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  1. I went out of the house for a drive into town with my daughter today. I sat in her cr whilst she went and joined the long line at the Food bank. Someone who knew me saw me in the car and came over, carefully putting on his muzzle. He started to talk through the half open window, so I just looked at him and said "I don't understand a word you are saying with that ridiculous diaper over your face". He took a step back and lowered his muzzle "Even if you've had the jab, you should still be wearing a mask". He announced. "You can take your jab and shove it right up your stupid arse". I told him. He looked most concerned. "But, you must be over 65 and you really should get it. I've had my first, I was ill for two weeks, I had to go to hospital, but they told me that's how you know it's working, I'm getting my second shot next week". I couldn't help myself. "I'm over 80, now fuck off you stupid cunt". I wound up the window and just ignored him. He just stood there dazed for a minute or so and the shrugged and walked away. I don't think I'll bother going into town again to mingle with the fucking morons
  2. It's the only way that this is going to ever end.
  3. The entire "Global Warming" is starting to come apart. It's 20 MAY, It's the coldest May they I have experienced so far. Last night I got up at 03:30 to take a leak. Outside temperature was 5 (FIVE) degrees Celcius. It's now 10:30 and the outside temperature is 12.9 degrees. We still have the heating on! I think that the coming winter will make this winter past, look like a hot summer. People will be freezing, electricity will fail. Heating oil will be so fucking expensive and in short supply that people will literally freeze to death, Crops are failing and food will be in short supply as well as being incredibly expensive. 'Flu will be rampant, and folks will be dropping like flies. This time, the lockdown will be TOTAL, you won't be allowed out of you DOOR, let alone your garden. There will be a new "emergency vaccine" and some of the people who said NO will be so fucking terrified that they will roll up their sleeves. A new mini-ice age is coming and very few are prepared. There will be utter chaos and when it's all over, only the fittest will survive (along with the top elite who have wintered in their bunkers). I'll be huddled in front of my wood and coal burning stove, with enough nutrition to last for 12 months. I only hope that the survivors will grow enough balls to hunt the bastards down and exterminate them like the vermin they are. I hope I'm one of them. I would just love to dispatch a few of these bastards before my time is up.
  4. They don't have a legal right to harass, arrest, handcuff, throw into prison and fine a man 1,000 Pounds for PUSHING his bicycle across a red light at 02:00 in the morning. It was on our TV on one of these "Brave Boys In Blue" bullshit ÚK TV documentaries. Your police DO AS THEY LIKE and the only body that investigates their fuck ups is . . . Wait for it . . . The fucking police themselves!
  5. Your police just love to smash your door down and come in screaming. They're gonna LOVE folks not answering their door.
  6. Try Belize. Lowest population density on the planet, plenty of jungle, land in most places (not near the coast is good. Not sure about their attitude to lockdown / vaccines etc. I have a friend over there who is one of the top attorneys. His company also does real estate. Land is cheap. I can put you in touch with him if you want.
  7. There's a fellow in Mexico, Ellis Toussier He has done a lot of research into aging. I found his 'site' a few years back and we communicated with him. He doesn't trust doctors. His goal is to be one of the oldest people on the planet. He's a few years younger than me. He takes his efforts beyond extreme, HGH, Insulin, special diets, hyperbaric oxygen, stem cells. you name it. The only thing missing from his regime, is exercise, which is the main one of my efforts to stay healthy for as long as possible. For quite a few years, I regarded him as a source of information, despite the fact that i.m.o a lot of it was way overboard. I sent him an email a week or so ago. He replied that he was ill and that his haematocrit was crazy low, he was anaemic and weak. He went on to tell me that I should be very careful of Covid-19, and a whole mass of bullshit about it. Then to my utter amazement, he goes on to ask if I've had the opportunity to get "The Jab" yet, because at my age, it should be my priority. I wrote back and he proudly informs me that he got the Pfizer "vaccine" and that there were no side effects whatsoever. I asked him why he didn't relate the anaemia to the "vaccine". He's just another fucking brain dead moron, The mind just boggles at the utter stupidity of these idiots. I guess he'll be joining the choir invisible quite soon. I made sure to tell him so as well as exactly what I though of him. I don't even want to THINK about the cunt, let alone communicate with it.
  8. Up rise? Ain't gonna happen. Peaceful Protests, turn the other cheek. Testicles have shrunk so much that all people can do is yell useless rhetoric. Pray folk's and no shit, it will all stop! Remember to love your oppressor - violence only begets violence. Add as many more platitudes as you wish. Ain't gonna happen. They've shrunk to the size of rice grains.
  9. And THAT is why I told my family FUCK THE HOSPITAL, If I'm going to die, I'll do it MY way, - at home! NEVER go to a fucking hospital. Nurses over in your neck of the woods, are mainly black, and ALL of them are brainwashed and terrified to even bend the rules. If Dr Mengele tells the nurse to inject the patient with 10 cc saturated Potassium chloride, intravenously, she WILL obey, even though she KNOWS it will kill the patient. Over here 99% of nurses are White, but I doubt if the culture is any different, because the title 'doctor' makes you a God! Today, I flatly refuse to go to a hospital, because the corrupt cunts will pump "The Jab" into you, pretending its a pain killer or anti-tetanus shot. If you see a nurse with a hypodermic, RUN LIKE HELL!
  10. How do you think the Mau Mau "liberated" Kenya? They had no guns of note, they started as a handful against the British Police and the army. I don't seem to recall them having tanks, rocket launchers or nuclear weapons, but they had something missing in modern times . . . BALLS!
  11. Go watch Africa Addio. I refuse to waste my breath on BLM bullshit.
  12. I've lived long enough and seen enough changes and I've read all Lyall Watson's books as well. it doesn't seem likely, but neither did self opening doors until they were on Star Trek. I don't believe in a lot of other things, like the Lunar Landing and "one small step" along with the 'plane and the Pentagon, or the 9/11 Narrative. I have a whole lot of good reasons never to trust any governments and I wouldn't trust anyone in the UK Government as far as I can piss in a 100 mph headwind!
  13. I seem to remember a phrase, "Beat you swords into ploughshares". Try the other way around. How do you think that Jomo Kenyatta became the leader of Kenya? Peaceful protests? How do you think that Robert Mugabe became the despot of Rhodesia? Peaceful protests? I won't mention South Africa, that was completely different. Sold out by a traitor. Do you think that the police and the army stood back and took it on the chin?
  14. Yes, but do you think ANY of the morons will actually believe it and say "NO!"? Are 'peaceful protests' working? Is Reiner Fuellmich actually DOING anything apart from talking? Even if he does, do you think ANY of the Courts will even schedule a hearing? Do you think that things will ever get back to normal if we follow this path?
  15. Doubt that. I think it will be the entire country again until everyone has been sterilzed or dead.
  16. I think that "I TOLD YOU SO", might be appropriate now. Just to rub it in. After this lockdown is over, probably May or June 2022, There will be a triple mutation new Guatemalan variant, even more deadly, for another more of the same. Peaceful protests aren't working, are they?
  17. Oh, I'm convinced. I'm trembling with fear. Why would an ordinary college student, who is learning English, write a post like the one here, with correct spelling and punctuation, tell us it's real, unless it is? He's so utterly believable, even my pet Dodo is convinced. Covid-18 is real, it's deadly and you MUST take "The Jab" to protect him and others. Come on everyone, you KNOW that he is so convincing. I'm sure there will be more and more absolute proof from him with every post. I need to run away and hide. My pigs are all groomed and fed and waiting on the runway. My carpet is clean and ready for take off.
  18. EVERYONE who has even a bad cold, loses his / her sense of smell. Smell and taste are linked, if you can't smell it, you can't taste it. As you MUST be aware of this, unless you have never had a cold or influenza, what your posts are trying to do is to convince others here that the "deadly virus" actually exists. If you are. tough shit, it ain't working. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I think you are a shill to promote the Covid-19 narrative. Please go and take "The Jab" and IF you survive, please tell us which is worse, the 'flu, or getting either violently ill, or dying after "The Jab" There's several very true sayings : You can fool all of the people some of the time and Some of the people all of the time but Fooling people with a working brain is impossible. Then there's another one : It's far better to keep one's mouth shut and be thought a fool, Than to open it and remove all possible doubt.
  19. But when you have enough money to take over the Media, including Hollywood. Most of the world's governments (especially the USA) and just about every major position, you can put people wherever you like and control whatever you like. Read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and before you tell me it's fake PROVE IT BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT. When Mugabe took over Rhodesia, Most of the White's left in a hurry. They were not allowed to take anything out. Some friends I had there came down to SA. They were flat broke. I GAVE them some cash to get them back on their feet. (I don't lend, it's a good way to lose friends). I met a young guy days later, he was 19 and a computer programmer. They had just fled from Rhodesia as well and were staying in a cheap hotel. Three weeks later they had a big house in Rivonia and the guy's father was now a Director of not one but TWO big companies (to do with banking) in Johannesburg. I asked the lad how they got the money out. They didn't! His dad got everything from the Jewish community (they were Jews). A year later the young man had his own company a huge building in Johannesburg and they were quickly in control of whatever software came into SA. You don't need intelligence, just someone to pull you up the ladder whilst we goyim have to try to PUSH our way up the ladder, whilst those above try to kick us back down!
  20. Being Scottish doesn't mean shit. When dBase came out, I was in partnership with another guy, back in SA. A friend of my partner came in and asked if we would create a dbase database and put some names and addresses into it. We had a look at this pile of names and addresses and there must have been around 300 of them. We quoted him a price and he agreed, so he left the documents and went out. The names and addresses were the names and addresses of the Pretoria Jewish Community. Like fools we had a quick look through instead of photocopying them. There were names like van der Merwe. Oosthuizen, Esterhuizen LOTS of them all in high positions with really typical South African names. There were Cabinet Ministers and an NGK priest in there as well. They were all described in the Media as "South Africans", but they were all JEWS. About 20 minutes later, he came in flushed and in a panic. He had forgotten, he told us. He needed them for a meeting, but he would be back. He grabbed all the papers and rushed out. I think he was crapped on from a dizzy height for letting a couple of goyim see all the members of their fucking ruler club. We never saw them again. The name and nationality means FUCK ALL folks. You have to find the mother, grandmother and great grandmother and going back, and if any one of them is a Jewess, so are ALL their descendants, I'm convinced that Gates is a Jew. Look at his daddy, the ugly cunt.
  21. Exactly right about Kelly, Teflon Toni had him "terminated with extreme prejudice!" You may well be right about Gates and Epstein, they need a fucking good plastic surgeon and they'll have to cut of both of Billy's loathsome arms and fingers! hey are a dead give away.
  22. Almost every member of the Commissariat after the Revolution were JEWS. Many had changed their names. they tortured and murdered thousands. Somewhere I have all the names and original Jewish names - somewhere . . . I'm sure someone out there also has it. Stalin had a Jewish mother, so he was a Jew by definition.
  23. The plan is a simple one. For the next few months, the heat will be slowly turned up. I believe that when the new 'flu season starts, people will start dying like flies and by that time all the vaxxed that survive, will know they have been sterilized. As the story breaks. Gates will "shuffle off his mortal coil and joined the pitchforks in the hot place." It will, of course be suicide! Probably slashed his wrist and took 3 aspirins, just like Dr David Kelly, remember him? Now the final act will be that the entire scamdemic was all down to Gates. Mad Boris and all the politicians world wide will be shocked and horrified. A few like Fauci and Tedros will also either commit suicide or kill themselves in prison. Politicians will jump up and down and rave for a few weeks, then there will be another massive false flag psyop and the morons attention will be diverted for a while until it all blows over.
  24. Something interesting has come across my desk. I have several very elderly friends in the UK. One couple in particular, They are in their 80's, they've been married for >50 years, they never had arguments. They are also anti-vaxx. He sent me a mail yesterday. Apparently he and his wife have been at each others throats now for about 6 months. His son is having major problems with his wife. he grandson is flying into rages for nothing. Seems that there are MANY people that are going down this route. My own family has a similar problem. I see red for minor things, so does my wife. Now I can agree that this could well be an effect of the lockdown. I can't imagine being confined in an urban environment, but all the people I have heard this from, live way out of town and they have big gardens. (I have a half acre of lawn). It can't be the lockdown. There must be some other factor involved here. 5G? Maybe something broadcasting a sound which incites violence? Something in the air from chemtrails? Some additive in the water? Since I started to put this together, I've started making a massive effort NOT to fall for it and to keep my cool, but it really is difficult.
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