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  1. Simple answer - NO. This is what the masses want.
  2. The saddest part of this affair is that these brain dead morons DO believe that a diaper over their faces DOES protect them. That's the really sad part. Nothing will alter that belief, despite literature, videos and any real proof that you can come up with. Why all the 'doctors' on the TV, know better. THEY are doctors, they would never lie to them. The ones that say anything different are nuts, conspiracy theorists, they should be wearing tinfoil hats. Where is that asteroid?
  3. I have qualifications in Novell, Microsoft, Mac OSX. Linux and VMWare. I started in computers in the Mid 1970's when I dumped veterinary work. So for anyone prepared to take notice, let me offer some advice. Do you suffer from Spam? For some reason (and I have ZERO idea why, people have been taught to use junk mail filters, blacklists, greylists , whitelists, spam assassin and all manner of ways to stop spam, BUT NONE OF THEM WORK. Spammers hijack IP Addresses. Every computer on earth has a unique IP Address, ISP's are allocated a block or blocks of IP Addresses known as subnets and these can be further sub-netted. Once a spammer has a hacked IP Address he can then forge as many sender names to it as he can possibly imagine, so ONE IP Address can send out 100,000 spam emails using a different forged name every time. All that your blacklist, greylists, whitelist, spam and junk mail filters do is to block a sender NAME. This is USELESS because 10 minutes later another mail comes from the same IP address with a different sender name. I you want to stop spam, the ONLY way is to block the IP Address that is being used. Now a lot of "experts" will tell you that these hijacked IP Addresses are just temporary and after a few days, the spammer will be blocked. He'll get put onto a Blacklist and you won't get any more spam from that address. It's just not true, because almost NO ISP ever puts Blacklist filters on their mail servers. and after studying spam for the past 5 years, once an IP address gets onto a Blacklist, they rarely, if ever come off it. BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. The ONLY way to stop spam is to block IP Addresses, but Outlook and every mail client affords no way to block an IP Address, only the forged name. There's a reason for this - MONEY. I know in Europe that one sets up an account and there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth you get allocated every month. Once you exceed the limit, your computer internet connection slows to a crawl and to get the speed back before the end of the month you need to PAY. Follow the money. There is a simple way (usually costs NOTHING or very little), to block IP Addresses and / or subnets. If any folks out there want to know how to do this, just say so and I'll give you all the details.
  4. And who exactly is going to expose them? The twenty odd million people who couldn't wait to roll up their sleeves to become human guinea pigs? Guess what. WE ARE FUCKED and it isn't the fault of the government. It's the assholes who are so fucking dumb they believe them!
  5. So far, they have managed to totally outplay the opposition, but the next game is critical for them First thought that springs to mind is wait until the last minute and then announce that because of the new variants and spike in 'cases' unfortunately . . . blah, blah, blah Then again, they could let the public have a short taste of freedom before locking down everything again with even more draconian measures. It must be keeping them awake at night, wondering how to play this hand. On the one side, giving the stupid masses a taste of freedom, might just send too many to demand they keep their freedom. On the other side not giving them a small carrot before waving the big stick again, might tip more people over to protest. A clue can be gained from over here. Lockdowns are getting more draconian. Until the beginning of this month, my wife and daughter could go shopping together. Now, only ONE of them is allowed into a shop. Non-Essential shops may be visited only if you make an appointment. ALL bars, restaurants, gyms etc., will remain closed for the foreseeable future. IT'S THE THIRD WAVE, even deadlier than the first two!!! It would seem that governments are trying to bankrupt every small / non-essential business and they have no intention of ever letting up. So Boris and Matt are taking a BIG risk if they give the masses a taste of freedom, so I'm guessing that. like Europe, the lockdown will be increased to October. Just in time for the next 'flu season and Covid-21. Hmm, but perhaps he will try to outplay the EU and give a brief respite. Then the so-called doctors and 'scientists' can scream - MISTAKE! New variants, more contagious, more deadly. The masses, in their face diapers will cry for stricter measures a new "Fire Break" for 6 months. Millionaire SIR Keir Starmer can then take up the cudgel and demand. "Close EVERYTHING". Then Matt and Boris can apologize and agree that it was a mistake and turn the screws even tighter. It doesn't really matter, the bottom line is that even if you DO get a few weeks respite (still wearing masks, still social distancing, still in "bubbles"), it won't be very long before the Dictator is back in full swing. No government will willingly give people back their freedom. .I don't think it will make any difference if everyone on earth pandered to Bill Gates and took "The Jab". The control of the masses will remain in place no matter what. Soon you'll have a choice of shops, Amazon, Amazon or Amazon. Deliveries to your home by Drone and no one allowed out of their houses. This is what the masses want. Close EVERYTHING, close the schools, close the Universities then at last all men will be equal. All as dumb as each other, so blacks, whites and everyone are illiterate assholes with just the ruling class having any education. By driving businesses into bankruptcy, choice will vanish. There will be ONE kind of cheese, ONE kind of bread, ONE brand of toothpaste, ONE brand of everything. Eat what your rulers allow you to or starve to death. I keep hearing rumours that they are planning to ban all alcoholic drinks. How true it is, I have no idea, but they will stop at nothing and they are going to get away with it as well.
  6. I suspect at this stage, they are pretending that they are doing you a favour (we are all mugs inc as far as they are concerned. Stage II will be shaming - If you don't take "The Jab" you are being selfish and endangering others. Stage III will be 'rewards' - some very small gesture of freedom - spun as a big thing Stage IV. You either accept "The Jab" or else!
  7. Only if they actually survive next winter's 'flu!
  8. And, even if you take the TOTAL mortality, namely death from ALL causes, for the past 20 years and apply a bit of statistical levelling to account for the increase in Population each year, you will find that in 2020, deaths from influenza, strokes, heart attacks, renal failure, cancer etc., etc., almost vanished, but strangely enough, the deaths from Covid-19 was around the same total as deaths from ALL causes in prior years. Now strain the grey cells. NO ONE, in the media or government has EVER come up with a total number of deaths in each country every winter, because it isn't relevant. People are born, and people die. It isn't a new phenomena, but REPORTING deaths IS a new phenomenon. What a brilliant way to scare the shit out of people. Death isn't allowed to these fucking morons walking around in their face diapers. Now since medicine began, a CASE has always been a person showing the symptoms of a malady. This changed in 2020 and now a CASE can be a perfectly healthy person with ZERO symptoms of any illness, just because a deeply flawed test is being used to pronounce a person asymptomatic for a disease which has never been isolated or even scientifically PROVED to exist at all. Need I go on?
  9. Just like Winston Churchill "got off" visualizing all those young men being murdered in his war.
  10. Sorry, I disagree, sure it's a bunch of brainwashed clowns, but they MUST present something that the rest of the world's idiots can swallow. Thus, the titles and the bullshit is essential. America is on the point of collapse. It's literally bankrupt as well as morally bankrupt. They are drowning in debt, the Dollar is slipping away, slowly but surely. The American people are soonto be mostly "invaders" from the south. The only way to rally the brainwashed masses is to start a false flag operation that will give the President the chance to launch a nuclear strike, claiming it's "defensive" as the nuclear missiles rain down, the masses will rise up to support "The President" and world peace <excuse the pun>. NATO, the UK and the EU will rally behind "The President" thus ensuring our destruction as well. This will leave Africa, India, Australia and South America and the top Jews, who are buried in their bunkers thousands of feet underground until it's all over.
  11. Biden won't be President for long. I suspect they have plans to somehow get Hillary Clinton into the driving seat. I don't know (or care) very much about the top echelons of America. Perhaps, Biden will very shortly shuffle off his mortal coil and join the warmongers invisible. Then Kackling Kunt Kamal will be president, but who will then become Vice President? Can they nominate Hillary? Can Pelosi be VP? In both cases, (especially Hillary), if they are appointed as VP, then I wouldn't bet a single cent on the lifespan of Kamal. She will 'suddenly' have a stroke, or heart attack, Just like Forster in South Africa. That would leave Hillary and / or Pelosi to start WW 3 by a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Russia. Which has always been Hillary's dream.
  12. They just brainwash stupid little cunts like 'Grim Greta' to talk a load of shit about which she knows fuck all. The tragedy is other stupid twats join her. That's mainly the job of University professors, whose main job is to brainwash as many fools as they can to take to the streets and support a cause about which they KNOW nothing other than the garbage that has been fed to them.
  13. It's a wonderful idea, but let's face it, we are the minority. Irrespective of whether you are an optimist or pessimist. I think we all know, deep down that this mask and stay home social distance is not destined to end any time soon. As long as the majority support the bullshit, the longer it will last. During WW II there was rationing. The masses believed that this was fair and ensured social equality. The fucking idiots truly believed that Government officials and the rich cunts were subject to the same rules, so we lived on our two ounces of meat per person per week (I don't remember the exact figures), whilst Churchill and all his warmonger friends drank their Port and Champagne and enjoyed lavish meals (at taxpayer's expense). Rationing continued until 1951, long after the fucking war had ended, BECAUSE PEOPLE WANTED IT. In 1951, they got pissed off enough to elect a Labour Govt, purely because they promised to do away with ration books. The Government now have the fucking moronic public by the short and curlies. The majority demand schools stay closed, masks must be worn, lockdowns continued vaccinations for every living being. This will last for many years, because Labour and Liberals will bend to the will of the people and the tyranny will get more and more until one day, probably 2030. Enough people will get pissed off enough and one of the Parties will decide that masks, social distancing and lockdowns have to go. As long as this filthy rich bastard Starmer is the Labour leader, Labour will NEVER agree to stop the masks and bullshit. That twat is chortling at the antics of the imbeciles, who demand even stricter measures. The liberals want to turn Britain over to the immigrants and the Conservatives are just enjoying POWER over the people. In the USA, there will never ne another Republican Government, the Democrats are bringing in millions of their voters from Central and South America. The USA is already a Third World shithole. I can't imagine how worse it wuill be in 10 yeqars time, probably no White people at all. Bill Gates is a total megalomaniac and I think his ambition is to become World Ruler and the dumb twats on the street will probably let him. I've tried hard not to be a pessimist, but we are FUCKED, in stereo, Warner Vision and Dolby surround sound. Ny the time the bullshit stops, men will be women, and the coming generations will be sicker, and dumber than they are today. Thank goodness I won't be around to see it
  14. It's probably a good way to clean the gene pool, such dumb assholes don't deserve to breed or live.
  15. I have NO idea. Maybe the milk, we get it straight from the cow, but it's someone else's cow. We don't dring the crap you buy in the shop which is watered down shite. Then again, we buy 5 liytrs twice a week and we've never had a problem before (or after), Maybe the tooth fairy!
  16. I think he's raving insane. Probably watched too many james Bond films and thinks that he will be the one to take over the entire world as sole ruler. Interesting that Pfizer are blackmailing countries to give up their military bases in exchange for "The Jab". You can bet that Billy Boy has access to all the nuclear weapons arsenal, world-wide, via his Microshite software, that just about every government in the world willingly uses, despite knowing that it's just full of telemetry and backdoors.
  17. I got the email below, yesterday. I went to the refusal site, but you arent given any opportunity to say WHY you are refusing the kill shot. I guess they know the sort of answer they might get. Despite the line saying that they woný contact me again, so far I've has a further TWO emails asking me to change the date of my death shot Naturally, the letter was in Dutch, but the translation is below. All in pretty colours with a fancy Logo. Aren't I just the lucky one!!!!! Dear Mikheil, This is an invitation for a vaccination against the coronavirus Covid-19. Keep this e-mail up to date. Should you get vaccinated? The vaccination is not mandatory, but it is recommended for your own health and that of those around you. Only if almost everyone gets vaccinated can we get the disease under control. The vaccination is free. Why is it important to get vaccinated? • The vaccine will keep you from getting sick from COVID 19. Vaccination activates your body's immune system. • Every vaccine works, and is very strictly monitored for safety, reliability and quality. • Do you have a chronic illness? If you are infected with the COVID-19 virus you often get worse symptoms. A vaccine is therefore extra important here. The vaccines have also been tested with people with a chronic illness. • If more than 70% of all people in Belgium are vaccinated, the virus can spread less quickly. Then all people are protected. That is called group immunity. When do you get vaccinated? You will receive 2 vaccinations: • First vaccination on 03/27/2021, at 11:48 am • Second vaccination on April 30, 2021 at 11:46 am This will be done at the vaccination center Vaccination Center De Borg Make a note of these 2 appointments in your agenda. Confirm or adjust appointment The button does not work? Then you can use the following link: What should you do? Confirm that you are coming before 27/03/2021. Are you absolutely unable at these moments? Then make new agreements. • Surf to our website, register with your vaccination code 545636363664 and confirm • Or be assisted by family or friends to do this • Or call 99 99 9999 What should you do on the day of your vaccination? • Bring your invitation, e-ticket and identity card. • Wear a mouth mask: a surgical or cloth mask, not a bandana or scarf. • You will receive a vaccination in your upper arm. Wear comfortable clothes for this. • Come alone unless you need help. • If you have symptoms of an infection (such as a fever over 38 °), cancel the appointment and book again when you are healed. Do any of these situations apply to you? Then speak with your doctor and schedule your vaccination possibly off. • You have ever had an immediate or severe allergic reaction to a previous vaccine or needed urgent medical attention after taking a medicine. • You have symptoms of an infection (such as a fever above 38 °). Only make an appointment for a vaccination when you are completely healed. • You have had a corona test that was positive and you did not get sick in the following 14 days. You can then make an appointment. • You have had a corona test that was positive and you are ill: wait 14 days after you have healed to make an appointment and contact your doctor. • If you are pregnant, you may be vaccinated. If you have any questions about this, it is best to ask your doctor in advance. Are you unable to come to the vaccination center for medical reasons? Do you want an alternative? • Talk to your doctor or call the vaccination center 099 99 99 99. There will then be searched together for a good solution. • Call the information number of the Flemish government: 1000. Don't want a vaccination? Be sure to inform us about this. This way we can give your vaccine to someone else. You will no longer receive a repeat letter, text message and e-mail. • Surf to our website, enter your vaccination code: xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and register that you no longer wish to be contacted about this • Or be assisted by family or friends to do this • Or call 099 99 99 99. Have you been vaccinated yet? Be sure to inform us about this. This way we can give your vaccine to someone else. You will no longer receive a repeat letter, text message and e-mail. • Surf to our website, enter your vaccination code: 653645363463636, and register that you have already been vaccinated • Or be assisted by family or friends to do this • Or call 099 99 99 99. Do you have any personal questions or are you unsure about getting vaccinated? • Contact your general practitioner (best your regular general practitioner, who keeps your Global Medical File). • Ask for information and help from your pharmacist. • Surf to www.laatjevaccineren.be. • Call 1000, the information number of the Flemish government. We thank you for your help with a smooth vaccination. This way you protect yourself and your loved ones against the virus. With best regards, Dr. Dirk Dewolf Administrator-General
  18. I got a response yesterday afternoon - Campylobacter, but that's all they said, no recommendation for an anti-biotic, ZILCH, So what's the point of the testing? I told the drug dealer if I left it to him, I'd probably be dead already, so his services were no longer required, But there's a twist to the tale - About an hour later, I got an email asking me to report for my Covid vaccine, They can shove it up their arse, syringe, vial and packaging with it!.
  19. I did more or less what you suggested, (before I even saw your post), I'm 99% fixed, I'm keeping away from heavy meals for a few more days. Fasting also helps. I ate nothing for a week, only started eating again on Sunday, Dry toat for breakfast, some boiled chicken for lunch and just a slice of bread and Marmite in the evening. I'm back on normal (ish) meals again. It wasn't very nice and the doctors are a waste of time. My daughter found a new drug dealer. He gave her a small bottle for a sample to test it (the first doctor that's ever done that either in Europe or the UK. That was on Wednesday last week, but after a whole week, still awaiting results. Labs are very busy testing for Covid. Left to them, I'd be dead already!
  20. This was contained in an email this afternoon. https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/custom_videos/mask-myths/?utm_source=MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Doctors+Uncensored%3A+Bringing+You+The+Truth&utm_campaign=20210323_m162547596_Week+of+3+19+22+Mask+Lawsuit&utm_term=Dr_Merritt_Summit_2_2_PNG_3F1616343956
  21. Hi Doctor, I'm just a little worried about this vaccine. You read so much about it, most of it is good, but there are a few points I'g like to clear up : First, as a doctor, I'm sure you know exactly what is in this. If you could get me a list of all the ingredients, it would help a lot. Also, could you give me a list of all the possible side effects? I read somewhere that there is something called VAERS, I tried to find it on my computer but couldn't. Could you get it for me and print it out please? I know that this is an experimental vaccine and it hasn't completed Phase 3 yet and I'm told that it won't end until 2013, so as a participant I need to give my informed consent, so I REALLY need this information. Can you guarantee me that neither myself nor my partner will be affected in any way regarding reproduction? Can you guarantee that it won't eventually cause impotence or sterility. Can you guarantee me that any children we may have won't be deformed as was the case with Thalidomide back in the 1960's. I can get my lawyer to draw up a document which you can sign, guaranteeing me and my partner against sterility, impotence. miscarriages or deformities. Once we can get this signed, you haver my informed consent and I will gladly participate in your experiment. Can you actually see ANY drug dealer agreeing to any of the above? If he doesn't, you wave a copy of the Nuremburg Code under his nose and tell him, it's so sad, nut I'm afraid that I can't consent. You can do this with your children as well.
  22. Try Russian Revolution as well. Totally different, but same result. Well organized rabble. Try Kenya. Rhodesia, South Africa, SW Africa. All taken over by disorganized rabble. It cost lives. It took bloodshed, but the end result is the same. WW 1, WW II. There are many precedents, but rabble need a LEADER and that is what is lacking, because everyone wants to be the leader and no-one wants to be a follower. EVERY revolution, / Govt overthrow had a LEADER. Hitler, Mugabe, Savimbi, Machel, Joe Slovo, with his hand up Mandela's arse, like the puppet he was. There's a lot of things you can't do, but a lot that you can. When I say the Plod are your enemy, I mean just that. When you have a bunch of mindless jackbooted thugs. SHUN THE POLICE. There is no law which says you have to like them OR THEIR FAMILIES. There are NO 'good' Police on your island. Don't talk to them, don't talk to their families. If you are in a pub (if they ever reopen) and an off duty cop walks in GET UP AND WALK OUT. If your other half works in a shop or a cafe, treat police and family as they are - ANIMALS. make them wait, if you are serving food, serve it cold, make life as unpleasant as you possibly can for the Plod, his wife, his children, his entire family. It used to be called "sending someone to Coventry." but you can take it a step further. Why should you feel sorry for the wife or children of a thug. Yeah, it's not their fault. but they support their husband / father, who is knocking elderly people to the ground and injuring them because he can. Make then KNOW that they are ANIMALS, not pets, but wild animals. Don't speak to them. Just demand a lawyer if they want to talk to you. If you are at a party and an off duty copper or one of his family walk in. Make a big show of walking out. It won't take long before it will have an effect, especially with the families. When off duty PC Plod walks into a restaurant. cafe, bar, pub or whatever with his family and a big part of the customers look at them with utter contempt and get up and walk out. When his wife suddenly finds that no one is talking to her. When his children find the other kids at school won't talk or play with them and just pretend that they don't exist. It will have a BIG effect. They can't make a law that says you have to like, help or communicate with a fucking pig!
  23. Of course. Here we have a large body of men, whose salary is paid by YOU AND I. Their job is SUPPOSED to be "to protect the people". So we give tham full body armor, clubs, semi-lethal firearms (tazers and rubber bullets), chemical weapons, water cannon and we let them loose against groups of mainly middle aged men and women and children. They can smash them over the head and in the face with their batons, they can kick punch and beat up on women and old men. They can knock them to the ground, sit on them, kick them, punch them. They can gas them, they can injure them and hospitalize them with rubber bullets and water cannon, BUT THEY ARE PROTECTED GAME. It's the most heinous crime possible to dare to fight back against an armed THUG, when WE pay his / her salary and whose duty is is to protect his paymasters from the wrath of tghe people who pay him. This is called 'The Rule of Law". It's a fucking sick joke. They are 'The Brave "boys in blue"", fucking mindless morons, who truly believe that they and their families are above the retaliation of the masses. In Bristol, the tables were turned a little and 20 thugs got what they have long deserved, much to the dismay of the tyrants who call themselves a Government and whose salaries and the money they throw away and spend like water COMES FROM US. Our hard labour, our deprivation, our misery and our suffering. It's time to realize that the police are NOT your friend. They care fuck all about you, you are just insects. They are only loyal to the men and women who sign their paycheck. They never stop to consider that it's the people they are beating, kicking and hospitalizing that are the ones who provide the money for their paymasters to pay them with! The police are not your friend, neither are their families, they should be shunned, vilified and their lives should be made as difficult as possible. both on and off duty. They are your ENEMY. There is no bravery in bashing an old man in the face and knocking him to the ground and kicking him, because he didn't wear a face diaper that some moronm in Whitehall demanded. Shame on the Police. shun them, shun their families, deny them any friendship and wherever possible make sure they and their families and children, know THEY ARE HATED.
  24. Sorry, I don't buy into this one. It's akin to a rabbit's foot or a 4-leaf clover. As long as you believe in this stuff it's OK by me, just like religoin, but don't try to sell it to folks like me.
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