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  1. I've spent a lot of time chopping relevant pieces out of Reiner Fuellmich's Grand Jury Proceedings. So far, it's over 16 hours of video testimonies. I've sent the link to quite a few people, but NO ONE has the time to watch that length of videos. There are TWO major testimonies so far. One is Turdeau's Oath of Office, proving that he has a ZERO interest in Canada. The other is Meredith Miller, on how Mindspace has worked in the Covid propaganda. This one is REALLY important. It's 25 minutes long. No way I can upload a video here. Does anyone have a server they can copy it to and provide a link? I have it as an Xvid AVI, but I can convert it to MP4 if it helps. Anyone interested in spreading this, PM me. Or isn't anyone interested? David Icke should see this.
  2. There's MUCH worse, watch Day 2 off https://www.grand-jury.net after the first 45 minutes I wanted to puke. Makes me ashamed of my birthplace. Bastards!
  3. Here is why people are queuing for "The Jab" and wearing muzzles. https://www.bi.team/publications/mindspace/ DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT. The British Government sold this world-wide. Utterly corrupt
  4. THIS IS A MUST WATCH https://grand-jury.net The ONLY way any of this will ever get the attention of the public is to watch all of it, use something like VirtualDub to chop out small significant chunks and spread them to every person you know that believes in Covid crap. It's a fantastic expose, but how many people are going to willingly watch 24 hours of video? NONE. I sent the link to three people NONE of them have watched it. They all say the same thing. They don't have the time to watch a five hour long video and so far I've downloaded the first 3 days, which is over eleven hours.
  5. Watch the left hand. Watch the collusion to terrify people of war - Don't watch the right hand that is taking away your freedoms more every day (look at Canada) and ignore the man behind the curtain.
  6. https://grand-jury.net/ There's about 10 hours of truth here. An exceptionally good video, BUT... 1. It's preaching to the converted. 2. How does anyone expect this to be made public? 3. How many people are going to sit through 5 hours, with some very difficult to understand speakers (accents)? 4. Even if it went on live TV with God and all his archangels around it will be 'conspiracy theory' and most people will reject it. 5. I have no doubt that most countries will block it. The truth is out there, but the masses won't see it and those who do, won't believe it, so Quo Vadis?
  7. I see more and more 'talking heads' on the 'haunted fishtank' asserting that all the talk about Covid 19 is a smokescreen to take our minds off the possibility of WW3. Personally, knowing that Bojo, Putin and Obama are all products of Klaas Schwab, it's more likely that Ukraine and WW3 are a sleight of hand to take our minds off the culling and the Covid scam. It's so fucking obvious that no one wants to believe it. The terror of a nuclear war between America, NATO and Russia, outweighs the terror of catching a non-existent virus that you have a 99% chance of recovering from. Thinking about a possible nuclear war will keep the minds of the sheep busy whilts the REAL agenda is culling and control. Clever bastards. but it doesn't fool me for a minute.
  8. It's really very simple CUNTS, who drool over vaccines vs Sane people who refuse to believe this shit. So yes, US vs THEM. Just pick a side. Don't sit on the fucking fence and try to have the best of both worlds.
  9. Hidden Pfizer Trial Data Shows That ALL 'Vaccinated' Women In Pregnancy Lost Their Unborn Babies - MASS MURDER https://drtrozzi.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/Pfizer-Cumulative-Analysis-of-Post-authorization-Adverse-Event-Reports.pdf
  10. Yes, until Boris gets kicked out. The people DEMAND more draconian restrictions. Prison for the unvaxxed, wearing of masks 24 x 7, All businesses closed. All schools closed for one year firebreak. The cunts will cheer themselves hoarse. Boris's replacement will give them what they demand.
  11. Sorry, I have ZERO sympathy. All these morons deserve to die. Perhaps then, the protests may be meaningful because there will be no whining cunts demanding even tighter restrictions
  12. I got the worst 'flu of my life in 2003. It was called SARS-COV-1. Unlike the fucking snowflake cunts of today, I didn't whine to a doctor, I didn't take pharma poison, I didn't go to hospital. I stayed home, kept warm drank a lot of fluids and recovered. No Mask Mandates, No social distancing, no 24 x 7 fear porn, and no vaccines.
  13. My answer is that it's bullshit. They can't get enough of Gate's poison in their bodies. Gates is NOT wanted in India they love him to bits. Means Fuellmich is a lying cunt.
  14. OMG - A whole squadron of pigs just flew by all waving hypodermics and they're writing "Bill Gates is God"
  15. Here's how it will play out. 3 possibilities. 1. Bojo gets kicked out. Replaced by either Sunak or Patel (I'll bet on the latter). IMMEDIATE face masks and vaccine mandates back again. 2. They force a General Election. Cur Keir Starmer is the new PM. A 6 month 'fire-break, to 'combat Covid' and mandatory vaccines permanent masking and Social Distancing. God, how the mass of cunts called people will LOVE him. 3. Gates and Fauci have already cooked the next Scamdemic. It's called NeoCoV. https://sputniknews.com/20220127/chinas-scientists-warn-of-potential-high-fatality-transmission-rate-of-coronavirus-neocov--1092550863.html I reckon we can expect this one soon. Wouldn't surprise me if 'scientists' are working on a vaccine so they can 'jab' everyone right now - 'just in case' and it will have to be mandatory to curb a possible new pandemic, even before it starts. People will queue for hours to get a new 'shot'. The cunts will love that even more. Bojo or Starmer or whatever evil cunt the force in will get medals for 'reducing the curve'.
  16. I lived in South Africa when de Klerk gave the country away so he could shag a coloured woman. I watched Dr Andries Treurnicht do EXACTLY what Fuellmich is doing. His job was to keep people quiet until the handover was complete. He did a fine job. When history is written Fuellmich will join the likes of Treurnicht I only WISH he was doing something, but all he has done so far is spout platitudes and tell us what we already know. The masses wouldn't believe God if he came down in a chariot of fire and exposed it. FEAR - They fucking LOVE it.
  17. It's all pretend, meaningless garbage. Just sit back and alles sal reg kom. He's paid by the elite to keep you happy and hopeful while they fuck you deeper up your ass.
  18. I've never had a vaccine of any kind, but I still got FUCKING sick in 2003 with the so-called Sars-Cov-1
  19. The most amazing thing is that NO debate is allowed that doesn't comply with the narrative. These cunts brag about 'Democracy' and 'Freedom of Speech' but no one smells a rat when debate(?) only has one side. Irrespective of the number of people, their qualifications or the proof they offer (like Fauci admitting that the whole PCR test is worthless), nothing against the narrative is allowed. These silly motherfuckers ALWAYS manage to find a wat to 'refute' it. "That isn't what he meant, you misunderstand." any fucking rubbish and these dozy cunts lap it up. It's mind blowing. Can you imagine one of your grandparents when he or she was young, fit and healthy, standing in the freezing cold and rain for hours waiting for some cunt to tell them they are sick? As if people don't KNOW if they are sick. Today, you don't need symptoms the only way you know you are sick is if some mindless moron shoves a stick up your nose and then decided for you. Why doesn't 'science(?) invent a test and a vaccine for leprosy, malaria, TB, fucking rabies. If they do, watch the silly twats fighting in queues to be tested for leprosy and then we can declare another scamdemic. Then another scamdemic for Rabies, one for the fucking Plague. Mandatory vaccines, lockdowns no physical contact for any reason, no sex. Watch your loved ones die on TV because if you go near them you'll have to be tested and have another 'booster' Some cunts will believe ANYTHING. They all DESERVE to die and the sooner the better. maybe when the last cunt snuffs it, sanity will return. I can't fucking wait for it to happen.
  20. The best defence against force is to attack, but God has spoken. "Turn the other cheek. It's a mortal sin to fight for your freedom." Bend over, open your cheeks and say "Fuck me harder. I like it"
  21. After a 6 month wait, I finally got an appointment with the ophthalmologist that performed cataract surgery in 1 BC. We weren't allowed into the building without a muzzle, but faced with a muzzle or going blind, choices are few. Once inside I had to laugh. What a complete and utter fucking farce. There's a 1.5 metre social distancing rule here, but 15 people were crammed into a small waiting area and there wasn't even 2 FEET distancing. 25 minutes later. I was called in. She was wearing a muzzle, like a good little sheeple, and I couldn't understand a word she said, so I just mumbled nonsense into my muzzle. She went through the testing, but I made her show me everything that I had to do and she was getting nicely pissed off. Finally in desperation, she led me to the front desk and I mumbled at them as well. The result was I got a bill and a piece of paper with 1 Feb 17:30 for treatment. Now, I still have to wait until 1 Feb to get treated. Fortunately over here, it's illegal to ask anyone if they've been 'Jabbed', but I'm certain it's on the medical records. One rule for the fucking plebs and one rule for everyone else. What a load of utter bollocks!
  22. They gave to find SOMETHING to keep the agenda rolling. Maybe TB, Leprosy, smallpox, Ebola. YOU ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF THIS AND YOU KNOW IT.
  23. My grandfather had a cold back in 1964. There was a pot of Shipams fish paste in the cupboard (we didn't have a fridge or electricity, everything was gas.) He ate it on his bread. When I got up I could smell it as I entered the room. OMG it stank. Around an hour later, he collapsed and died in hospital from the fish paste he couldn't smell. The cunts who keep popping out of the woodwork pretending that it's 'NEW' to lose your smell because if the DREADED Covid are just government trolls and shills. Just ignore the dimwits
  24. That's a good question. You are here so you can feel good, spouting about 'The Rule Of Law, Democracy, How Jesus or God is going to save you. How to win by sitting on your arse and turning the other cheek and similar fucking nonsense. You are doing your bit, helping to win to war and protect your children by sharing your views with others. Makes you feel all warm inside to think you've made your contribution to peace. Make your slogan 'PEACE AT ANY PRICE INCLUDING THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN'. Believe in God and no shit Sherlock, you WILL be saved.
  25. It won't happen and you know it won't. Pipe dreams never changed a thing. I apologize for mentioning balls. My advice is to stop wasting your time and that of 'our brave boys in blue'. Nothing is going to change, just get used to it and comply with your rulers. "We are the Borg. You have been assimilated." All this talk is a load of bullshit. We are all FUCKED. You did it your way and it had fuck all effect, why not admit it, sit back and enjoy your slavery for as long as they allow you to live. If you have brains, you KNOW that the restrictions are going to get tighter and tighter. The new generation already born will grow up as uneducated laborers whose sole purpose is to obey and comply. This will probably be the last generation of White people because the vast majority will be sterile. In not very many years (failing WW3), anyone not complying will be summarily executed. As the race die off, pat yourselves on the back for helping your rulers to save you from the deadliest pandemic ever known to mankind. If you are lucky enough to see your children queueing with their Ration Card for their weekly food allowance, be happy your rulers allowed you to live this long
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