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  1. First they came for the old folk, and I 'm old. I told them to shove their vaccine up their arses. Then they came for my wife who is 15 years younger than me. She told them to fuck off and shove the vaccine up their arses. Then they came for my 40 year old daughter. She told them to go fuck themselves and shove their vaccine up their arses while they were busy. Then they came for my friend's 16 year old son. He told them to shove their vaccine where the sun never shines. Then they came for me again, but I don't need anyone to speak for me, I have a fucking mind of my own and I will destroy anyone who tries to vaccinate me against my will. I'll go out with a fucking bang and not with a whimper like the chinless, limp-wristed, knuckle dragging morons, who stood back and allowed it to happen, or who went on 'peaceful protests' , so cunts like BoJo and Hand-on-cock could laugh at them.
  2. I don't know what you're bitching about. Britain, as such, no longer exists. You have an unelected HINDU Prime Minister (and they hate the British with a passion for the atrocities they committed in India) and a MUSLIM rules London. How many non-British MP's. Now, you'll all rush out to bow and bend the knee to SIR Keir Starmer. (don't forget to call him SIR). A man of the people to represent the working man. Yeah, like my arse is a watermelon. When he takes the reins, your government will be Homos, Lesbians and non-White trannys. What sort of a King have you ended up with? A fucking murderer who had his wife bumped so he could marry an old bag. Hey, she'll make a fucking good queen, won't she? You're FUCKED. Thank God I left a blighted blighty long ago. Am I proud to have been born British? NO!
  3. Never been vaccinated at all except smallpox and it didn't 'take' after 3 tries. They told me I'm naturally immune. I can count the number of times I've been to the pharma salespeople on the fingers of a single thumb (smallpox vaccine, had to have it to go to SA). I'm almost 82. Fuck the 'doctors' (salesmen for pharma).
  4. We must shut down farms, because cows fart and produce CO2. We must all stop flying, stop using cars and either walk or use bicycles. We should stop having central heating gas, oil or coal because it produces CO2. BUT, it's OK to have military jets flying over almost every day for hours on end. It's OK to send tanks and planes and military hardware to Ukraine. It's OK to have military 'exercises' every month of the year. Of course, tanks, planes, missiles and bombs don't produce CO2 What a bunch of cunts, most of the population are. They just go along with this shite. Then you say these fucking arseholes don't deserve to die. Fucking good riddance.
  5. There are people here who have been jabbed, had dreadful experiences. Others with friends who have died, BUT THEY STILL BELIEVE THE BULLSHIT. We know one family who's daughter died after being jabbed (she was 22) and guess what, The dozy fuckers are waiting to get a booster. "It wasn't the vaccine. No one knows what caused her death."
  6. He'll lie through his back teeth, lie like fuck and walk out with another Nobel Prize. (for being the second most evil cunt on the planet - Guess who ranks #1? Hint Bill...)
  7. Come off it. They'll all look at it and mutter 'Conspiracy Theory'. They should be wearing tinfoil hats. Haven't you realised yet that the masses are all FUCKING MORONS and they deserve to die for their pig-headed stupidity.
  8. https://be1lib.org/book/487302/e249ce
  9. No, People USED to fight. (Miners strikes, poll tax) but all the fight has GONE. Testicles have shriveled to fuck all, and all you can do now is make arseholes of yourselves by going on 'peaceful protests' while the cunts in Government laugh at you.
  10. If you use the couple of grey cells you have left after all the brainwashing, you might work out that if your kindly Government can kill everyone eligible for pension, they won't have to explain why there is no pension fund (because your mate Gordon Brown SPENT IT). Now if you get rid of the over 50s as well, it will leave a lot more job vacancies for unqualified, immigrant scum cheap labour. Surely you don't need a fucking degree to work THAT out?
  11. Oh, for sure, they'll organize massive 'peaceful protests' KNOWING that it will force the government into doing a U-Turn. And, if you believe that, I have this castle in Windsor I want to sell.
  12. And what exactly do you think David Icke and this site is about? Peaceful fucking protests Respect the 'brave boys in blue'. Turn the other cheek. Peace at any price. Freedom by negotiation. Alles sal regkom. Don't worry together we'll pray and stand in peace, united. If we grow balls, the military will kill us boo fucking hoo!
  13. He played the same role that Treurnicht did in South Africa. PEACE! We will win by negotiation and peaceful protests. People kept hoping until the bitter end, and when there was a tiny possibility of negotiation, Treunicht REFUSED! YOU WERE WARNED. Keep hoping and keep protesting peacefully. Maybe some leaders will die laughing at you.
  14. Not sure about lucky with a raving fucking moron like Boris at the helm, desperately trying start WW3 and oputdo even the yanks
  15. COVID-19 has demonstrated that no-one is safe until we are all safe, and that effective global cooperation is needed to better protect the UK and other countries around the world from the detrimental health, social and economic impacts of pandemics and other health threats. The UK supports a new international legally-binding instrument as part of a cooperative and comprehensive approach to pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. At a World Health Assembly Special Session in late 2021, the 194 countries of the World Health Organization (WHO) agreed to launch a process to draft and negotiate a new instrument, through the auspices of WHO, to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. The negotiating process will be led by member states, including the UK. The instrument aims to improve how the world prevents, better prepares for, and responds to future disease outbreaks of pandemic potential at national, regional and global level. It would complement the existing international instruments which the UK has already agreed, such as the International Health Regulations. It would promote greater collective action and accountability. A treaty is an international agreement concluded between States or with international organisations in written form and governed by international law. The UK is party to a large number of multilateral treaties, including many through the United Nations (UN) and its specialised agencies such as the WHO. These instruments reflect obligations states have agreed to enter into to further common goals. The current target date for agreeing the text of the new instrument is at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Over the next two years the UK aims to work towards building a consensus on how the global community can better prevent, prepare for, and respond to future pandemics and will actively shape, develop and negotiate the text. The new instrument would only be adopted by the World Health Assembly if the text achieves a two-thirds vote of the Health Assembly (Article 19 of the WHO Constitution). The Health Assembly is made up of representatives of WHO Member States. Once adopted, the instrument would only become binding on the UK if and when the UK accepts (ratifies) it in accordance with its constitutional process. In the UK this requires the treaty to be laid before Parliament for a period of 21 sitting days before the Government can ratify it on behalf of the UK. The Government always carefully considers whether domestic legislation will be required to implement the UK’s international obligations when negotiating a treaty. Not every treaty requires implementing legislation and it is too early to say if that would apply here. However, in all circumstances, the UK’s ability to exercise its sovereignty would remain unchanged and the UK would remain in control of any future domestic decisions about national restrictions or other measures. If changes to UK law were considered necessary or appropriate to reflect obligations under the treaty, proposals for domestic legislation would go through the usual Parliamentary process and the UK would not ratify the treaty until domestic measures, agreed by Parliament, were in place. This process of ratification allows scrutiny by elected representatives of both the treaty and any appropriate domestic legislation in accordance with the UK’s constitutional arrangements. The Government does not consider a referendum is necessary, appropriate or in keeping with precedent for such an agreement. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Put into common parlance: FUCK YOU WE'LL SIGN IT ANYHOW!
  16. Best sign this one as well. Can't do any harm, but personally I think we are wasting our time. https://lifepetitions.com/petition/stop-tedros-who-pandemic-treaty?utm_source=lp_email
  17. Do you REALLY believe that even if the entire UK population sign it, that it will make the slightest bit of difference?
  18. Ah, this is probably the new DEADLY Monkeypox outbreak sweeping through Britain. What comes next, Gorillapox, Trannysauruspox, bearpox, Rhinopox, Hippopox or the most deadly of all, Elephantpox? New vaccines? Triplemasks 24x7? Lockdown the country? No one in or out. Not allowed to move more than three metres outside of your front door? More peaceful protests?
  19. I was watching the Snooker in Sheffield Saw only a tiny handful of face nappies. They look fucking ridiculous. What morons!
  20. Croyez-vous cela? Si oui, pourquoi est-il toujours au pouvoir ? Répondre. Parce que les Français veulent être les esclaves des aristocrates.
  21. I couldn't agree more, but there is one ONE way to get your country back and it isn't by peacefully protesting. You are ONE, how many people would actually join you? A tiny handful, and each one would have only one ambition—NOT getting the country back, but by making himself the 'leader' the Big Chief. It's how White people work. NO ONE is willing to be a follower, EVERYONE believes that only HE (or SHE) can lead the movement. Then 50% of your so-called 'followers' will be police and security force 'snitches', because White people are incapable of keeping secrets, they have this gene which says "I've gotta brag to all my mates" I'm White, I've been there and watched it happen in South Africa. You are fucked before you get started.
  22. Because I got out of the shithole when you elected Teflon Tony
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