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  1. Guess what? In the next election (IF there is another one - I have serious doubts) She'll be re-elected with an overwhelming majority. I would bet heavily on that. So will Boris the Cunt.
  2. So what do the cunts do? "PLEASE, Sir, we need more boosters, more vaccines, more lockdowns, kill the unvaccinated." They're too fucking dumb to say "No MORE." The more of these idiots that die the better - clean the fucking gene pool.
  3. There is NO fucking hope. Zero, Nada/ You gave up all hope when you went along with the fraud and instead of DOING something, you made cunts of yourselves. "peacefully protesting" Only a fucking raving idiot keeps doing the same thing with the same result, over and over and over and thinking that one day the outcome will be different. IT WON'T. The biggest criminals are the jackbooted thugs protecting the fucking dictators. Take their thugs away and cunts like Boris will shit their pants.
  4. Why don't you organize another peaceful fucking protest. You can see they are working!
  5. Does any of this really matter? Does this forum really matter? You are FUCKED. Vaccination will be mandatory at gun point if necessary and you only have yourselves to blame. Start an other fucking peaceful protest.
  6. They aren't even bothering to appeal. Just a big FUCK YOU to the Courts. It's time to beat the ploughshares into swords and FIGHT
  7. Some people are making a shithouse full of money on Hand Sanitizers, Masks, and vaccines.. The shareholders are raking it it. Guess who all the major shareholders are?
  8. My grandmother always said "God helps those who help themselves." Instead of praying and waving the bible, start preying and waving an axe.
  9. What will happen? FUCK ALL. Waste of time even bothering.
  10. Just name ONE doctor, nurse or any fucker on planet earth who has received one of these 700 page documents. THERE AREN'T ANY and there never will be and even IF there were, the Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges are all bought and paid for. Dream on folks. YOU ARE FUCKED. we all are.
  11. You don't need time, you need a working brain. She's a 'Pacifier, a 'Placebo' a Peace at any price shill. She's there, along with Fuellmich to make you feel all warm and cozy inside. "There's no need for violence. No need for an uprising, No need for Civil War. We have it all under control. Just be patient and "alles sal regkom" Next year, she and Fuellmich will be saying exactly the same thing and they will continue to do so whilst millions are killed, maimed and sterilized. If you believe this bullshit then start looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Maybe you'll meet a Leprechaun with bigger balls than you have.
  12. Dream on FUCK ALL will happen. The Supreme Court in the USA has negated the Creepy Los Cunt's vaccine mandate. The Appeals Court has upheld iy. Has is made any difference NOT A FUCK
  13. I wasn't wrong. He's scum like the rest of them. Only ONE thing can stop this and it ain't gonna happen. WE ARE ALL FUCKED.
  14. They re-elected the jumped up moron. They deserve him. I wouldn't trust him to clean the shithouse
  15. We evolved out of the ooze and when we die, we go back to it. No paradise, no Valhalla, no Heaven, we just cease to be. OBLIVION, FUCK ALL, NOTHINGNESS.
  16. I won't say I told you so - Honest (hee, hee, hee)
  17. Just minor side effects. Nothing to do with "The Jab". "The Jab" is safe and effective, everyone knows that. These people all died from underlying causes. Vaccines are GOOD for you. as all the subliminal advertisers. and the morons who are waiting for yet another 'booster'. All this fake news. How could you?
  18. Remember, He's up there. He's watching your every move. He collects every sin. Oh did I mention that you are a sinner the moment you pop out! He's happy to let you die in agony, tortured, starved, decapitated, eaten away by cancer to die in agony. BUT HE LOVES YOU. It's all part of his master plan! Keep praying, buster and good luck waiting for a reply.
  19. You are wrong. In the last days of South Africa, there were no less than TEN political parties. All had one common goal. No one wanted South Africa to turn into a third-world shithole. Despite all having the same common goal, each party had a slightly different way of achieving it. I reiterate SLIGHT. I wasn't war vs peace. One wanted a White homeland in the Cape, one wanted a White homeland in the Transvaal, one wanted a White homeland in Natal, another in the Free State. Yet another who wanted to retain the White government. Despite the common thread. THEY ALLL UNANIMOUSLY refused to sit around the same table to discuss a joint, compromise plan forward.. What did they achieve? EXACTLY the same as you will - FUCK ALL. White people seem incapable of working together since the 1960s. The miners strikes were the last time that men had TESTICLES.
  20. Subliminal advertising. Keep watching the haunted fish tank. Keep working on Social media, keep using Google
  21. Good luck with that. Most people can't form a fucking collective with their next door neighbour even if they both agree. You only have to read this forum to know that. Everyone wants to be a chief and no one wants to be an indian
  22. They bought the army into Kenya. Did it stop the Mai Mau? Did it fuck. They brought the army into Angola. Did it stop the FNLA? Did it fuck. They brought the army into Rhodesia. Did it stop the Mugabe? Did it fuck. They brought the army into Vietnam. Did it stop the Vietcong? Did it fuck They brought the army into Afghanistan THREE times. Did it stop the Taliban? Did it fuck. The only difference is THEY HAD BALLS. Big black ones. Were some killed? Yes. Did they give a fuck? NO. Where are the gulags in those countries? Don't talk crap
  23. There is only one way it can be stopped. Everyone knows it deep down, but no one has the balls. White people worked together for the Soviet revolution. They worked together for the French Revolution, but there is so little testosterone in men today that they want fucking gender blockers and to wear dresses and fucking high heels. Why waste your time peacefully demonstrating? Just sit back and be shat on by your supreme masters, OBEY! Turn the other cheek. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated—or killed. Tremble before the might of our police and military. Don't be like the Daleks!
  24. I think less and less people will turn out for these fuckin useless 'peaceful protests' because they can see that Boris and his fellow cunts are laughing at them. Staying at home and having a wank will have the exact same effect as going on a 'peaceful protest'. It might make you feel better than groveling to the Stasi cops
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