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  1. I haven't seen the following link and information on this site, if I missed it and it has already been posted, please delete. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/monopoly-an-overview-of-the-great-reset-follow-the-money/
  2. EVERYTHING is poisoned. Roundup is in just about everything now. Plastics are full of phthalates, the water table is full of estrogen from "The Pill". Just about everything has a level of radiation from unreported nuclear power station glitches, along with Chernobyl and Fukashima. Then, to add insult to injury, the dumb Yank assholes are throwing depleted uranium around, like its going off the market. They get rid of their nuclear waste by poisoning the rest of the planet. Fish are full of mercury. Then we have our "loving" govts, who put fluoride in the water, and toothpaste, it's rumored that in Europe they put oxytocin into the tap water, in an attempt to stop people hating the invaders and their raping spree. No one knows what else is put into our water and the bottled water is even worse, because it's full of phthalates from the plastic container as well. Then we have all the shit that the aero-planes are deliberately spraying into the clouds (chemtrails). for weather manipulation, which is also poisoning the people and the food we eat. Accidental?
  3. You can thank the assholes who dreamed up "Sell By Date" and "Best Before" for all the waste. I was working in London and staying at a B&B. I used to catch the bus every morning. Walking to the bus stop, i saw wheelie bins full of never opened packets, Chickens, bacon, cheese, unopened cans, all thrown out because it's a few hours past it's "sell by date" Over here, the supermarkets throw away TONS of perfectly good food. but it's put into locked containers so that people like us, who laugh at "sell by date" and "best before" bollocks, can't get at it. I remember in South Africa, there was a glut of butter, so the fucking government dumped it into the sea, rather than give it away to the peasants. In the UK, I remember thousands of gallons on milk being dumped, but they wouldn't give a single pint of it away to the poor bastards who were starving. The governments and corporations, world-wide are completely corrupt and totally out of control.
  4. NO. The evil bastard in the USA, researching EVERYTHING they can dream up to be used as a weapon, have been trying to modify the weather to use it as a weapon. They've been spraying shit into the atmosphere, shooting atomic missiles at the sun, trying to create earthquakes and using HAARP, to change weather patterns. Add to that the tons of depleted uranium they've been spreading everywhere, causing cancer and deformities. As I said before, because the fucking Yanks are doing it, so are the Russians, the Chinese and who knows who else. The ONLY thing America is interested in selling is weapons and DEATH. The USA are the prime reason that everything is turning to shit.
  5. I'll be ready to quote this back at you in a few months when they make "Jabs" MANDATORY. The only right you can never lose is the right to DIE. You lost all other rights years ago but you still have the illusion of rights, like you have the illusion of free, fair and democratic elections, or freedom of choice of your doctor (unless you can afford to go private).
  6. CORRECTION : You HAD the right to decline whatever drugs are DEMANDED. Thanks to the morons out there, you lost ALL of your rights. It's not the Govt that needs to DEMAND, it's the moronic masses. Worse, I see people even on this forum who 'forgive' them and want to keep them as friends. Some fucking friend!
  7. It isn't the govt, it's the moronic fucking people who don't have two brain cells to rub together!
  8. It's all very well for people to come forward and tell the truth, the problem is that it doesn't matter. They risk losing their jobs and being ridiculed, but for what? For every ONE that stands up to be counted, ONE THOUSAND will scream at him/her and call them conspiracy nut jobs. There are none so blind as they who refuse to see and none so deaf as they who refuse to hear. Out there in the streets there are millions of FUCKING IDIOTS, why should anyone lose their job and dignity to try to help them. THEY ARE WAY PAST HELP!
  9. There's a reason that they want to get everyone "Jabbed" before September. September is the time the new 'flu season starts and when the "Jabbed ones" start dropping like flies, it will be due to a new quadruple mutation which the "Jabs" didn't cover. Scientists(?) aka big Pharma will be frantically working on a new "Jab". People will start to realize that they have been sterilized, but it won't matter any longer. EVERYTHING will be locked down even tighter "to save lives". The survivors (not "Jabbed") will be accused of being super spreaders despite having no symptoms and "Jabs" will be made mandatory. Pure evil is at work here. All it took was Billy Boy to start the ball a-rollin' and the fucking morons out there will have done the rest. Lemmings, that's what they are
  10. Why do you think they have been fearmongering about Sunshine causing skin cancer now, for YEARS? (a) They know lack of Vitamin D does the following : Fatigue or tiredness. Bone pain. Joint pain. Muscle pain. Sour mood. Low energy. More frequent illness. Anxiety. Reduced Immunity (b) It's a win, win for pharma, you get sick easily - PILLS, you get pain OPIODS and they can push cancer-causing shit to smear all over your body to "protect you" It's precisely the same with low FREE testosterone (dont be bamboozled with Total Testosterone Reduced sex drive. Reduced erectile function. Loss of body hair. Less beard growth. Loss of lean muscle mass. Feeling very tired all the time (fatigue) Obesity (being overweight) Symptoms of depression. Fucking DRUG DEALERS, they know fuck all about curing illness, only pushing pills. Keep the sheep sick and make MONEY!
  11. Wait for it . . . It might be weeks, but most likely days, before the UK goes into FULL lockdown again. This time until 2022 or until they make more 'Jabs' to make even more money (and kill anyone resistant to 'Jab-1'). I seem to recall 2025 being touted before we reach Gates' goal of only 50,000,000 people left on earth..
  12. And you are surprised to learn that every government is totally corrupt?
  13. Now the cops can pull on their jackboots and go out to beat up, kick and gas children. They will be able to have a field day. God knows how many will be hospitalized. What will their brave, loving parents do? FUCK ALL! The police are only doing their job!
  14. In men, death or voluntary castration, in women, death or voluntary hysterectomy. That should do the trick. Probably better than Thalidomide-type babies. or chemically induced infertility.
  15. It's the same EVERYWHERE. They check your TOTAL Testosterone which is utterly MEANINGLESS, but they refuse to check FREE Testosterone, (which is the ONLY one that matters), They don't check Estradiol and the figures they use for TSH are too high. Many people are hypothyroid. You have to DEMAND (and pay for the results yourself). Then, they find your free Testosterone is almost zero, but they'll find an excuse to refuse to prescribe it OR they'll prescribe the wrong dose OR give you a cream that will improve your testosterone AND THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY AS WELL, including your children and especially your wife. So when your wife starts to grow a beard and her clitoris is as big as your dick. They can prescribe her fucking birth control pills. The entire medical industry is corrupt and 99% of doctors are complete frauds and drug dealers for Pharma
  16. Our 'friends' with the noses are very fond of burned offerings and ritual slaughter. How many children 'vanish' every year? How many go as 'toys' to Saudi Arabia? How many are sacrifices?
  17. I agree. My best guess is sterilization of many, if not all females who have eagerly rollup their sleeve for "The Jab". Men(?) well the current apology for men, have been chemically castrated for years. Most of them are so full of estrogen and have so little testosterone that they already have incredibly low sperm counts and erectile dysfunction. All that "The Jab" needs to do is tip them over the edge. That's a best case scenario. The worse case horror scenario is a repeat of Thalidomide (and by and large the fucking bastards got away with that as well). Of course no-one had any idea that "The Jab" would sterilize the recipients it was the only possible response to the "deadly virus", such a shame, but we didn't know. It's not anyone's fault (and in any case the makers of "The Jab" are indemnified against any damage claims) so fuck you asshole, you were warned that it was experimental and you agreed!
  18. Remember some while ago, some fucking clown calling himself a doctor or scientist proclaimed that eating PROTEIN was worse than SMOKING!
  19. Well now, It's Monday 12 April. It's 13:30. Outside there is a nice thunderstorm. Lots of lightening and thunder and IT'S SNOWING LIKE HELL! Of course this is perfectly normal for this time of year!!! In all my (almost) 80 years. I have never seen anything like this.
  20. The dumb masses will eagerly re-elect them for the wonderful work they have done protecting us from the deadly pandemic.
  21. They don't have to be anything. If someone drops dead whilst playing soccer, the doctor can certify him as a Covid death. If he falls downstairs, it's a Covid death. You don't need a test and you don't need symptoms. Doctors are getting a fee for putting Covid on everything. There are hardly any doctors left, they are just DRUG DEALERS for big pharma and if they want to keep their doctor's license they must toe the Government line which is the Pharma line
  22. It wouldn't matter if God himself came down and told everyone that the whole scamdemic is complete and utter bullshit. The fucking stupid Karen cunts, and these chinless, knuckle dragging assholes that dare to call themselves men, would scream at him and demand that he wear a fucking mask and that he is just another conspiracy nut. They LOVE this shit. They are getting what they demand. The Government is making laws to tell them how to live. They want MORE laws, more tougher controls, more fines and jail time for non-believers. Just fucking MORONS, disguised as humans.
  23. Peanut butter will also keep you alive. You should learn how to make BILTONG (dried meat). You can also get a drier and you can dry all manner of things for storage. Without fluids you will die. With a minimum of food (CALORIES) you can stay alive for months Pasta, Peanut butter and vitamin pills (Swansons - not the under-dosed shite you buy from the store). Peanut butter has massive calories, as well as fat and protein.
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