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  1. I was watching RT (via a VPN obviously) and Putin is cancelling all gas, oil, fertilizer and food products that countries refuse to pay for in roubles. We are super fucked now, all that is left is mass revolution. It's either that or freeze and starve to death. Without electricity, EVERYTHING will be cancelled. How long can the EU and UK last without enough fuel to keep the wheels turning? Fuck the people, we elite want to punish Russia (who are laughing themselves sick - divert everything to the BRICS, China, Iran etc). Watch the European masses suffer so their tin-pot DICTATORS can OBEY the might of the American DICTATOR!
  2. Do you REALLY think they'll let you?
  3. It's just smoke and mirrors to keep the 'peaceful protests' going. No violence, turn the other cheek. The police are only doing their job. The end result - NO CHANGE.
  4. We saw the Canadian truckers. They made yet another fucking 'peaceful protest' look at what happened to them. If it still hasn't sunk in that you are wasting your time, God help you. Imagine if the trucker had all been Africans from Ruanda, Nigeria, or the Zulus. What do you think would have happened when the thugs came to move them? What happened in Guadeloupe? Did they surrender peacefully to Macron's thugs? What happened to the Americans when they interfered in Africa? Peaceful protests? I'll say one thing for Black people. THEY HAVE BALLS.
  5. Just tried it. On the TV and on my iPad it's blocked, but works OK on Windows 10 on my PC. Democracy is revealed at it's finest and the masses are too fucking dumb to see it!
  6. Online. Haven't tried it on TV yet. Will let you know when I get time
  7. Of course something will happen. The cast of this 'drama' will have more figures in their bank accounts. They can probably all retire and laugh at the dumb cunts who paid to watch the show. That is assuming there isn't another deadly pathogen and yet another scamdemic by then.
  8. Oh dear, how naïve. Do you really believe this will ever happen? Why do you think they 'suddenly' discovered the bio-warfare labs in the Ukraine? Do you believe this war happened with no political reason? In the next weeks, there'll be a new 'pandemic' as the US releases another pathogen (I'm guessing smallpox but it could be anything). One thing guaranteed, BEFORE Fuellmich even gets to climb off the plane, there will be a new total lockdown. The Ukraine will blame Russia, Russia will blame the USA, the USA will call on the world to condemn Russia. More masks, social isolation, more deadly vaccines. Many more deaths. The Fuellmich show won't go on. They daren't allow it. I'm sure he already knows this. I REALLY hope I'm proved wrong, but so far I've been right.
  9. Never ceases to amaze me how fucking DUMB people are.
  10. How many times have we been told that it causes more damage to the body than normal 'flu and it's DEADLY? There's a simple answer. When I watched this I got sick to my stomach and boiling with fucking RAGE. These bastards must be STOPPED.
  11. You will notice that the continual Covid-19, Hands, Face, Space. Protect the NHS and all the covid bullshit along with the Partygate, brain-dead Biden. Hospitals overwhelmed, people dropping like flies. It's all GONE - Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Just a few reminders. 1. Who is paying for the mega-billions of weapons, being shipped to the Ukraine by the EU? The fucking Tooth Fairy? No, It's YOU and Your grandchildren and theirs as well. 2. Where is the gas, coal, oil coming from? Have you any idea what it's going to cost? 3. Russia produces a huge amount of grain. America has sold huge tracts of land to Bil Gates. Do you think that God will send grain down? So what is the reason reason for the war?
  12. There's a lot of information on the Grand-Jury. I watched ALL of it and I'm more than pissed off. EVERY person involved in the scam should be hanged. Starting with Gates and Fauci. The corruption is incredible.
  13. The US and Britain and Canada are FINISHED. Leaders(?) totally discredited. The only way out for them is WW3. They intend to go out with a BANG, rather than a whimper. It's like a jealous husband, If I can't have domination, then NO ONE can.
  14. I'm still undecided whether Putin is under control of the Privy Council Cabal, or whether he really DID get pissed off with America and has broken free. If he has, I hope he has a fucking good bodyguard. Watch the right hand. Watch the war, don't look at the left hand, planning a World Heath Dictatorship in May. Whether Putin is 'in on it' or not, people will freeze and starve to death. Cunts like Boris and Macron and the bunch off assholes we have here will be warm , cosy and well fed. It's just us plebs that they don't give a flying fuck about. Who's paying for all these weapons going to Ukraine? The answer is simple, You, your children and great-great-great-great-grandchildren (if there are any left). Time for more peaceful protests? Methinks they are too wrapped up in Ukraine to take much notice of what the plebs and goyim are doing.
  15. Well, I should be quivering in my boots, I'm 82 and I haven't even been near a fucking doctor(?). The minute they mentioned "Asymptomatic transmission" I started laughing and I haven't stopped. Someone read the story of Typhoid Mary. The chances are about the same as spinning a coin 10 times and it landing on the edge 9 times. Getting hit by an asteroid is more likely.
  16. Me too. Congratulations. Fuck 'em all
  17. How Bill Gates and the WHO plot to alter the Constitution of the WHO to enable it to override the Constitution of every country on earth so that they can FORCE people to obey. This entire scheme is being run by private companies and you will have NO rights. All they have to do is make another health issue of International concern and you will be FORCED to take whatever they want to give you. Watch from around 12 minutes for PROOF What are we going to do to stop this?
  18. It's all starting to fall apart. https://www.soulask.com/luc-montagnier-they-are-not-vaccines-they-are-poisons-speech-to-the-luxembourg-parliament/ They can hardly call this guy a nut job, but they will probably try. Add this to the damming witness testimonies for Fuellmich's Grand Jury (https://grand-jury.net) and it's not surprising a lot of dictators are getting cold feet. I reckon they are getting ready to launch another 'virus' so they can start all over again. They are planning to take over the entire world Health via the corrupt WHO in May. I'll post a link to the video as soon as I have finished it.
  19. Here's a even more proof.
  20. I've spent a lot of time chopping relevant pieces out of Reiner Fuellmich's Grand Jury Proceedings. So far, it's over 16 hours of video testimonies. I've sent the link to quite a few people, but NO ONE has the time to watch that length of videos. There are TWO major testimonies so far. One is Turdeau's Oath of Office, proving that he has a ZERO interest in Canada. The other is Meredith Miller, on how Mindspace has worked in the Covid propaganda. This one is REALLY important. It's 25 minutes long. No way I can upload a video here. Does anyone have a server they can copy it to and provide a link? I have it as an Xvid AVI, but I can convert it to MP4 if it helps. Anyone interested in spreading this, PM me. Or isn't anyone interested? David Icke should see this.
  21. There's MUCH worse, watch Day 2 off https://www.grand-jury.net after the first 45 minutes I wanted to puke. Makes me ashamed of my birthplace. Bastards!
  22. Here is why people are queuing for "The Jab" and wearing muzzles. https://www.bi.team/publications/mindspace/ DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT. The British Government sold this world-wide. Utterly corrupt
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