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  1. Here's how it will play out. 3 possibilities. 1. Bojo gets kicked out. Replaced by either Sunak or Patel (I'll bet on the latter). IMMEDIATE face masks and vaccine mandates back again. 2. They force a General Election. Cur Keir Starmer is the new PM. A 6 month 'fire-break, to 'combat Covid' and mandatory vaccines permanent masking and Social Distancing. God, how the mass of cunts called people will LOVE him. 3. Gates and Fauci have already cooked the next Scamdemic. It's called NeoCoV. https://sputniknews.com/20220127/chinas-scientists-warn-of-potential-high-fatality-transmission-rate-of-coronavirus-neocov--1092550863.html I reckon we can expect this one soon. Wouldn't surprise me if 'scientists' are working on a vaccine so they can 'jab' everyone right now - 'just in case' and it will have to be mandatory to curb a possible new pandemic, even before it starts. People will queue for hours to get a new 'shot'. The cunts will love that even more. Bojo or Starmer or whatever evil cunt the force in will get medals for 'reducing the curve'.
  2. I lived in South Africa when de Klerk gave the country away so he could shag a coloured woman. I watched Dr Andries Treurnicht do EXACTLY what Fuellmich is doing. His job was to keep people quiet until the handover was complete. He did a fine job. When history is written Fuellmich will join the likes of Treurnicht I only WISH he was doing something, but all he has done so far is spout platitudes and tell us what we already know. The masses wouldn't believe God if he came down in a chariot of fire and exposed it. FEAR - They fucking LOVE it.
  3. It's all pretend, meaningless garbage. Just sit back and alles sal reg kom. He's paid by the elite to keep you happy and hopeful while they fuck you deeper up your ass.
  4. I've never had a vaccine of any kind, but I still got FUCKING sick in 2003 with the so-called Sars-Cov-1
  5. The most amazing thing is that NO debate is allowed that doesn't comply with the narrative. These cunts brag about 'Democracy' and 'Freedom of Speech' but no one smells a rat when debate(?) only has one side. Irrespective of the number of people, their qualifications or the proof they offer (like Fauci admitting that the whole PCR test is worthless), nothing against the narrative is allowed. These silly motherfuckers ALWAYS manage to find a wat to 'refute' it. "That isn't what he meant, you misunderstand." any fucking rubbish and these dozy cunts lap it up. It's mind blowing. Can you imagine one of your grandparents when he or she was young, fit and healthy, standing in the freezing cold and rain for hours waiting for some cunt to tell them they are sick? As if people don't KNOW if they are sick. Today, you don't need symptoms the only way you know you are sick is if some mindless moron shoves a stick up your nose and then decided for you. Why doesn't 'science(?) invent a test and a vaccine for leprosy, malaria, TB, fucking rabies. If they do, watch the silly twats fighting in queues to be tested for leprosy and then we can declare another scamdemic. Then another scamdemic for Rabies, one for the fucking Plague. Mandatory vaccines, lockdowns no physical contact for any reason, no sex. Watch your loved ones die on TV because if you go near them you'll have to be tested and have another 'booster' Some cunts will believe ANYTHING. They all DESERVE to die and the sooner the better. maybe when the last cunt snuffs it, sanity will return. I can't fucking wait for it to happen.
  6. The best defence against force is to attack, but God has spoken. "Turn the other cheek. It's a mortal sin to fight for your freedom." Bend over, open your cheeks and say "Fuck me harder. I like it"
  7. After a 6 month wait, I finally got an appointment with the ophthalmologist that performed cataract surgery in 1 BC. We weren't allowed into the building without a muzzle, but faced with a muzzle or going blind, choices are few. Once inside I had to laugh. What a complete and utter fucking farce. There's a 1.5 metre social distancing rule here, but 15 people were crammed into a small waiting area and there wasn't even 2 FEET distancing. 25 minutes later. I was called in. She was wearing a muzzle, like a good little sheeple, and I couldn't understand a word she said, so I just mumbled nonsense into my muzzle. She went through the testing, but I made her show me everything that I had to do and she was getting nicely pissed off. Finally in desperation, she led me to the front desk and I mumbled at them as well. The result was I got a bill and a piece of paper with 1 Feb 17:30 for treatment. Now, I still have to wait until 1 Feb to get treated. Fortunately over here, it's illegal to ask anyone if they've been 'Jabbed', but I'm certain it's on the medical records. One rule for the fucking plebs and one rule for everyone else. What a load of utter bollocks!
  8. They gave to find SOMETHING to keep the agenda rolling. Maybe TB, Leprosy, smallpox, Ebola. YOU ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF THIS AND YOU KNOW IT.
  9. My grandfather had a cold back in 1964. There was a pot of Shipams fish paste in the cupboard (we didn't have a fridge or electricity, everything was gas.) He ate it on his bread. When I got up I could smell it as I entered the room. OMG it stank. Around an hour later, he collapsed and died in hospital from the fish paste he couldn't smell. The cunts who keep popping out of the woodwork pretending that it's 'NEW' to lose your smell because if the DREADED Covid are just government trolls and shills. Just ignore the dimwits
  10. That's a good question. You are here so you can feel good, spouting about 'The Rule Of Law, Democracy, How Jesus or God is going to save you. How to win by sitting on your arse and turning the other cheek and similar fucking nonsense. You are doing your bit, helping to win to war and protect your children by sharing your views with others. Makes you feel all warm inside to think you've made your contribution to peace. Make your slogan 'PEACE AT ANY PRICE INCLUDING THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN'. Believe in God and no shit Sherlock, you WILL be saved.
  11. It won't happen and you know it won't. Pipe dreams never changed a thing. I apologize for mentioning balls. My advice is to stop wasting your time and that of 'our brave boys in blue'. Nothing is going to change, just get used to it and comply with your rulers. "We are the Borg. You have been assimilated." All this talk is a load of bullshit. We are all FUCKED. You did it your way and it had fuck all effect, why not admit it, sit back and enjoy your slavery for as long as they allow you to live. If you have brains, you KNOW that the restrictions are going to get tighter and tighter. The new generation already born will grow up as uneducated laborers whose sole purpose is to obey and comply. This will probably be the last generation of White people because the vast majority will be sterile. In not very many years (failing WW3), anyone not complying will be summarily executed. As the race die off, pat yourselves on the back for helping your rulers to save you from the deadliest pandemic ever known to mankind. If you are lucky enough to see your children queueing with their Ration Card for their weekly food allowance, be happy your rulers allowed you to live this long
  12. I would suggest that you grow balls and tool up, he best method of defence is attack
  13. Beat your ploughshares into swords.
  14. I went to a new doctor today. I haven't had a blood test for two and a half years and I've been having sleeping problems. The doctor himself takes a day off on Wed and his stand-in is a short Asian woman. Masks are mandatory here everywhere. I will never wear a fucking mask, so I was surprised when she didn't even blink. She agreed that Covid-19 is just another 'flu mutation, no hand sanitizer crap. Took blood. Never felt a thing. No bruise. Firs sensible doc I've seen in yonks, didn't try to push pills at me either.
  15. Maybe they still remember the battle of Rourke's Drift or Shaka
  16. I couldn't agree more. We are FUCKED. Parading through the streets, waving banners, blowing fucking whistles and beating drums is the best they can do. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, watch what happens in Guadaloupe. See what's happening in SA, no one is taking the slightest bit of notice and the Gov knows that if the start shoving the Blacks around the shit will REALLY hit the fan. When a couple of million Zulus take their shields and assegais, they don't give a fuck for the police or the army. Been there, seen it. The difference. Yep, they still have BALLS
  17. 2,000 Jackbooted coppers in body armor vs 10,000 angry people, with iron bars, baseball bats. machetes, spears, anything they can lay their hands on. Oh, hang on, something missing... Oh, I remember BALLS
  18. The answer 'Peaceful Protests'. Gives cunts like Boris a good laugh. He's watching all these fucking morons freezing their arses off marching like a load of cunts so the Gestapo can pepper spray them shoot at them, tear gas them and mow them down with water cannon and rubber bullets. The pigs are laughing hysterically. "We're INVINCIBLE. Fuck the peasants. Let's see how many more we can kill or maim. We're UNTOUCHABLE."
  19. More peaceful protests - It's never going to go past that.
  20. Researchers Warn That Cold Weather Can Cause Blood Clots & Heart Attacks As the cold winter arrives in the UK , forecasters issue weather warnings across the country, however, the cold weather can also have an impact your health according to researchers. They warn that during the cold weather people are more likely to suffer from serious conditions such as heart attacks or blood clots. Even a small drop in temperature can lead to an increase in the number of people who suffer a heart attack, they say. In a report published eary this year,The Sun reported on some of the health dangers that can be triggered by the cold, including: 1. Blood clots Sudden changes in temperature cause thermal stress for the body – which has to work harder to maintain its constant temperature. In particular, research has shown this makes it more likely for people to suffer from dangerous blood clots during winter. Study authors, from a hospital in Nice, France, suggested that respiratory tract infections more common in winter might make patients more vulnerable to blood clots. They also suggested that chilly weather might make the blood vessels constrict, making it more likely that blood clots will form. 2. Heart attacks People exposed to cold weather are more likely to suffer a heart attack, a recent study revealed. Researchers from Sweden from Lund University in Sweden found that the average number of heart attacks per day was significantly higher when the weather as cold compared to when the weather was warm. On a day-to-day basis it translated to four more heart attacks per day when the average temperature was below zero. It is thought the risk of heart attacks is higher in cold weather because the body responds to feeling chilly by restricting superficial blood vessels. This decreases how warm the skin is and increases blood flow through the arteries. The body also begins to shiver and your heart rate increases to keep you warm. IT'S NOT THE VACCINE. IT'S NOT THE VACCINE. IT'S NOT THE VACCINE
  21. The people will not change the future. You have been brainwashed since birth to believe that the police are there to protect the country from criminals and that they the friends of the righteous. In fact, the police are there to protect the CRIMINALS FROM THE PEOPLE and they are your sworn enemies. Government lackeys like the Gestapo. "We are only obeying orders." Millions of people all over terrified of the blue uniform as if they are gods. You are past help. Just accept your fate and bow to the heroic "boys in blue."
  22. I never trusted politicians before, or doctors, or dentists, or veterinarians or priests. It's a way to make money without physical labour and you can lie as much as you like.
  23. I would have thought that the cops, finally showing their true nature and opening fire on unarmed protesters, would have been a declaration of war on the people. I was watching RT last night and there was a clip of the cops in Rotterdam, firing into the crowd. They shot at least FIVE people. That was 19:00. There was even an interview with a Belgian reporter. On the RT news at 20:00 it was gone. My wife found it reported on Al Jazeera. A few hours later that was gone, except we managed to download the text and make a PDF (which I posted on here). It vanished from Al Jazeera as well with 2 hours. PROOF that ALL media world wide is under a single control. No mention on so-called alternative news sites either. Not a word about it anywhere since. All carefully hushed up, it didn't even draw a fucking comment from anyone on here either. So now, it's NORMAL for the pigs to start shooting unarmed people.? Fifty years ago it would have been a declaration of war by the cops on civilians, now there are so few balls, no one says a fucking word. Everyone deserves what they are going to get!
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