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  1. Do you think ANY of these Dictators will take any notice as long as the morons in the public are demanding more of the same>
  2. They should take Ms Greta to one of the Asylum Centres for housing Muslim, young, male immigrants. Perhaps after she had given all the men housed there some pleasure in their sad lives, she may find better things to do than being a mouthpiece for the elite. I think she is sadly lacking what the male Muslim community could provide her with.
  3. Morons believe that THEY are right and everyone else is not only wrong, but must be forced to think the same as them. Most of the people out there are fucking MORONS
  4. If you look at Joe Biden, you can se the effects of prolonged mask wearing. Anyone in the early stages of Alzheimer's or Dementia who wears a mask to cause hypoxia is killing brain cells. The poor sods in care homes who already have dementia are being made worse. The morons who think that a diaper over their mouth and nose will protect them (or anyone else) from the "deadly" virus (that you have a 99.6% chance of recovering from), is killing brain cells every day. In a few years, there will be a massive spike in dementia cases. It will be attributed to "Long Covid" or some other such crap, when in actual fact it's the masks. I look at people over here. Under the mask, their faces are red and swollen, some have a rash, others sores, but they still wear the fucking things. In Flanders, people are like fucking robots. I think if Brussels told them to cut off their balls to prevent Covid-19, they would just do it without question. It isn't the same in Wallonia (French part of Belgium) they are demonstrating and rioting, but not Flanders. I think somehow they have all been mentally castrated, they don't seem to have a ball between them. NO ONE here, ventures out without a mask, they are all obedient sheep. Go to Wallonia and hundreds are disobeying. I find it strange and disturbing.
  5. They will make it less and less. It's already happened over here. It will soon be almost impossible to get any decent sum from an ATM
  6. https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/former-pfizer-vps-warning-your-government-is-lying-to-you
  7. I believe that this is exactly what America is aiming for. It's rumored that if Hillary had won the 2016 election, that she was planning a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia. This would look bad for the USA. What the Democrats want is to goad Ukraine into a conflict with Russia. As it intensifies, there will be a nuclear attack. It will be made to seem as if it comes from Russia (shades of MH17). This will give America the excuse to "go nuclear" against Russia, because Putin personally ordered the nuclear strike. Britain is just drooling to join in on that one and so is NATO. It actually doesn't matter what NATO do because all the nukes scattered over Europe are all controlled by America. Meantime, back at the Ranch, the Jews, Soros, Gates, and their evil ilk are all thousands of feet underground. They can sit tight until it's all over and then pop up and start over by enslaving all the ones left. The elite don't give a fuck about the Democrats. They are just idiot useful tools to do as they are bid. The people in the USA are so incredibly dumb, that they believe they can win a war against Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
  8. I like the idea that I read in a book. I wish I could remember the title. The author postulated three kinds of people : Leaders, who had the strength of character, the intelligence and the eloquence of voice that made people want to listen to him and adapt his ideas. They were capable of lateral thinking. Many of these were potential leaders themselves, but they all joined forces with him. Followers, who instinctively knew that the leaders were more capable than they and who had no desire to try to lead, they were happy to follow. Others, These were people who had little social skills, not particularly bright, incapable of lateral thought and no power of speaking to the masses. Their problem was that although they knew deep down that they were incapable of leadership, they were reluctant to be followers, so they did everything possible to usurp the leaders in any way and try to foment trouble with the followers. It does sound about right when you look around
  9. Most music(?) today is utter crap. Ball games just distract the peasants from what their governments are getting up to. Watch Arsenal vs Liverpool, don't worry about Boris starting WW3.
  10. This planet will have no life by 3036. I doubt if it will last until 2036 the way the morons are behaving world wide and especially in the USA and the UK who are hungry for a major world war.
  11. Plastics are full of phthalates that cause estrogen production in males. Result, erectile dysfunction, low sperm counts, impotence and sterility. They can put more phthalates into plastic trays covered with plastic wrapping. It's by DESIGN not by accident!. The plastic bags have less phthalates than the plastic trays.
  12. Even considering in some states Boris Johnson is about as popular as a boil on an elephant's backside But he will be re-elected by the morons for his 'expert' handling of the deadly(?) Covid crisis. What a fucking JOKE!
  13. Of course it's Global Warming, er, er, I mean Climate Change, er, um, I mean, it's not unusual for this time of year, er yes, it, it hmm, Remember Hands, Face, Space.
  14. You should try to find all the articles and books that Stanley Johnson (Boris' dad) wrote about eugenics and population reduction. THEN tell me Boris doesn't know what is going on.
  15. This is a Polar Vortex, NOT Spring weather. I lived in the UK from birth until I was 26, from 1992 to 1996 and over here apart from 3 years in Central America. THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL 'UNPREDICTABLE' WEATHER. More likely Geo-engineered and the big military exercises are preparing for WW 3 with USA, UK and NATO vs Russia, China, North Korea, Iran at least. America's last hope is WW3
  16. Shove it up your arse, springs to mind!
  17. It started snowing last night just before I went to bed. I heard heavy aircraft, flying very high, not commercial for sure. I woke up at 03:30 to visit the bathroom and the 'planes were still flying they seemed to me making circuits. I lay awake listening to them for about an hour before I fell asleep. When I got up, it was close to blizzard conditions outside. temperature 0 degrees. It's now 09:30 still snowing, quite heavily. Isn't this just a coincidence to make sure that people are getting colds and 'flu. kill the crops, kill insects, birds and wildlife. I missed the news on TV this morning. We have a weatherman(?). He has one of these really ugly, very disturbing faces. His message is always the same. If it's way too cold, he mutters about "Climate Change". If its warm for a few consecutive days, it's "Global Warming" and the hottest <put month here> since records began. He'll either ignore the snow, or say "its quite normal for this time of year." When we have weeks of incessant rain, he always tell us that there's "widespread clearing". but it never happens. I wonder how long this weather is planned for. I believe it's right across Europe. Not sure if the UK are getting it. I think probably not. It might not suit Boris to have another 'flu outbreak just yet. One thing is for sure, folks over here won't be getting any Vitamin D from the sun and they won't be cavorting in the parks. The more people get sick, the higher the demand for "The Jab" and the more money for the pharma and their shareholders. It will also make sure that food prices rocket, and more and more people will be starving because they have no work. Over here you pay FULL taxes on your unemployment benefits. These bastards are laughing at us.
  18. Remember the Russian vaccines are NOT mRNA, Putin is no fool, they came up with a normal 'flu vaccine, probably developed from SARS in 2003. He isn't injecting his people with something that may well sterilize or kill them. He knows that the USA, the UK and the EU will never take a Russian vaccine, so he can offer it to any of the other countries and make money for his country. Leaders of non-USA, UK, EU countries believe what the WHO and the CDC tell them to believe. They aren't scientists, so they go along, BUT many of them are going with the Russian vaccine. In a similar way, China would never offer their people a vaccine that may sterilize or kill them. The are also selling it to other countries without fear of the ISA, UK or EU ever accepting it. Now Bill Gates owns the CDC, the FDA, the NIH and the WHO, not to mention most of the media. Bill Gates isn't interested in Climate change or vaccines or the health of people. He is interested in one thing MONEY. His father, Boris' father, Bill Gates are into depopulation. It's a Jew thing. Soros hates the USA, the UK and anything in the EU that he can't control. He wants to populate the world with mongrels, so that the only White people left are fellow Jews. Look at the Government in the USA and the UK and most of the EU, the majority are Jews. So I believe there IS a conspiracy to depopulate the planet, but thanks to Russia and China, it's backfired to some extent. The morons in the USA. UK and EU are sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. but China and Russia are not going down that path. That leaves only one option, - war with Russia and China. The EU (NATO) and the UK can't wait to send off the young people to the battlefield. It will start with conventional warfare and the some asshole in either the USA or NATD will go nuclear. This is why America and the UK plus NATO are supporting the Ukraine and Taiwan. It's shades of WWII all over. When the dust settles, there will be no more America, no more UK and very little of Europe left. Gates and the Cabal, will all be in their rabbit holes miles underground and they believe that when they come out, they can turn any left into their slaves. It will depend on how much of Russia and China are left. Not only do I believe in a major depopulation conspiracy, I firmly believe that we stand on the brink of WW 3 and I'm 80 years old, but I believe it will happen in my lifetime.
  19. The entire game is about depopulation. All the major players are involved with Gates, Eugenics and Jews. On the plus side, it's going to kill off the morons who fall for it, but will there be enough of us left to put up REAL resistance and by that, I DO NOT mean 'peaceful protests'. It will be all out guerrilla warfare. All you can do is get fit, and get ready. It isn't far away.
  20. Apologies to Tom Lehrer 'We Will All Go Together When We Go'. Any additional verses, anyone? When you attend a funeral, It is sad to think that sooner or Later those you love will do the same for you. And you may have thought it tragic, Not to mention other adjec- Tives, to think of all the weeping they will do. But don't you worry. No more ashes, no more sackcloth. And an armband made of black cloth Will some day never more adorn a sleeve. For if the vaccine stuck in you Gets your friends and neighbors too, There'll be nobody left behind to grieve. And you will all go together when you go. What a comforting fact that is to know. Universal bereavement, An inspiring achievement, Yes, you all will go together when you go. You will all go together when you go. Suffused with a virtuous fucking glow. No one will have the endurance To collect on his insurance, Lloyd's of London will be loaded when you go. You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas. Go directly, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred. And you will all die together when you die. You'll be cancer-ridden corpses by and by. For you lot no more misery We will make a big rotisserie, And we'll laugh our arses off as you fry.
  21. The mind just boggles at the total lack of brain in these people and they call themselves TEACHERS? God help the young!
  22. Probably when the vast majority are dead
  23. I found "The Virus", "The Population Problem" and "Seventy-Two Virgins" as PF files. If there's anyone who can't find them and would like a copy, PM me.
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