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  1. I saw on RT news at my neighbors just now that the UK have rushed a further 6 months of tyranny through parliament without a single voice of dissent. Doesn't ANYONE smell Eau de Rodent here?
  2. So, according to Grim Greta and the lying bastards around the world, cows farting, driving cars, flying in planes, heating our homes with fossil fuels are the main causes of global warming. Lets just take a couple of things that are causing far more CO2 emissions that anything that we plebs could ever dream up. Think of this—How many spy cameras are there in the UK? How many in the USA? How many in Europe and the rest of the world? Well the cameras don't cause CO2 do they? OK, what happens to all the trillions of hours of film that they record? What happens to it? How long do they keep it? Well, they must keep it for at least a year, because we know they can go back that long to track the movements of people that commit acts of terror. Can you imagine for just a second, the amount of computer storage space that this requires? Ever been in even a small server room when the air conditioning fails? Well folks it gets hot, FUCKING hot, so all these computer storage systems work on electricity. They all need massive air conditioning. Little wonder that so much electric power is required, just to store the spy data and the facial recognition and all the other bullshit that these cameras record. Can you imagine the storage space and the size of the storage units, the amount of power they consume and the amount of Air Conditioning power they consume? Fact is, they need more power than most of the rest of the UK together. Multiply that by the USA and Europe. If 1 billion, billion cows fart, they wouldn't produce 0.001% of the power theses cunts are using every day and the amount of CO2 they are pumping into the atmosphere NO, it isn't green fucking energy, that's just for us plebs. They have to have RELIABLE power 24 x 7 as well as monstrous battery powered backup generators. It's your fucking GOVERNMENT that's producing all the CO2, but it's easy to blame the plebs. They don't equate all the cameras with the vast banks of computers and hard drives and backups to store it. What about the storage of all your telephone calls, your emails, your medical records, banking history? It's all stored on hard drives. It all needs electricity and it all needs A/C Now add the constant world-wide war games, the fucking military jets that have been flying over my house all day and they are still doing it at 22:00. You think they don't have a carbon footprint. WE are supposed to feel guilty whilst stupid little cunts like Grim Greta spout their bullshit that they know fuck all about. What's worse, they get away with this, unchallenged.
  3. Reiner Fuellmich is just another government talking head. "Everything will be all right" just wait and wait... and wait... and wait... Then, when half the world are dead, like Treurnicht, he'll die and soon be forgotten. All he is to the Cabal is a useful idiot to keep people quiet and 'peacefully protesting' until it's too late. Then, once he's served his purpose, he'll be put down like a Dr. David Kelley or Princess Di..
  4. Saudi Arabia isn't the Gulf. Saudi Arabia is the country that has beheadings every weekend, women stoned to death, hands cut off, prison for owning a Bible. Every Magazine is "Sanitized" pictures of women cut out, recipes involving pork or bacon cut out. ANYTHING even a single word to do with Christianity cut out. It's obvious you buddy has never lived or worked in Saudi. Saudi isn't like any other Middle East country, they are all fanatical extremists. All liars and fucking hypocrites. They treat the Pakistani and Philipino workers like shit. The minute you get there, they confiscate your Passport and you can only get it back when they allow you to leave. I was on contract there for close to 2 years. I would never go back there.
  5. Google started that narrative. Midsummer WAS the summer solstice 21st June. Moving it to the START is about right. My oak trees still have most of their leaves GREEN. Worse there are NO acorns. This alone predicts one helluva freezing winter. I remember the seas freezing in 1947 and 1962. I remember both of them, but we had a few acorns on the oak trees in Kent. It would be interesting to know if there are any at all this tear. The are none, not even one here in Belgium. No grit, supply chain fucked, no gas, shortage of oil, no food in the shops. People dying like fucking flies. Don't forget to vote next time if you are crazy enough to believe it will make a difference, My hope is that the military all get the REAL "Jab" (not fucking saline) and they start dying like flies as well. Even then I bet that the masses won't lift a finger to hold those responsible to account. Bojo and his evil bastards as in France, Germany, Holland all over Europe THEY will have heating, food and they don't need to worry about 'flu, they have all the ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine that they need. Fuck the masses, Let them die.
  6. Well you aren't in Saudi pal, because every word you type on the internet there is scrutinised and you would have been banned and deported years ago with your website and the mere fact that you even view this forum. I was threatened because I visited a site babelfish.com, to translate something from Arabic to English in an email from a fellow worker. I was accused of visiting a sex site and my internet was cut off, because of Babe in Babelfish. My mail from overseas had the stamps cut off because they had a nativity scene on them. A colleague went to Canada for his leave, came back with a book of Sherlock Holmes stories. It was confiscated at the airport. When he wrote six weeks later and asked for his book, they sent him an envelope full of ashes. 4 of the people who were supposed to be doing key work for the company did FUCK all except read the Koran. WE the fucking "guest workers" had to do their job. As you've obviously never been to Saudi, theses a fucking long causeway over the sea to Bahrain, the number of accidents coming back from Bahrain over the causeway, was fucking legendary. Drivers pissed out of their minds. I only went to Bahrain a couple of times and personally witness 3 of the people who sat reading the Koran 24 x 7, sitting with prostitutes and drinking whiskey and eating bacon sandwiches. They often ran out of bacon, the demand was so great. They used to run out of whiskey as well. One of them had the fucking nerve to tell me that his doctor had recommended that he drink some whiskey to alleviate his stomach problem. The number of suicides by young girls after being raped by their fathers and brothers is incredible. Even during Ramadan, the cunts used to hide to smoke. They are fucking liars and hypocrites, Exactly the same as the fucking Jews who used to come to braais in South Africa, stuff themselves full of pork and then sit around for some time after eating chlorophyll tablets and peppermints so their 'devout' family wouldn't smell it. I had no idea you were one of them. Kindly remove me from your website. I'm too old to suffer bullshit in support of the evil, lying, hypocritical cunts. Seems you have no respect for the truth at all if it conflicts with your religious beliefs.
  7. Are you in Saudi? I guess not. If they still go to mosque and sit all day reading the Koran rather than doing any work, after being pissed the night before, does that mean they are not Muslims?
  8. America is run by Jews, the media is run by Jews Hollywood is tun by Jews, the Banks, the Medical, every fucking thing. Yes WE, us dilly cunts who allowed the voting to be rigged donkeys years ago, WE who have let the tramp and shit all over us until now they are so strong, WE are fucked. OK YOU, nor ME allowed this, Me, I fucked off out of the UK. What did your forefather do? fuck all, so yes, WE are responsible in a way even if not directly.
  9. You are talking BOLLOCKS. I was contracting in Saudi Arabia. The sit at their fucking desks all day, reading the Koran and mumbling. They fuck off for 45 minutes every prayer time and then they go over the causeway in Bahrain every weekend, eat bacon, pork and get pissed, fuck the whores and then come back and make out they are devout Muslims.
  10. You can't really blame the cunts for hating us, we've been wagging America's tail for far too long. It's all for power and resources. Britain and America's main export is DEATH. Then again WE invited the bastards to come over and Islamize Europe. We raped India and then we think the Indians love us. They don't. We raped South Africa and then blamed the Boer. We raped Kenya, Rhodesia, Swaziland and when we realized we couldn't afford to keep them any longer as polo grounds, we handed them over to fucking dictators and baby killers. If America vanished without a fucking trace, NATO ceased to exist, It's just possible there might be some peace in the world. I don't believe that either Russia or China seek world domination, they just want to be left alone. The only other country that would like World domination is Israel, but without the billions that the USA and the UK pump into it's war and hate machine, they are fucked as well.
  11. Fuelmich is exactly the same as Dr Andries Treurnicht. Thanks to him and his fucking Conservative party he managed to keep the Whites calm and by the time they realized he was on the same side as the fucking traitors in the Government, it was too late.
  12. Just looking at the figures above, there are more deaths in 2021 AFTER all the masks, Social distancing and "The Jab" or hasn't anyone noticed that?
  13. Riddle me this : Our fucking turnip-faced weather man says that this summer is the hottest on record for Europe (despite the massive flooding) The Energy Minister says the price hike for energy is due to an unusually cold summer. If that isn't fucking double think, tell me what is. Right our of George Orwell's 1984. I bet he never thought that things could ne MUCH worse than his imagination.
  14. The Belgium Minister of Health - Healthy eating folks, healthy eating. Remember the old days. Ït's me glands, y'know - (as she unwraps another Mars Bar) What about the Frog twat. Close to Whitty in looks. Pure fucking evil.
  15. The Health Ministers. Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, France What an evil bunch of cunts. Just look at their eyes
  16. Well, you could stake them out naked someplace where there are lots of hungry rats, rather than caging them. No good feeding them to the pigs, not enough butchers and no one would ever eat pork again. No, definitely rats.
  17. Too many fucking 'peaceful protests' and NO ACTION. Why is Draghi still alive? Why is Whitty, Johnson et al?
  18. Hanging is far too quick. Castrate them without any anaesthsia. Fasten a face mask to them so it cannot be removed ever. Cut out their lying fucking tongues so they can't talk and then cage the cunts like they've done to us until the bastards die.
  19. Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With? 'They' Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use! https://rense.com//general96/next-virus.php
  20. The Africans are refusing the 'vaccine'. I still have friends in SA, they say white people are rushing and fighting for "The Jab", but hardly any Blacks (they don't watch TV or Social Media so they are not getting the subliminal messages). What better way to make them rush to roll up their sleeve? Malaria! BTW, Smith Kline French, spread the deadly parvo virus to world-wide dogs and pharma made billions out of "Parvo vaccines" which actually REDUCED natural immunity. Parvo was man made. We proved it. We proved that the 'Jab" actually reduced immunity. They started it by putting the disease (doctored feline panleukopenia) in the so-called "puppy measles vaccine", that people were urged to give puppies at 6 weeks to prevent Distemper. My colleague's research paper was shredded by the Dean of Medunsa Veterinary teaching Hospital, and he was told that if he ever mentioned this to anyone, he would be immediately dismissed. Vaccines are also killing dogs, making them infertile and causing an autism-like illness in dogs.
  21. They just forgot to mention that it sterilizes the recipients
  22. Guerilla warfare. Ask the Afghans and the Vietnamese. They did in in the last war, but back then men had testicles, not pink tutus and gender blockers. I only wish I was younger and a lot more sprightly rather than osteoporosis in both knees. They weren't so bad until they closed the gyms.
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