists a thing which a great many westerners are unable and unwilling to do. There is no way to store Ki in your body. You can harness it. but you can't capture it, it can be consciously received, focused, and isolated, thereby bringing it into the realm of personal usage when the physical or mental need arises. Examples of 'accidental' Ki are many. A person who would have a better chance of growing wings and taking flight rather than being able to lift a four hundred pound barbell, manages to lift a 450 pound piece of metal that has fallen on a child or a loved one. Acts of extreme strength in moments of rage or terror have all been recorded. Through the practice of Ki development exercises, a person can learn how to harness this energy, which is in abundant supply throughout the universe, and channel it into yourself to be used in times of need. Ki was first described in a text created in China in the third century BC called The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Nei Ching). It was the first document to describe how Ki energy enters, flows through, and then exits the human body. From China this knowledge was passed down to Korea and Japan. Westerners scoff at Ki and Acupuncture and call it mumbo-jumbo Over the past several centuries, the practice of Ki has been utilized mostly by acupuncturists, acupressurists, and martial artists. Through daily training anyone can develop their Ki energy and improve their health. As martial artists we use this Ki to balance our internal energy and keep us healthy. We can also use that energy to put into techniques and therefore achieve a tremendous amount of power. To many Westerners, they are unable to believe and equate Ki with magic or trickery. These same people believe in a supreme being that lurks in the heavens, watching the antics of the 8 billion ants called people, faithfully recording their every sin and yet refuse to believe that Martial Arts Masters can smash bone with their bare fists or cut a man from his left shoulder to his right hip with a single blow from a katana. They refuse to believe that the insertion of fine needles into various parts of the human body can relieve pain or cure disease. The strangest thing is that they believe in a God they cannot see and yet refuse to believe things they CAN see because their mind refutes it so much, that they call it fakery. Have you ever been to a martial arts club where the word Ki or breathing is mentioned? They do exist, but VERY difficult and in many countries, impossible to find.
  11. You have a problem. Today, 90% of these 'schools' are FAKE. They are run by people who have a 'variant' (they say a better one) of the original. What they did, is find the REAL martial art far too difficult to get a REAL Black Belt, so the form a new 'variant', give themselves and a few friends a Black Belt (self appointed) and start a school. I've been to several over here. In the one Aikido Club, I had to run outside to prevent myself from howling with laughter. There were 6 Adult 'Black Belts' on the mat, and a 12 year old Stephen Seagal trained kid, would have made them all look stupid. What they were teaching was a fucking JOKE I wonder if there are ANY REAL clubs for ANY Martial art now, outside of Japan, China or Korea. Don't waste your time or money. When I see an 'instructor' trying to teach a student a technique whilst wildly off balance with ZERO knowledge of Ki, breathing or the tanden, WALK AWAY! It's akin to buying a replica gun and waving it at an attacker or an ornamental Katana. Same effect ZERO
  12. That would be assuming that cunts like Boris and all the Indian Ministers, Doctors and so-called scientists have brains. It seems that the UK has been taken over by India and Pakistan or Bangladesh. I rarely see a white British scientist or doctor on TV, with a few notable totally corrupt exceptions.
  13. This is total and complete BOLLOCKS. Go to their so-called website and look at the email address. Do you really think that a company, especially one that is going to the ICC, would have a fucking HOTMAIL account? Do you think that would put documents into Dropbox which gets hacked on an almost daily basis? You can disregard this. This really IS FAKE NEWS!
  14. We've still got our old Nokia's, they can shove iPhone and Android and all the other 'smart phones' up their deceitful arses.
  15. Do you seriously believe that this will make any difference at all? If you do, you are living in cloud-cuckoo land!
  16. I've always called this "The Flat Earth Theory" They've been doing it for years. Here's how it goes : 1. You get a 'scientist' (very tongue in cheek) 2. You put him on TV to explain (in complete gobbledygook nonsense, that a new study reveals that the earth is flat. 3. Over the next few weeks, you keep bringing in more 'scientists' who repeat the narrative. 4. You pay about 10 people to be 'ordinary' shoppers on the street. They have a script 5. TV crew 'interviews' them. They nod wisely and agree that the scientists have got it right and the earth is indeed flat. 6. You do this several times. Then you pick someone who says "bullshit, It's round.". Now you ridicule them. 7. Repeat on YouTube, making sure that anyone who disagrees is called a "conspiracy nut job. 8. Finally censor and cancel anyone who dares to disagree. That's why my TV is in the basement, unplugged. That's why I'm skeptical of EVERYTHING I see on the Internet!
  17. What you say is true. BUT. The police are suppose to protect the people who pay them THE FUCKING TAXPAYERS. These assholes don't give a fuck about the people who pay their salary. There only concern is to protect the Government and to show that THEY have the power to fuck up anyone they please including old ladies and children. You are surprised that the people are pissed off and enraged? It's obvious WHO they should target, but the pigs are just there to stop them. Respect? The rule of law? Authority? You must be crazy!
  18. The French have BALLS. 2,000 pigs, armed with tear gas. water cannon, shields and protective clothing can beat the living shit out of 3 to 5,000 unarmed civilians, who cower in fear of "authority". Not all the protective clothing in the world can protect them from half a million or more pissed off enraged people WITH TESTICLES, who don't give a fuck about "authority". That's the difference between the Frogs and the Brits. If Britain had to go to war against France now, YOU WOULD LOSE!
  19. I'm afraid that I'm suspicious of anyone who thinks that doing the same thing over and over again with the exact same results every time, is suddenly going to have a different outcome. IT WONT! They are laughing at you.
  20. The new super draconian lockdown isn't far away. I make my own beer and wine, so I really don't give a shit. If you can't / wont learn how to make your own, I suggest you stock up, because the new super lockdown will stop ALL sales of booze. :I makes people behave irresponsibly" will be the reason. I doubt if things will remain open until end September. The new 'wave' and the next variant is already on its way. Mask up and be prepared for the entire country grinding to a halt.
  21. Words can change in meaning. - the meaning of celebrity has changed from a cunt in the spotlight to an obedient super cunt who stands out in stupidity and sponsored bullshit.
  22. Even if you force the sheeple to read this, they will say it's fake news and double the number of face diapers they are wearing. https://bolenreport.com/getting-to-the-truth-portugal-shows-us-the-way/
  23. He's here to promote Islam and to attempt to cover up the fact that the biggest slave traders in history were ARABS. He's here to denigrate anything that isn't Islam. He's just a shit stirrer and one of these wankers who it's impossible to converse with, because, like all Muslims, he know EVERYTHING and he'll avoid, twist and downright LIE to refute anything that any non-Muslim dare to say or think. I wouldn't waste any more of my time even bothering to converse with him. You can't have a sensible conversation with a Muslim unless you are also a Muslim, because to the likes of him, we are just infidels and know NOTHING.
  24. It's been too far for a long time. It will only end if people ever grow testicles again
  25. Actually, I think it's funny. Boris is laughing himself fit to bust. Boris, Reiner, American Frontline Doctors and all the other are screaming with hysterical laughter. They did it. They kept everyone quiet, the light at the end of the tunnel - FREEDOM DAY! Jawelnofine. You have freedom EXCEPT : You still have to wear a mask You still have to maintain Social Distancing You still can't travel You still have to get "The Jab" and booster shots. You still can't go to big events. What's changed, you ask - FUCK ALL! Now the Government can sit back and so can Reiner. THE PEOPLE demand the restrictions. Not the government. What a bunch of cunts. Quick! Time for another 'peaceful protest' and a mass march. That'll show 'em we mean business. You really can't make this up!
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