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  1. You missed one! Death or infertility starting right now!
  2. Use your imagination. How many White people do you think voted "YES" in the referendum which basically turned over South Africa to Nelson Mandela. We (I'm not saying who) used the voters rolls to check who had voted. Back then the ballot papers each had an invisible number, that they matched against the voters ID card (Book of Life). We couldn't access this, but we had supplied the entire computer system so we could match names against the voters roll. There was a MASSIVE turnout. You don't need to be psychic to know which way the majority voted. Hundreds of dead people voted. Unborn babies voted, Dogs, cats, canaries and they all voted YES, so the YES won the referendum. No one would believe how badly it was rigged. I was also in Rhodesia when they voted and got Mugabe into power. I watched the UNTAG Blue helmets, smoking, drinking and laughing as 'voters' were herded into the voting areas at the point of an AK and once Mugabe was elected, he called in the Korean 3rd Brigade and they wiped out the opposition. Nice man, Mugabe!
  3. Billy Dalton staggered on the sidewalk Someone said, he wore no mask as well Six squad cars came screamin' to the rescue Hauled old Billy Dalton off to jail . 'Cause the law is for protection of the people Rules are rules and any fool can see We don't need no people without masks on Scarin' decent folks like you and me, no siree Homer Lee didn't have his mask on Walkin' through the street taking a breath Then, six strappin' brave policeman Beat poor helpless Homer half to death 'Cause the law is for protection of the people Rules are rules and any fool can see We don't need unvaccinated spreaders Scarin' decent folks like you and me, no siree Oh, so thank your lucky stars, you've got protection Walk the line and never mind the cost And don't wonder who them lawmen was protectin' When they nailed the Savior to the cross 'Cause the law is for protection of the people Rules are rules and any fool can see We don't need no riddle speakin' prophets Scarin' decent folks like you and me, no siree
  4. Demand some quinine tablets from your doctor I KNOW you can get them over there. Tonic Water has as much quinine in it as dog's urine - NONE. It's an artificial FLAVOUR (maybe even carcinogenic - these things never get tested for long term effects)
  5. Yes, but there's another teeny problem. Over here, we had to have an old dog euthanized, it cost us 250 Euros! That was 10 years ago, I belive it's now moving towards 400. Where do you get 250 - 400 Euros from when you have NO JOB and relying on the Food Bank to stay alive?
  6. Your vote doesn't do shit. #1. ALL elections are rigged. They know the result BEFOR the election is announced #2. It doesn't matter who wins. Nothing will ever really change.
  7. Excreta Taurus, Cerebrum Vincit https://mymemory.translated.net/en/Latin/English/taurus-excreta-cerebrum-vincit
  8. Schools and universities are no longer 'seats of learning'. For many years now, schools and especially universities have become brainwashing centres. Look at the Americans. The average American is as thick as two short planks. All they are good for now is demonstrating and causing shit.
  9. If I take paracetamol, within 1 day, I start getting mouth ulcers. Just about every painkiller now is either an opioid or full of paracetamol
  10. Pipe dreaming again. Why does everyone get so deep into sci-fi. There is no anti-gravity, but there is Low frequency sound waves. Sounds around 19 hz, matches the resonant frequency of the human eyeball, with reports of apparitions as detailed by the Coventry Telegraph newspaper. The most dangerous frequency is at the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain, 7 hz. This is also the resonant frequency of the body’s organs. At high volumes, infrasound can directly affect the human central nervous system causing disorientation, anxiety, panic, bowel spasms, nausea, vomiting and eventually organ rupture, even death from prolonged exposure. Something like that would NOT cost 10 million and it isn't a pipe dream. Equipment exists, it could be done, but you can bet your life the fucking Yanks already have it. They specialize is selling death.
  11. They are referring to Potassium Iodide or Potassium Iodate. If you drink Iodine (in solution) it will not be good for you and it will probably cause you a LOT of damage. Iodine is in the same group of elements in the Periodic Table as Chlorine, Iodine, Bromine and Fluorine (which actually eats GLASS as well). They are all toxic. Potassium Iodide and Potassium Iodate are used to treat radiation, so with all the nuclear shit around from Yanks depleted uranium, bomb tests and nuclear power disasters, eating Pot Iodide pills is VERY good. The problem is getting them (not fake ones). Mercurochrome is a bright reddish-purple liquid we still use it to put on minor scratches etc.. Iodine solution is brownish yellow and some countries still dab it on minor wounds. You are correct both are good antiseptics, but don't try drinking or eating raw iodine (unless you want to die rather horribly, I would imagine). I don't know of anyone who tried and lived to boast about it, anyhow. If you titrate Iodine solution with Ammonia (gas), you get brown crystals of Nitrogen Tri-Iodide. We used to make it in the chemmy labs at school (before everyone turned into fucking wimps) smear it (still damp) onto door handles and on the floor. It's very explosive, but such little bits wouldn't cause any real damage, but very scary. I doubt if you will find any of these easily, they aren't from big pharma and only used to cost pennies. We can't allow that now, can we? Ban it instantly.
  12. You miss the entire point of my post. Imagine your enemy is in the Army of Jewslam. He has all the weapons described above. You have rubber hose filled with sand, spray paint or best of all pepper spray, but REAL pepper spray. No killing, no permanent injury - yet. All you want is FEAR, nothing else. You pick a soldier, you watch where he lives. The people we are speaking about don't live in heavily guarded barracks, they live in houses, just like you and I. They have families. They go out either alone of with wife and kiddies. It's unarmed. You get a can of pepper spray or spray paint, walk past and spray all of them. Then you run like hell to where a mate is waiting and away you go - You have researched cameras and picked the right spot. You are dressed in nondescript clothes. Maybe for the real thugs a few well aimed strikes with a washing machine hose filled with sand. Knees are always good. I don't believe killing people unless you have to do. I don't even like violence, but I really do believe in an eye for an eye. I think if only dozens of people got this treatment, it would have the right effect. Threaten them and their families. Make them afraid to go out alone. Those who beat up on the elderly deserve a little more. Get a police baton or something similar and give them some of the same. DON'T GET CAUGHT - PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. Above all beware of police and security service spies. can you REALLY trust the people you are working with. Even a miniscule of doubt renders them a liability rather than an asset. The art of guerilla urban non-lethal warfare.
  13. Oh dear, you haven't read Sun Tzu. Look, if you hate locomotives and want to destroy them, you do NOT stand on the railway track and try ti smash it with your fist, (unless you are a superhero or a fucking twat). You wait until the train stops and then you start taking apart the train, piece by piece by piece. I agree, trying to fight a thousands armed thugs is like attacking the train, but ONE competent fighter could give any ONE of them a taste of his own medicine, so any one thousand fighters could give any one thousand individuals something to remember them by. It's called guerilla warfare. In the war, the Ghurkas would sneak into the enemy camp at night and kill ONE sleeping soldier, then, for the next few nights they would merely cut the bootlaces of a few German soldiers. Result the German troops tried to stay awake all night and then suffering from sleep deprivation an all out assault would mean certain victory for the Brits. Knowing what MIGHT happen, but not knowing how or when it's coming is called REAL terrorism. Terrorism is NOT what it's called today. Terrorism is to make the enemy afraid and this is EXACTLY what the government has done to you. There are many ways to kill a cat. You can drown it in cream! How do you instill fear? - Use your imagination, you only need to instill the FEAR or death or retribution of some kind. Remember the train. Why attack a thousand heavily armed troops when you can pick them off one by one? You don't have to kill people. Just give them a taste of their own medicine, patternless and random. They tried to make US afraid with propaganda, why not give them something back. Getting the location of every camera would be a good start. Taking them down one by one would be another,. Finding the central location where all the data goes to would be a huge plus. Everything needs research and very careful planning.
  14. There is NO way to defend yourself. They will spray it onto you from aircraft. They will put it into your food (Roundup and phthalates in plastic), and they will find other ways to infect you as well. The best method of defence is to attack. Let me quote Patton. "It's noble to die for your country. - but it's far more noble to make the other bastard die for HIS!" It's time to fight back! Grow balls, and get fit.
  15. You have been watching too much CSI!!!. CO ( Carbon MONOXIDE) is the dangerous fumes from the fire, and exhaust gasses. You can buy CO (Carbon MONoxide) meters to measure the CO levels.. CO2 is Carbon DIoxide, it isn't poisonous at all, but it doesn't support life. This means that if you breath in an atmosphere of little oxygen with lots of CO2, you will slip into a coma, because your brain cells are being deprived of OXYGEN. I repeat CO2 is NOT poisonous but CO is very poisonous. Unlike the cunt on CSI who said the gas in fizzy drinks is carbon MONOXIDE, he was WRONG. so please get this right. Lack of oxygen is called Hypoxia and causes the death of brain cells due to oxygen deprivation. Every time you wear your mask /muzzle, you are effectively killing your brain. So you should be singing "Welcome dementia", because that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. Even if you survive "The Jab" and wear your face diaper like a good little sheeple. You will be able to join millions of others, just wandering around helplessly, not remembering WHAT they are, let alone WHO they are The plague of dementia is not far away and the longer you wear a diaper or better 2 or 3 of them, the quicker you will be able to forget what is going on around you. What a lovely thought!!!
  16. And IF you then get irrefutable proof? What then? Another "peaceful protest"? Do you write to your MP? Do you think ANYONE outside of those on this forum (well most of them anyway other than the shills) will believe you? What will happen after you present them with PROOF? Let me enlighten you. - FUCK ALL!
  17. They've ruined everything now with this woke crap. We never watch TV, only the news. Start with the local crap. They are too fucking lazy to get out of bed early here, so the just keep regurgitating yesterday's 'news' until after 10:00 every day. I then switch to a VERY quick look at BBC Breakfast for a bit of a laugh, and then we watch RT News. We used to download the better TV series, there were a few good ones Have You Been Served, Red Dwarf, 'Allo 'Allo, The Brittas Empire, Jet Li and Bruce Lee movies. There was a lot of good stuff out there, ruined by advertisements, so the downloaded ones are without ads and if they DO have an ad I re-encode them and remove it. The utter shit today is full of gays, lesbians, trannys, mixed marriages, half caste kids and woke shit, so we stopped downloading any of that crap more than a year ago. My movie / TV Series database has more than 3,700 items we can watch. I would say that around half of it, we've never seen yet, but even after we have finished the entire pack, there's still a shithouse full of stuff (like Red Dwarf, Jet Li and suchlike) that I can watch again and not a single fucking advertisement anywhere and nothing "woke". I think the movie industry is on a downward spiral. I wonder how long they can keep afloat if everyone does the right thing and boycotts the bastards. I've been racking my brains on ways to show these stupid advertising morons that WE DONT BUYTHEIR SHIT! One way is to try to avoid anything advertised on TV. We try really hard. If only more people would do the same.
  18. You, and everyone else have been brainwashed from birth, by your parents, the Church, the schools, Hollywood, the media and even books. "Turn the other cheek". "Don't fight". "Violence only breeds more violence". "The Rule of Law". "The Police ARE the Law". "The Police are here to protect you". "If you take a human life it will haunt you forever". "The police are your friend". It's been streamed at you every day since birth, so now everyone believes it. If a police thug, smashes in the face of an old lady, he's one of the "Brave Boys In Blue." If you smash the same thug in the face for doing it, you are a cowardly lump of worthless shit. If you strap on an explosive vest and blow yourself up in a public place, injuring hundreds of innocent people, you are a cowardly terrorist, but if you sit on a battleship, 2 miles offshore and rain down missiles on a town full of innocent people, you are a "brave soldier". The peasants in France, fought and beat the might of the police and military. The Japanese turned everyday items and their fists into WEAPONS to defeat the military who thought they were fucking invincible, but hey, they hadn't been brainwashed. I wonder what the result would have been if the French and the Japanese had relied on "peaceful protests"? I'll give you as many guesses as you can dream up.
  19. It's the moronic people that are driving now. They are demanding more lockdowns, bigger penalties, mandatory vaccination. All that Bojo and Mad Matt had to do was to sow the fear. The PEOPLE are now running the show and those who were your friends and relatives will be pointing fingers at you as a non-vaxxed 'super-spreader'.
  20. "Peaceful demonstrations". Are they working? Any changes? Keep wasting your time.
  21. I would make bets on it. Triple mutations - new lockdown. Quadruple mutation, Quintuple mutation, dodecahedral mutation. It will never end, because influenza will never end and once they don't react to DEADLY NEW STRAINS, people will start to wonder and the game may be up. Watch "The Power of Nightmares" I put the link in another thread.
  22. It can't be worse than advertisements here in Belgium. They are so fucking puerile that they are an insult to a child's intelligence.. Just as a matter of interest, EVERYTHING now spews ads at you. TV, magazines, newspapers, billboards and above all, the internet, Can you imagine how much money these companies spend on this senseless advertising? How many people do you know who actually WATCH or read them. I remember back in the days of ITV in the 1960's we would sit glued to the telly, until the stupid fucking ads came up, then the missus would go and make tea and the rest of us would turn down the sound until the ads were over, then one of us would yell "Its on!" and the missus would come in with the tea or whatever. 99% of advertisements are an insult to human intelligence.
  23. We have already passed the point of no return. Muslims and Blacks are outbreeding us at an alarming rate and amongst us Whites, sperm counts have hit rock bottom, ED is common amongst young people, women have been brainwashed that men are evil and the birthrate amongst Whites is a joke. Blacks are not as stupid as us, most of them will never take "The Jab" I have no children. It was a deliberate choice. Maybe I had a premonition of things to come. We are FUCKED!
  24. I hear on the news that the EU are planning to allow travel within Europe as long as you have AUTHENTICATED, vaccination papers OR, a vaccine passport. So much for "Open Borders" and free travel in the EU. Now it becomes clear why, since 2015, they have been closing minor roads which lead into the neighboring countries. They have closed DOZENS of them causing major inconvenience. We wondered why, because there was no logic at all behind their closures.
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