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  1. This is a Polar Vortex, NOT Spring weather. I lived in the UK from birth until I was 26, from 1992 to 1996 and over here apart from 3 years in Central America. THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL 'UNPREDICTABLE' WEATHER. More likely Geo-engineered and the big military exercises are preparing for WW 3 with USA, UK and NATO vs Russia, China, North Korea, Iran at least. America's last hope is WW3
  2. Shove it up your arse, springs to mind!
  3. It started snowing last night just before I went to bed. I heard heavy aircraft, flying very high, not commercial for sure. I woke up at 03:30 to visit the bathroom and the 'planes were still flying they seemed to me making circuits. I lay awake listening to them for about an hour before I fell asleep. When I got up, it was close to blizzard conditions outside. temperature 0 degrees. It's now 09:30 still snowing, quite heavily. Isn't this just a coincidence to make sure that people are getting colds and 'flu. kill the crops, kill insects, birds and wildlife. I missed the news on TV this morning. We have a weatherman(?). He has one of these really ugly, very disturbing faces. His message is always the same. If it's way too cold, he mutters about "Climate Change". If its warm for a few consecutive days, it's "Global Warming" and the hottest <put month here> since records began. He'll either ignore the snow, or say "its quite normal for this time of year." When we have weeks of incessant rain, he always tell us that there's "widespread clearing". but it never happens. I wonder how long this weather is planned for. I believe it's right across Europe. Not sure if the UK are getting it. I think probably not. It might not suit Boris to have another 'flu outbreak just yet. One thing is for sure, folks over here won't be getting any Vitamin D from the sun and they won't be cavorting in the parks. The more people get sick, the higher the demand for "The Jab" and the more money for the pharma and their shareholders. It will also make sure that food prices rocket, and more and more people will be starving because they have no work. Over here you pay FULL taxes on your unemployment benefits. These bastards are laughing at us.
  4. Remember the Russian vaccines are NOT mRNA, Putin is no fool, they came up with a normal 'flu vaccine, probably developed from SARS in 2003. He isn't injecting his people with something that may well sterilize or kill them. He knows that the USA, the UK and the EU will never take a Russian vaccine, so he can offer it to any of the other countries and make money for his country. Leaders of non-USA, UK, EU countries believe what the WHO and the CDC tell them to believe. They aren't scientists, so they go along, BUT many of them are going with the Russian vaccine. In a similar way, China would never offer their people a vaccine that may sterilize or kill them. The are also selling it to other countries without fear of the ISA, UK or EU ever accepting it. Now Bill Gates owns the CDC, the FDA, the NIH and the WHO, not to mention most of the media. Bill Gates isn't interested in Climate change or vaccines or the health of people. He is interested in one thing MONEY. His father, Boris' father, Bill Gates are into depopulation. It's a Jew thing. Soros hates the USA, the UK and anything in the EU that he can't control. He wants to populate the world with mongrels, so that the only White people left are fellow Jews. Look at the Government in the USA and the UK and most of the EU, the majority are Jews. So I believe there IS a conspiracy to depopulate the planet, but thanks to Russia and China, it's backfired to some extent. The morons in the USA. UK and EU are sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. but China and Russia are not going down that path. That leaves only one option, - war with Russia and China. The EU (NATO) and the UK can't wait to send off the young people to the battlefield. It will start with conventional warfare and the some asshole in either the USA or NATD will go nuclear. This is why America and the UK plus NATO are supporting the Ukraine and Taiwan. It's shades of WWII all over. When the dust settles, there will be no more America, no more UK and very little of Europe left. Gates and the Cabal, will all be in their rabbit holes miles underground and they believe that when they come out, they can turn any left into their slaves. It will depend on how much of Russia and China are left. Not only do I believe in a major depopulation conspiracy, I firmly believe that we stand on the brink of WW 3 and I'm 80 years old, but I believe it will happen in my lifetime.
  5. The entire game is about depopulation. All the major players are involved with Gates, Eugenics and Jews. On the plus side, it's going to kill off the morons who fall for it, but will there be enough of us left to put up REAL resistance and by that, I DO NOT mean 'peaceful protests'. It will be all out guerrilla warfare. All you can do is get fit, and get ready. It isn't far away.
  6. Apologies to Tom Lehrer 'We Will All Go Together When We Go'. Any additional verses, anyone? When you attend a funeral, It is sad to think that sooner or Later those you love will do the same for you. And you may have thought it tragic, Not to mention other adjec- Tives, to think of all the weeping they will do. But don't you worry. No more ashes, no more sackcloth. And an armband made of black cloth Will some day never more adorn a sleeve. For if the vaccine stuck in you Gets your friends and neighbors too, There'll be nobody left behind to grieve. And you will all go together when you go. What a comforting fact that is to know. Universal bereavement, An inspiring achievement, Yes, you all will go together when you go. You will all go together when you go. Suffused with a virtuous fucking glow. No one will have the endurance To collect on his insurance, Lloyd's of London will be loaded when you go. You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas. Go directly, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred. And you will all die together when you die. You'll be cancer-ridden corpses by and by. For you lot no more misery We will make a big rotisserie, And we'll laugh our arses off as you fry.
  7. The mind just boggles at the total lack of brain in these people and they call themselves TEACHERS? God help the young!
  8. Probably when the vast majority are dead
  9. I found "The Virus", "The Population Problem" and "Seventy-Two Virgins" as PF files. If there's anyone who can't find them and would like a copy, PM me.
  10. OMG You're catching up with how I have felt about people all my life from a child on, it's so rare to meet anyone with a working brain. It's about as rare as rocking horse shit. It isn't something new, it's been like that since as far back as I can remember. The truth isn't likely to come out until there are so few of us left, it won't matter anyhow. The truth will always be labelled as "conspiracy theory" by the mindless fucking masses.
  11. I don't know how this will affect the UK, but over here, we are bracing for a new Polar Vortex. Last week we had summery temperatures, but now, we are expecting snow and frost along with sub-zero temperatures. I understand that it's already snowing in Spain Now I think everyone here is aware that the weather is being GeoEngineered, by the USA and probably Russia and China as well. How convenient to have wild swings of temperature. which will give 'flu-like symptoms, more "cases" of Covid and stricter lockdowns (until the entire population has been "vaccinated"). This is also going to have a devastating effect on crops, fruit trees and cattle feed, not to mention the effect in bird, insect and wildlife. Food shortages, massive increases in cost of food and more poverty, disease and death as doctors and hospitals are only interested in "covid, covid and more covid". Interestingly enough, I believe a lot of the food sold in UK shops comes from Europe, whilst here in Europe we hardly see anything at all from the UK and it isn't just since Brexit. We've been here on and off for more than 20 years. It's always been like this. We used to pop over to the UK to visit friends and do shopping for things like cheese, turkey's, Christmas fare, bacon and the like, but that's over. It's never coming back for the unvaccinated. Be ready for price hikes and food shortages. After all, you have to send the best of everything to the Third World, whilst you eat the leftover shit, and when there is a food shortage, guess who will be at the top of the list for supplies. Three guesses? Well, it certainly won't be the British! What a wonderful fucking summer(?) to look forward to!
  12. This is REAL. A woman that I knew in South Africa, was an assistant at a veterinary clinic. Her boss went to an auction and bought a job lot of veterinary equipment. She was given the task of sorting through it and cataloging everything. One of the items was a metal cannister, she tried to get the lid off, but eventually, she took a hammer and chisel and forced the screw lid to turn. Inside was a small piece of brownish stuff. She picked it up, smelled it and tried to identify it but couldn't. She put it back in the container for disposal. Some time later she became very ill, her hair started falling out and she was collapsing. She was taken to hospital. After several weeks in intensive care, one of the doctors came to her and told her that they would discharge her the next day and that she should spend her last days with her family. The stuff in the cannister was highly radioactive, some compound of radium apparently. The told her that she had between one and three months at the most, before she would die and there was nothing that they could do to help her. She laughed at the doctor and told him that he was a bloody idiot and she had two sons to get to university and a husband to care for and she didn't have time to die. We met her two years later. Her hair had all grown back, she seemed normal. She warned us that from time to time she might collapse and fall down, but we should just leave her, it wouldn't last for long. A few days later (we were staying with them at the time), she was walking across the room and suddenly dropped. It was like a marionette that someone had severed all the strings. My girlfriend at the time ran to her, but after a minute or so, she got up and apologized for scaring us. She said that when she got out of hospital, it would happen multiple times every day, but now it was only once every week or so. The following year she moved with her husband to Rhodesia. One of her sons stayed with us for another year and when he left, his mom was still alive and well. Mind over matter? The power of positive thinking? A miracle? Does it really matter? Depends on your mindset.
  13. DILLIGAF! Stupid morons deserve to die. Cleans the gene pool.
  14. Well, if the gyms are open. It's the best possible idea. Over here in Europe everything is locked down tighter than a virgin's pussy. No gym and many of them are already filing for bankruptcy. I doubt gyms will ever reopen and I wouldn't mind betting that Boris shuts everything down again in a month or two.
  15. What we really need is a Great Reset, but not the one the elite are planning. We should bring out the guillotine, and the rope. Fuck the lethal injections. NO MORE MONEY for Pharma. Start with the government, one by one - ALL Parties. They all support this shit. Follow with every single Doctor / drug dealer / pharma salesman. The bastards KNOW what they are doing is harming people. They don't deserve to live. In fact the blade and the rope are too quick for them. they should SUFFER as they made us suffer. We can then add all the woke, snowflake, chinless, limp-wristed, knuckle-dragging, fucking morons that cheer on the government and demand more of the same. Finally we go after Gates, Soros, Tedros. Fauci and their chums and we would need to put our heads together to determine how they should be made to shuffle off their mortal coil and join Satan and his demons in the darkest pits of HELL. It must be slow and VERY painful. I volunteer my services for FREE to operate Madam Guillotine. We can display their fucking heads on spikes to decorate London, and burn their bodies at stakes to save money on street lights! Give them a bit of their own austerity
  16. And their GP is sending them to hospital, rather than home with some hot chicken soup, garlic, Vitamin D3, zinc and Vitamin C and telling them to drink plenty and sweat it out! In the USA doctors get a bonus for every patient they send to hospital and the hospital get a massive bonus for everyone the murder on a ventilator and by withholding the correct medication. Do you think the UK is any different? Do you think Europe is any different. These pharma salesmen and drug dealers KNOW that they are causing harm, but their bank accounts are growing!
  17. IMO, ASUS boards are by far the best and their support is brilliant. Just make sure it can take a max of at least 32GB (if it can't its very old technology). The joy of building your own is that you can start with 16GB and later (if you need to, you can just buy RAM and upgrade it, ditto adding Hard Drives. In music, things tend to grow, so being able to stuff 4 internal 2+ TB hard drives into it, is a plus. I've only ever had one ASUS board fail, years ago and it was almost 15 years old. Pity the memory was DDR1 and the new board wanted DDR3 ditto CPU. LGA775 died years ago, that's why I bought the board + CPU for 150. Took less than an hour to rip out the old board and drop in the new one, complete with CPU and fan., Plugs only fit ONE way. You can't really fuck up. If the board doesn't come with a manual. That are all on the web. ASUS publish compatibility charts for memory and CPU if you have to buy separately. ALWAYS check the compatibility charts before you buy RAM or CPU. This is the sort of case I would look for https://www.amazon.co.uk/CASE-ALANTIK-CASA52-POWER-SUPPLY/dp/B08QMX4QBV/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=computer+case+with+power+supply&qid=1617427828&sr=8-10
  18. So far, I have to say that Brussels and my drug dealer have given up trying to coerce me into getting "The Jab". Since I refused it and deleted the three further emails they sent the same day. I haven't heard a peep out of them. I do have a reputation for being rude, and my reputation as having been a martial arts instructor and military instructor, preceded me. I don't mince words, when I get phone calls from people I don't know or people who piss me off (99.9%). I scream "Go fuck yourself" and slam the phone down. Some twat in a truck drove over my gate fastener. He tried to drive off, so I took his keys and held him until the police arrived and he had to pay for the damage. I could see he wanted to take a swing, but I'm not exactly small, and I used to push weights, so I do have a lot of muscle, so he didn't fancy his chances. I've had the religious nuts at the gate (I have a bell and a very large attack trained GSD and I just tell them to fuck off and get a job and stop wasting my time. They never come back. I see no reason to pander to idiots that I don't want to know, theres far too much PC around. There's no law that says I have to be nice to people I can't stand the sight of.
  19. I think that they have heard about the pending Court cases, and they need a back door, just in case. There have been too many cases where the backdoor wasn't prepared (2016 USA election as an example and the EU referendum when France and Holland said NO). The UK Government DARE not allow a Court case to succeed. If it did, the entire world control structure would go up in flames. IF, and it's a fucking HUGE IF, a Court did rule in favour of the Plaintiffs, the Government would Appeal and the Judge who ruled in favour would have a sudden heart attack or stroke (shades of John Vorster SA President and PW Botha that they tried and failed). The Appeals Court would "get the message" and overturn the verdict. Soros, Gates, Clinton and all these "Foundations" that are controlling world governments will NEVER allow such a Case to win. So, just in case things went horribly wrong, they now have a backout plan. "We believed the scientists and we followed them. We believed the doctors, but we have realized that the lockdowns weren't working so we have gone against the scientists in the USA and the EU. It woz them wot did it, honest yo Warship" The UK has done it's job. They claim to have given the kill shot to 30,000,000 people. They have helped the USA and the EU to cripple the world, ruin people's lives, throw millions out of work, cause Alzheimer's and Dementia in an entire generation and dumb down children even further and ensure that they OBEY. Even more important they have enriched themselves, Gate, Soros and the whole clique to the tune of BILLIONS in vaccination profit and the profit they anticipate from cancers and other diseases and probably sterilizing an entire generation. They've done their job. Boris, Matt and their ilk can retire to South America or the Caribbean AND THEY WLL GET AWAY WITH IT!
  20. Total tosh, my friend. 16GB is MINIMUM. HP used to be OK, but I have no respect for HP. I do a bit of work locally, fixing odds and sods (before the scamdemic) and every HP Laptop I came across was CRAP. I'm not sure what's best now. NOT Fujitsu. I had one of those, lasted until just after the warranty expired. My wife has a Toshiba she's had it a long time and it's never gone wrong. My daughter has had 2 x ACER, the current one she bought in 2014 it has 16GB RAM. She says it's fine. I wouldn't use a Laptop for music personally. I have a 22" monitor on my desk, and even with specs, with a couple of dozen tracks in S1, I struggle. How good is your eyesight? I build all my own PCs. That way they are easy to fix if they fall over! Building a PC isn't difficult. and you can shop around for parts. Keyboards and Monitors you can get from Amazon or eBay. I bought a used ASUS Prime B250 Pro motherboard with an i5 CPU for 150 Euros. 16GB RAM set me back 140 Euros. 2TB hard drives are dirt cheap a bit over 100 Euros. All you need then is a decent case that can take 4 hard drives and a DVD ROM You should be able to build a GOOD PC for under 500 Euros. Remember CPU, MEMORY and Motherboards are not moving parts. they don't wear out. Never buy a used hard drive or DVD ROM. Things with moving parts, you buy NEW. There are bargains on Amazon and eBay, if you look around.
  21. I hate to disagree with you. but I must. I have a few friends in SA, a few in the UK, a couple in Central America and one in Malaysia. I told them a LONG time ago, when they were still harping on about mRNA, that I would never get vaccinated with anything or for anything, because I've never had one and never will. At first they were skeptical, and then a week or two later I got an email with a link to a URL decrying the proposed 'vaccine'. ALL of them looked on the web did some research and then started mailing their friends INCLUDING ME, warning them not to consider the vaccine. I don't believe there is ANY excuse for idiocy. Anyone who blindly accepts what they are told about ANYTHING which may affect their lives, deserves all they get. I see all the crap about Bitcoin. I did my research, make a very small test and came to the conclusion that it just isn't worth it. just ONE EMP will make you penniless, AND there is a lot of scamming involved as well. I only believe something if I can gather evidence about it, enough for me to make an informed decision. I have NEVER allowed anyone to "talk me out of" or "talk me into", something that I have already decided and I do mean NO ONE. People who allow themselves to be led, coerced, threatened to do something they know is WRONG are spineless, useless, morons. I feel NOTHING for them and when the shit hits the fan and the side effects start to show. I will LAUGH at them. Survival of the fittest. These kind of people don't deserve to survive or breed more like them.
  22. I wouldn't know how. I'll leave that option to the Moderators.
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