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  1. Well now, It's Monday 12 April. It's 13:30. Outside there is a nice thunderstorm. Lots of lightening and thunder and IT'S SNOWING LIKE HELL! Of course this is perfectly normal for this time of year!!! In all my (almost) 80 years. I have never seen anything like this.
  2. The dumb masses will eagerly re-elect them for the wonderful work they have done protecting us from the deadly pandemic.
  3. They don't have to be anything. If someone drops dead whilst playing soccer, the doctor can certify him as a Covid death. If he falls downstairs, it's a Covid death. You don't need a test and you don't need symptoms. Doctors are getting a fee for putting Covid on everything. There are hardly any doctors left, they are just DRUG DEALERS for big pharma and if they want to keep their doctor's license they must toe the Government line which is the Pharma line
  4. It wouldn't matter if God himself came down and told everyone that the whole scamdemic is complete and utter bullshit. The fucking stupid Karen cunts, and these chinless, knuckle dragging assholes that dare to call themselves men, would scream at him and demand that he wear a fucking mask and that he is just another conspiracy nut. They LOVE this shit. They are getting what they demand. The Government is making laws to tell them how to live. They want MORE laws, more tougher controls, more fines and jail time for non-believers. Just fucking MORONS, disguised as humans.
  5. Peanut butter will also keep you alive. You should learn how to make BILTONG (dried meat). You can also get a drier and you can dry all manner of things for storage. Without fluids you will die. With a minimum of food (CALORIES) you can stay alive for months Pasta, Peanut butter and vitamin pills (Swansons - not the under-dosed shite you buy from the store). Peanut butter has massive calories, as well as fat and protein.
  6. I keep away from such people. I do NOT come from a 'nice' family. My GREAT grandfather died when I was 22, my father died before my mother gave birth to so My great grandfather took her in and he was like a father to me. He did NOT suffer fools gladly. I'm not sure which one of us was the more rude and outspoken.. I just HATE 99% of people - the bunch that are nor supporting this bullshit are beneath my contempt and I have NO problem telling them so in graphic terms. During my life, I've often wondered if I was born on the right planet. Covid-19 has reassured me that I am DEFINITELY on the wrong planet. Once again, the divide and conquer comes from THE SHEEP MORONS, the government don't have to do a thing. The masses WANT MORE of the same.
  7. What brains? They gave those up years ago. Now they have to be told what to do and when to do it. "The Government should make laws . . ."
  8. Elections? They are ALL 'fixed'. The results have been already agreed upon. If a different political party gets elected, it has already been pre arranged and nothing will change. Nothing REAL anyhow, alter tax a bit, make some minor changes and lots of unfulfilled promises. Very occasionally it all goes horribly wrong (Brexit),, the EU referendums in Holland and France. The 2016 election in the USA. That's what all these so-called Polls are about. They pre-plan for a problem but every now and then the vote is so overwhelmingly in the direction they hadn't planned for, that there just isn't enough fraudulent votes or bribed vote counters and then they are sort of fucked. My grandfather had the right idea, he would tell everyone he was a Labour voter. The fucking idiots would send a car to take him to the Polls and buy him a beer afterwards and he voted Conservative! Look at America's last elections. they REALLY had provisions for that one. Finally as a last resort, they rely on the half-witted imbeciles to follow the script. It happened here. The Vlaams Belang took a large percentage of the vote, but the king ruled long ago that the Vlaams Belang were like The Untouchables and made al the other Parties refuse to work with them. The NVA were second, but they refused to form any union with the Vlaams Belang, so instead of the vote being by the people, for the people, we have a bunch of minority splinter groups who are fucking up the country. Take Macron, he is hated by most of the French, but he will be re-elected, even if 99% of the country votes for Marine Le Pen. Rutte will be re-elected in Holland, and Merkel's Party will be re-elected in Germany and one of her protégés will take her place and fuck all will change. NOTHING EVER CHANGES. Haven't you realized that yet? Elections are just a show, to make the fools feel that they actually have a say in who their dictator will be to lord it over us slaves, because that is EXACTLY what we are - fucking slaves. You work your fucking arse off to make money to give to fat arseholes like Boris. Your Pension has already been stolen or spent, so kill off the elderly and make sure that all those who aren't elderly and ready for pensions, die off BEFORE they get to pension age.
  9. I have said this so many times now that I'm sick of saying it. WHITE PEOPLE ARE INCAPABLE OF WORKING TOGETHER. Here's an example https://www.politico.eu/europe-poll-of-polls/netherlands/ Go down the page, under the graph and then you see six blocks in colors of the political parties. Click on 'Show more' just underneath SEVENTEEN political Parties, each one will have multiple members who will go on to form their own breakaway parties. It is NOT the government who are dividing and ruling IT'S THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES. Everyone thinks they know better and wants to be a leader when the truth is that I wouldn't trust a single one of them to lead a piss up in a fucking brewery. And NO, I never wanted to be a leader. I would be happy to follow a REAL leader and alas the ONLY one out there at present is Putin! Rutte will be elected as long as he hangs on to more draconian measures to treat the "deadly virus". It's what the people want. Close the schools, lockdown the entire country, get thugs to FORCE vaccinations. Only allow people with a Vaccination Passport to leave their home. IT'S WHAT THEY WANT. Governments aren't imposing lockdowns, governments aren't dividing and ruling IT'S THE GREAT UNWASHED THAT ARE IN CONTROL and the governments are laughing at them. What a bunch of fucking MOPRONS
  10. Do you think ANY of these Dictators will take any notice as long as the morons in the public are demanding more of the same>
  11. They should take Ms Greta to one of the Asylum Centres for housing Muslim, young, male immigrants. Perhaps after she had given all the men housed there some pleasure in their sad lives, she may find better things to do than being a mouthpiece for the elite. I think she is sadly lacking what the male Muslim community could provide her with.
  12. Morons believe that THEY are right and everyone else is not only wrong, but must be forced to think the same as them. Most of the people out there are fucking MORONS
  13. If you look at Joe Biden, you can se the effects of prolonged mask wearing. Anyone in the early stages of Alzheimer's or Dementia who wears a mask to cause hypoxia is killing brain cells. The poor sods in care homes who already have dementia are being made worse. The morons who think that a diaper over their mouth and nose will protect them (or anyone else) from the "deadly" virus (that you have a 99.6% chance of recovering from), is killing brain cells every day. In a few years, there will be a massive spike in dementia cases. It will be attributed to "Long Covid" or some other such crap, when in actual fact it's the masks. I look at people over here. Under the mask, their faces are red and swollen, some have a rash, others sores, but they still wear the fucking things. In Flanders, people are like fucking robots. I think if Brussels told them to cut off their balls to prevent Covid-19, they would just do it without question. It isn't the same in Wallonia (French part of Belgium) they are demonstrating and rioting, but not Flanders. I think somehow they have all been mentally castrated, they don't seem to have a ball between them. NO ONE here, ventures out without a mask, they are all obedient sheep. Go to Wallonia and hundreds are disobeying. I find it strange and disturbing.
  14. They will make it less and less. It's already happened over here. It will soon be almost impossible to get any decent sum from an ATM
  15. https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/former-pfizer-vps-warning-your-government-is-lying-to-you
  16. I like the idea that I read in a book. I wish I could remember the title. The author postulated three kinds of people : Leaders, who had the strength of character, the intelligence and the eloquence of voice that made people want to listen to him and adapt his ideas. They were capable of lateral thinking. Many of these were potential leaders themselves, but they all joined forces with him. Followers, who instinctively knew that the leaders were more capable than they and who had no desire to try to lead, they were happy to follow. Others, These were people who had little social skills, not particularly bright, incapable of lateral thought and no power of speaking to the masses. Their problem was that although they knew deep down that they were incapable of leadership, they were reluctant to be followers, so they did everything possible to usurp the leaders in any way and try to foment trouble with the followers. It does sound about right when you look around
  17. Most music(?) today is utter crap. Ball games just distract the peasants from what their governments are getting up to. Watch Arsenal vs Liverpool, don't worry about Boris starting WW3.
  18. This planet will have no life by 3036. I doubt if it will last until 2036 the way the morons are behaving world wide and especially in the USA and the UK who are hungry for a major world war.
  19. Plastics are full of phthalates that cause estrogen production in males. Result, erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, impotence and sterility. They can put more phthalates into plastic trays covered with plastic wrapping. It's by DESIGN not by accident!. The plastic bags have less phthalates than the plastic trays.
  20. Even considering in some states Boris Johnson is about as popular as a boil on an elephant's backside But he will be re-elected by the morons for his 'expert' handling of the deadly(?) Covid crisis. What a fucking JOKE!
  21. Of course it's Global Warming, er, er, I mean Climate Change, er, um, I mean, it's not unusual for this time of year, er yes, it, it hmm, Remember Hands, Face, Space.
  22. You should try to find all the articles and books that Stanley Johnson (Boris' dad) wrote about eugenics and population reduction. THEN tell me Boris doesn't know what is going on.
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