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  1. The best DAW without a doubt (and I've tried them all) is Studio One 5,2. If you want to "try before you buy" Go to : https://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6025892 You'll need to translate it from Russian, but the download is in English. I ran it originally on a Xeon CPU with 8GB RAM. It worked until you start to get more than 4 or 5 tracks! My recommendation is to download v5.1 and install it and then download 5.2 and install it over the top of 5.1. There's a glitch with some VST's if you just install 5.2 My Music PC has 64GB RAM, but that's only because I run Logic Pro as a Virtual VMWare machine on the same box. So in actual fact I'm only using 32GB and some times I can have over 80 tracks of different orchestrations. BTW Studio One only runs on 64bit Windows 10 - I know that they have a MAC version but I think developers are giving up on Apple. I only used Logic to print Scores, but now it's all incorporated in 5.2, you can print Notation AND tablature from the Editor in 5.2. So I don't really need Logic Pro any longer. BTW Studio One is far better than Logic now. If you need any help. you can PM me.
  2. Miscarriages are up 366% in vaccinated people. https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/former-pfizer-vp-to-aflds-entirely-possible-this-will-be-used-for-massive-scale-depopulation
  3. Well, first there's the chemtrails, then there's CERN. That worries me a lot. Then there's the Roundup in just about everything, then there's the phthalates in plastics, then there's the high levels of Estrogen in the water tables all over Europe and America from THE PILL, then there are the millions of different radio and other signal frequencies that bombard us 24 x 7. Now add 5G. Add HAARP. Finally, what are the bloody Yanks experimenting with now? You can bet that China and Russia are doing similar experiments, like the one I read about when the USA shot a nuclear device into the sun "to see what would happen" Sometimes I wake up in the night. It isn't a sound that wakes me. I can't really put a finger on what it is some kind of a vibration perhaps or a sound of some kind, way outside the audible range. I can't be sure. It's not the global warming hoax we should be worried about, it's the poisons that are being allowed to get into our food and water and the long term effects of the radio, TV, 5G and other wavelengths we should be worrying about as well as the devastation being caused to humans and animals with drugs and vaccinations. I haven't added the shit in toothpaste, sun cream, soap, perfume, "smellies" in the car or the home. I would rather smell shit that doesn't harm me than smell a 'fragrance' that causes cancer. No one ever does long term tests on the effects of all this artificial shit that people consume and splash all over their bodies or their food. For years, we were programmed to stay out of the sun and smear shit all over our bodies to "protect us from the terrible effects of the sun". Now most of the Europeans and Brits, have hardly any Vitamin D. It's got so bad, that kids are getting Rickets again. Low Vitamin D = Low immunity. Great for scamdemics like Covid. X-Rays cause cancer as does radiation, so we X-Ray people, willy-nilly, we bombard nations with depleted uranium. We build nuclear power plant disasters. And we treat cancer with the very thing that causes it in the first place. And you wonder why we are sick and why everything 'feels' just plain WRONG We have truly fucked up this planet.
  4. You mean apart from collecting your DNA for the database?
  5. I'm sorry if I misjudged you. I'm just sick to death of these moronic assholes, who are strutting around bragging about how good the "vaccine" is or the shills who try in roundabout ways to influence people to "take The Jab" - it's only a jab, just a little pin prick. Nothing to be scared of. I got another email yesterday from an ex-colleague. He hasn't bothered to contact me for years, but like the self-righteous prick he has become, out of the blue he sends me an email, asking me if I've had the opportunity to "get vaccinated" yet, because he's had his and he feels great now after suffering for months with his kidneys and hemorrhoids, which was due to "Long Covid" - whatever that might be, according to his "doctor". He told me that I should contact the authorities if I haven't had it yet and point out that I'm 80 and thus very vulnerable. I'm afraid I was EXTREMELY rude to him. He can be happy I don't live in the UK any longer or I might have gone around to him and wrung his stupid neck. I never want to see or hear from him again. He's now the fourth self-righteous dick head to sing the praises of "The Jab", trying to get me to follow the same idiotic path. I don't believe in infections or contagions from others. I don't believe in virii. I don't care about "viral shedding" or any such bollocks, but I want NOTHING and I really mean NOTHING to do with ANYONE, friends, relatives or whomsoever, that has been crazy enough to fall for this OBVIOUS hoax, let alone, willingly become a human guinea pig. If any of them ever come to my home, I will THROW them out and I mean THROW. with great wrath and furious anger. I don't suffer fools gladly, and these have gone a long way past the end of the fools yardstick!
  6. I think your point about fear of death is VERY important. It's time people realised that people DIE. Mothers, fathers, friends. We are all going to die. I think once you accept that, your life changes. I don't understand the attitude of the so-called religious. They believe in heaven or paradise. If you believe in that, then surely death is something to rejoice, your mother, father, gran, whatever has "gone to the arms of Jesus" or some other equally banal mush. So why are you sobbing and crying and wearing black. You should be celebrating. They've got out of this misbegotten existence that we are now forced into, and gone to a better place. If you don't believe in the mush, you just cease to exist. Again, you have no more pain, no more suffering and you are no longer a slave, trying to stay alive to be controlled by assholes in blue!
  7. I make my own music. Good DAW - Studio One. Lots of Kontakt instruments and I play the melody parts on my guitar. I've done over 700 songs, from the 60's , 70's and through to Operatic Arias. I play and make music only for my own pleasure and that of my wife and daughter. Today's little snowflakes are into Gangsta Rap and Hip Hop. Just plain NOISE. My music keeps my fingers and brain alive. I still write bits of Software as well. No dementia on this end if I can help it. I also prefer Cognac, but Alan was a whiskey lover, both have same effect. I have to confess, I like a bit of Southern Comfort from time to time. We make all out own beer and wine.
  8. Possibly the shit in the chemtrails? There are many cases of the USA deliberately poisoning people. I don't trust chemtrails at all. Some mornings I wake up and feel like I never went to bed at all. If it's a clear(?) day, the whole sky is a mass of chemtrails. It's very rare to see a blue sky. Only during that time when the lockdown really got underway and there were no 'planes in the air. Personally, I think many strange things can be linked to chemtrails as well as many "illnesses"
  9. I was watching Boris the Clown on RT this evening. I think I've got the plot - very cunning. Boris will allow freedom (stressing the need for care etc.,). The EU will use the UK as a shining example of how to get our freedom through vaccination. Juast look at the UK, life is back to normal all because of the vaccine. What they don't say, is that the tests have been turned down ro 25 cycles instead of 45 cycles, ergo, far less positives. Now the EU can frantically "Jab" as many people as they can, before 'flu season 2021. Then Boris will lock EVERYTHING back down because of a new variant which is infecting and killing people who have been vaccinated. This will be Covid-21 and we'll be back to house arrest for the whole of 2022. And those who survive will have to take a NEW vaccine, which will make sure that they die the following 'flu season as well. Isn't the future looking bright?
  10. I agree. I should never have taken them. They had no effect, but I rarely get sick. (The last time I was this bad, was when they had the Grand Opening of Sun City - Myself and 300 other people got "Sun City Virus", which was actually typhoid, but they couldn't say so for political reasons). I had a good doctor back then. He gave me garlic and Glenfiddich Whiskey and put me on a glucose-saline drip for 4 days before I was better. He treated me in his home, because he didn't trust the nurses at the hospital. Apparently, years before, he had several patients in ICU die, because one of the staff unplugged their life support to vacuum the floor at night! He was a District Surgeon and a personal friend. The best doctor that I ever had apart from Dr Chen in Belize (acupuncture, Aromatherapy and Chiropractic). Knowing that I wouldn't get any help from the drug dealers. I took the Imodium in sheer desperation. The side effects could be a lot worse. I did read the leaflet. I still find it hard to believe that it was a bacteriological infection.
  11. Ten out of ten. I read a story once. in which the author postulated three kinds of people. Leaders - they banished years ago. Putin is the only one left. Followers - the brainless wankers that are walking around in their face diapers The jealous - They don't want to be followers, but they don't have the brain to be leaders, so they behave just like those in the supermarket who scream at you for not weaering a muzzle. I firmly believe that the Police fall into this category as well.
  12. Fortunately, my wife and daughter are just a skeptical as I am. Maybe we were born on the wrong planet, but we are all totally anti-social. I'm not sure which one of us hates people the most. If I never speak to anyone ever again, that's fine by me. When I talk to people, I feel I would be better off talking to my dog or the refrigerator, both have more brains than the average "man in the street" (sorry, must be 'woke' I meant non-binary object in the street). Morons Inc
  13. If you actually BELIEVE that the 2020 'flu season was / is a "deadly pandemic", then my previous advice holds and you should talk to me about bargains in bridges and castles, because it's obvious you believe ANYTHING. I am so sick and tired of reading crap from people who believe the utter garbage that they are being fed. I just want to explode with rage! It isn't the government, it's the fucking morons walking around in their face diapers and demanding even tougher lockdowns, abusing people who have a brain and trying in roundabout ways to encourage people to get "The Jab"., who are the menace to our freedom. I get the impression that the whole idea of this question is to eventually lead up to a point where they say "It's best to get the vaccine so we can avoid things like "viral shedding" (whatever the fuck that is)". If that's your game, you are wasting your time and more importantly mine.
  14. I am a person who trained military and police in martial arts. I have NO problem, even at my age of taking anyone down and sending them to the hospital. That's why I have never ventured out of my garden for over a year. I make music, I watch TV and I am at peace with my family. I HATE interacting with people since I retired. For most of my life I had to put up with morons, cretins, retards, idiots and lunatics and be polite to them. I see no reason why I should do the same now that I'm retired. My neighbor is very much the same as me, but neither of us are very social animals. Most people I know, haven't got two grey cells to rub together. I've been like this since I was a child. The less I have to communicate with clowns the better. Here online, you can just skip the people you know are talking crap. In the flesh. I just insult them since I retired.
  15. Another shill. Look. you need to stay at home, wear two masks, 24 x 7. Demand vaccination every month. No alcohol, no sex, only go outside of your door if it's 100% necessary. Make sure everyone in your family does the same, Sit at your window all day with your phone and report anyone who seems to be having anything resembling a life. Now if you stick to these simple rules, you won't need to be concerned about viral shedding, or Covid-19 or the forthcoming Covid-21. People will not be allowed to have any freedom for long. Just long enough for the EU to show off the UK as a shining beacon of freedom after vaccination. Once the UK and Boris have been praised and revered. The lockdown coming again soon will be MUCH more draconian. Hands, Face, Space, Stay Home, Save Lives and Protect the NHS. If you really believe the Covid hoax, I have a bridge and a castle for sale.
  16. In the post this morning, I received a snail mail (literally), inviting me to go get my death shot ON SATURDAY 27 March 2021. Typical efficiency of the EU an Belgium, so if I had been a "believer", and my mail hadn't been working, the letter would have come too late. There was a full colour, glossy brochure inside, explaining how safe the vaccine is and why I should leap at the opportunity to get "The Jab". They are giving your kill shot away for free and the nice, full colour brochure must have cost as much as the fucking "vaccine". It's amazing the length these twats will go to, to get rid of you! Now, I'm waiting for a letter from my Medical Aid, demanding I get "The Jab".
  17. You fail to understand the reality of the situation. 1. Kids get vaccination almost as soon as they pop out, which causes all manner of illness.. 2. They are told by their mothers that sex is dirty. Men are beasts. 3. At school they are brainwashed daily to believe whatever bullshit the current narrative is. 4. They grow up in a world where men are made out to be animals. Women are sacred and untouchable. 5. They watch TV spewing out advertisements for shit food. lies, skin cancer, global warming, and wokeness 6. Going to university will put them into debt for the rest of their lives. 7. Most of the courses offered in universities are now USELESS, science is gone, so is math. 8. Religion is dead. Family doesn't matter. 9. They believe they live in a 'democracy', when in fact democracy died years ago. 10. They believe in justice and the rule of law and that died years ago as well. 11. They get onto their computers and the fucking social media and that controls what they say, think and do. 12 They gave up their will, their survival instinct and the need to think for themselves. 13. They totally rely on the government and its paid lackeys to make all decisions for them. How do you ever save people like this?
  18. Simple answer - NO. This is what the masses want.
  19. The saddest part of this affair is that these brain dead morons DO believe that a diaper over their faces DOES protect them. That's the really sad part. Nothing will alter that belief, despite literature, videos and any real proof that you can come up with. Why all the 'doctors' on the TV, know better. THEY are doctors, they would never lie to them. The ones that say anything different are nuts, conspiracy theorists, they should be wearing tinfoil hats. Where is that asteroid?
  20. I have qualifications in Novell, Microsoft, Mac OSX. Linux and VMWare. I started in computers in the Mid 1970's when I dumped veterinary work. So for anyone prepared to take notice, let me offer some advice. Do you suffer from Spam? For some reason (and I have ZERO idea why, people have been taught to use junk mail filters, blacklists, greylists , whitelists, spam assassin and all manner of ways to stop spam, BUT NONE OF THEM WORK. Spammers hijack IP Addresses. Every computer on earth has a unique IP Address, ISP's are allocated a block or blocks of IP Addresses known as subnets and these can be further sub-netted. Once a spammer has a hacked IP Address he can then forge as many sender names to it as he can possibly imagine, so ONE IP Address can send out 100,000 spam emails using a different forged name every time. All that your blacklist, greylists, whitelist, spam and junk mail filters do is to block a sender NAME. This is USELESS because 10 minutes later another mail comes from the same IP address with a different sender name. I you want to stop spam, the ONLY way is to block the IP Address that is being used. Now a lot of "experts" will tell you that these hijacked IP Addresses are just temporary and after a few days, the spammer will be blocked. He'll get put onto a Blacklist and you won't get any more spam from that address. It's just not true, because almost NO ISP ever puts Blacklist filters on their mail servers. and after studying spam for the past 5 years, once an IP address gets onto a Blacklist, they rarely, if ever come off it. BECAUSE NO ONE CARES. The ONLY way to stop spam is to block IP Addresses, but Outlook and every mail client affords no way to block an IP Address, only the forged name. There's a reason for this - MONEY. I know in Europe that one sets up an account and there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth you get allocated every month. Once you exceed the limit, your computer internet connection slows to a crawl and to get the speed back before the end of the month you need to PAY. Follow the money. There is a simple way (usually costs NOTHING or very little), to block IP Addresses and / or subnets. If any folks out there want to know how to do this, just say so and I'll give you all the details.
  21. And who exactly is going to expose them? The twenty odd million people who couldn't wait to roll up their sleeves to become human guinea pigs? Guess what. WE ARE FUCKED and it isn't the fault of the government. It's the assholes who are so fucking dumb they believe them!
  22. I suspect at this stage, they are pretending that they are doing you a favour (we are all mugs inc as far as they are concerned. Stage II will be shaming - If you don't take "The Jab" you are being selfish and endangering others. Stage III will be 'rewards' - some very small gesture of freedom - spun as a big thing Stage IV. You either accept "The Jab" or else!
  23. Only if they actually survive next winter's 'flu!
  24. And, even if you take the TOTAL mortality, namely death from ALL causes, for the past 20 years and apply a bit of statistical levelling to account for the increase in Population each year, you will find that in 2020, deaths from influenza, strokes, heart attacks, renal failure, cancer etc., etc., almost vanished, but strangely enough, the deaths from Covid-19 was around the same total as deaths from ALL causes in prior years. Now strain the grey cells. NO ONE, in the media or government has EVER come up with a total number of deaths in each country every winter, because it isn't relevant. People are born, and people die. It isn't a new phenomena, but REPORTING deaths IS a new phenomenon. What a brilliant way to scare the shit out of people. Death isn't allowed to these fucking morons walking around in their face diapers. Now since medicine began, a CASE has always been a person showing the symptoms of a malady. This changed in 2020 and now a CASE can be a perfectly healthy person with ZERO symptoms of any illness, just because a deeply flawed test is being used to pronounce a person asymptomatic for a disease which has never been isolated or even scientifically PROVED to exist at all. Need I go on?
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