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  1. IF White people could actually work together (which, for some reason, they seem unable to do so), A group of half a dozen (young) people/families could pool resources and buy a reasonably large piece of land 20 or 30 acres would be just fine. The menfolk could go first and clear and build shelter, then the rest of the family would go. Alas, if we were Black, Chinese, Muslim or just about anything except White. It would work beautifully. Something like this: https://hesedrealtybelize.com/properties/30-acres-near-valley-of-peace-land-in-belize/
  2. The Mennonite community in Spanish Lookout make all the furniture you would ever want and it isn't expensive. At 81, all I need a proper bed to sleep in, that's all. Wife and daughter are another matter. The only downside of Belize is the rainy season. it pisses down. one of the reasons they build wooden houses off the ground. I worked and lived there for 4 years, (in a house). Had I even suspected that the world would get fucked up so badly by mindless morons who believe the covid scam, I would never have come back. If anyone wants pictures or wants to get in touch with Estate agents over there, we still have friends. PM me. You'll need to research new policies for immigration etc. I haven't done that yet. We just don't have enough money to even THINK about travelling anywhere at the moment. Just staying fed and warm is the ONLY concern.
  3. You need a cow for milk, chickens for eggs, a horse to get around on, a few rabbits and a few pigs. If you use your land to grow veggies and fruit (and they grow like weeds in that climate). Apart from flour and salt and luxury goods. you are self-sufficient. You can buy or make your own solar panels, but why bother, cook on a wood fire. The problem is getting there with your clothes and household goods. You can buy a small container, but it still costs MONEY and after being make broke by covid stupidity, THAT is the problem.
  4. I recommended Belize. It's in the Caribbean. You can buy land in the bush CHEAP and there are no building regulations. You can build a wooden house or a mud hut. Most of the land is fertile. If you have 5 acres, you can be self sufficient and you can buy 5 acres in Belize for less that a one bed flat in Europe. Get a group of half a dozen people and club up to buy 20 or 50 acres of land. Lot of hard work clearing and building, but out of the cities, no one will bother you. All I need is enough money to get there with my possessions and the ability to travel without being jabbed and I'm away. I have a piece of land there, right on a river. I like fish.
  5. After May, there will be no place, because then the WHO and its unelected NGO's will dictate health regulations for EVERY country. This is called 'democracy'
  6. WRONG - People with NO symptoms are diagnosed as Covid-19 'asymptomatic spreaders'. You don't need any symptoms to be diagnosed as a covid 'CASE'. Just have a stick stuck up you nose. Anyone who has two grey cells to rub together knows that if you don't have symptoms, you can't be a 'case' and there is no such thing as an asymptomatic spreader. If you believe this shit, you deserve to die and clean the fucking gene pool.
  7. Nope, I've been there. I was sorry to leave, but I still had a business over here and had to come back to it. Now I'm retired, there is nothing keeping me here (except vaccine passes and bullshit). Land near the cities has rocketed in price, but there are plenty of places where land is cheap. If I were in the UK, I would look for a group of people, pool resources, buy a sizeable piece and setup a community.
  8. You should try Belize. Cheap land, sparse population, doubt there is much in the way of restrictions over there. It's a beautiful country. Walk 100 metres into the bush and you can disappear. Rivers, forests, sandy beaches. English (was British Honduras). Question of being able to travel. I'm thinking about it. If I can go, I won't ever come back. Out of the direct line of nukes.
  9. NATO is just drooling at the prospect of a WW3. A tried and tested way to reduce the population - WAR! Great for selling weapons and killing off the 'vaccine hesitant'
  10. Just keep wearing yours. Do you really think 'fact checking' actually changes reality? I don't give a fuck if you are walking like a zombie in a few years, nor do I care if your face breaks out in sores after wearing your nappy for hours on end. Believe what the 'fact checkers' tell you, it's YOUR life, not mine. BTW You ARE a complete moron and you're right, I'm laughing at you.
  11. Wearing a mask deprives the brain of oxygen. Every time you deprive your brain of oxygen, a few little grey cells die (and it does not replace them). Those who don't die, get AIDS, or crippled for life will get Alzheimer's and dementia, and we'll have a REAL Zombie Apocalypse.
  12. They've been using weather manipulation for YEARS. Read about HAARP. I've got a video clip of a USA scientist admitting that they were manipulating the weather.
  13. Yes, it was a Russian scientist that wrote a paper about it in the 1960s and he was ridiculed. I find it hard to believe that this is the same planet, populated by the same people that walked when I was a kid, back in the 1940s and '50s. I think even George Orwell is turning in his grave. His imagination didn't stretch this far.
  14. The time for protests of any kind, peaceful or otherwise, is over. We are currently in an extinction scenario. All started by Covid-19, the pandemic that never existed and the ‘virus’ which hasn’t been proved to exist either. Like a conjuror, they mirror up a war in Ukraine to do two things: (a) Distract from Covid (b) Kill off more people with starvation and cold. We have on the one side the mighty USA (who have lost very war so far after WWII). The society is completely divided, Pro-trump vs Anti-Trump, Black vs White, LBTQ+ vs non-LBTQ+. The USA has proved that the word ‘Democracy’ is just that—a word. A word without any meaning. Freedom of speech? What’s that? The Petro Dollar is collapsing, as is the USA. They have only two choices: collapse or start WWIII. It’s my belief that rather than give up their hegemony, they will rely on the unlikely chance of winning a nuclear war. A war where they will be NO winners. IF, the USA decides to fold and lose their hegemony, the EU will go the same, but by then it will be too late. With just under half of the oil, gas, food and fertilizers coming from Russia, which will now go to China, India, and any country whose rulers are not USA lapdogs. Factories and production will close. Transport will be too expensive to ship goods. Millions will freeze or starve to death. Millions will be without jobs, without money to support their families. Millions who have been ‘Jabbed’ are due to die over the coming two years. Eventually the masses (what’s left of them) will be left with a simple choice, roll over and become slaves to the ‘elite’ or REVOLUTION. It will be the ONLY way out. It’s time for everyone to make decisions. What are YOU going to do? Are you fit and strong enough to fight? Can you forage for food? Time to learn and time for White people to work together rather than everyone wanting to be a chief and no one wanting to be a follower. The entire ‘Democratic’ voting system SHOULD have taught you (but it hasn’t). Western ‘democracy’ allows for a few dozen ‘political parties’ to split the public’s vote and allow them the unlimited power to select whomsoever they want so that NOTHING will ever change. Governments are corrupted right through, so are the Justice System, the Medical Profession, the Pharmaceutical companies and the Military Industrial Complex. It’s decision time folks. Soon the French Elections. Will Macron win? Probably, but even if he doesn’t, NOTHING will change, even if the Frog Looney Party wins. It’s all smoke and mirrors to give the masses the ILLUSION, because that’s all it is of ‘having their say’. Your vote is MEANINGLESS. Only 32% of the British Public bothered to vote when Tony Blair was elected and even then they had to ‘massage’ the boundaries’ to get him into the driver's seat and start an endless war that has cost billions and for what? NOTHING. You call THAT democracy?
  15. Whatever - the main fact is that the mighty Dollar is now FUCKED as the world's biggest blackmail weapon.
  16. I was watching RT (via a VPN obviously) and Putin is cancelling all gas, oil, fertilizer and food products that countries refuse to pay for in roubles. We are super fucked now, all that is left is mass revolution. It's either that or freeze and starve to death. Without electricity, EVERYTHING will be cancelled. How long can the EU and UK last without enough fuel to keep the wheels turning? Fuck the people, we elite want to punish Russia (who are laughing themselves sick - divert everything to the BRICS, China, Iran etc). Watch the European masses suffer so their tin-pot DICTATORS can OBEY the might of the American DICTATOR!
  17. It's just smoke and mirrors to keep the 'peaceful protests' going. No violence, turn the other cheek. The police are only doing their job. The end result - NO CHANGE.
  18. We saw the Canadian truckers. They made yet another fucking 'peaceful protest' look at what happened to them. If it still hasn't sunk in that you are wasting your time, God help you. Imagine if the trucker had all been Africans from Ruanda, Nigeria, or the Zulus. What do you think would have happened when the thugs came to move them? What happened in Guadeloupe? Did they surrender peacefully to Macron's thugs? What happened to the Americans when they interfered in Africa? Peaceful protests? I'll say one thing for Black people. THEY HAVE BALLS.
  19. Just tried it. On the TV and on my iPad it's blocked, but works OK on Windows 10 on my PC. Democracy is revealed at it's finest and the masses are too fucking dumb to see it!
  20. Online. Haven't tried it on TV yet. Will let you know when I get time
  21. Of course something will happen. The cast of this 'drama' will have more figures in their bank accounts. They can probably all retire and laugh at the dumb cunts who paid to watch the show. That is assuming there isn't another deadly pathogen and yet another scamdemic by then.
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