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  1. If you want to see the future of all your savings and assets, watch this. I was anticipating all this, all my life. I made sure that I never bought property, I never saved a cent. I never had any insurances. I've managed to stay alive and healthy so far, my only assets, that I own, I can pick up and carry. My daughter has everything that is saleable and as she has no children, her last job will be to set fire to it all and FUCK the banks and especially the USA!
  2. My mother took out an insurance in 1929, when she started work. She religiously paid in every week until she was 60. When she took out the insurance, the cash she would get when she was 60 would be enough to buy a house and still draw enough interest if she invested what was left, to keep her alive until she died. When she reached 60, the insurance with all the promised bonuses, was enough to pay a mortgage for TWO months. Savings is a MASSIVE con. Even at a decent interest (which died a long time ago), the devaluation of the money is more than the interest on your savings. Soon any savings that you have will actually be a liability. Enjoy it whilst you can. Just as an added incentive, think of KRUPP. They started making weapons and other things early in the last millennium. They made millions, but their last son, turned out to be a playboy, so he spent all the money and bankrupted the company. So much for srimping and saving for your children!
  3. Oh, have you noticed how sparrows don't fuck with robins Oh, have you noticed how Crows don't fuck with rooks Oh, have you noticed how wolves don't fuck with dogs Oh, have you noticed how salmon don't fuck with trout Oh, have you noticed how Cabbage White butterflies don't fuck with Red Admiral butterflies. They all belong to the same species, don't they? Dogs are MAN MADE. you don't see natural animals breeding with different sub species. You must be a Soros lover.
  4. I think this is a brilliant idea. Shame the tyrants! https://www.rt.com/uk/522059-star-david-covid-certificates/
  5. It's not PETS they are coming for it's DOGS. For years now, dogs have been bred to be NON-aggressive. My wife took one of our GSD's to a SV Club in Germany. When they started doing the Schutz part, her dog wanted to eat someone. He was only 18 months, but I had already brought him up PROPERLY to actually PROTECT US. The 'trainers(?)' at the Club, told my wife that she should have the dog destroyed because it was over-aggressive and the told her to leave and not to come back with the dog again. In 2000, I could walk with my dog in the Public areas, open air markets, restaurant Outdoor eating. Now large dogs are banned. They want to get rid of ALL large breeds for two reasons. 1. Because muslims hate dogs. 2. You just MIGHT find one that will actually BITE and keep biting until either the intruder is down or the dog is dead. Finding a GSD today that would protect it's own dinner is very unlikely. One of my friends, bought a 'Fully Trained' SchHIII male GSD from Germany. It was 2 years old. He bragged about it to me. We tested it and he got a shock. It couldn't retrieve. It couldn't jump. It couldn't track. It went wild when it saw a padded arm, and shit itself if if was attacked by anyone who was NOT wearing a padded arm. It was also 3cm over the Standard size, yet it had won prizes. The SV is the biggest dog breeding body on earth and the GSD today it a load of CRAP. Bad breeding for 'pet' status, bad training and all the vaccinations have fucked ALL dogs. Add the exorbitant fees that veterinarians charge (it's the main reason, that once I was done with the military, I gave it up.) and it isn't worth the waste of money for it's food! If I buy a 'Protection' dog, the least the bloody thing can do is to protect me!
  6. I agree with you. A delegation, including me went to India for just 3 days. All I could smell from getting off the 'plane was human faeces. These filthy bastards just shit ON THE STREET, anywhere. Within 24 hours I had the shits and I didn't eat a thing from landing to leaving. Even the fucking bottled water is full of shit. No wonder all the ones with brains want out!
  7. Doctors were told to send people with 'flu to the hospital rather than telling them to stay home, drink fluids, take vitamin C, D and Zinc. They were told by their "peers" that Covid-19 was DEADLY and the fucking morons believed it. They were PAID for every patient with 'flu symptoms to be admitted to hospital. Still the case now.
  8. I would not be at all surprised. Explain how a ship full of sailors, at sea, who hadn't been on land for weeks, suddenly had an "outbreak" of Covid. Look up into the sky, There are few commercial flights, yet the chemtrails are still there, and every night I hear the sound of heavy 'planes. This morning, I saw one, way up there, leaving the billowing white trail. which has become so typical. then suddenly the trail started to die out. Then it started up and then after just a minute or so, it stopped completely, but the 'plane was still there. Did it run out of shit to spray on us? I guess he will have to return to base to get some new cannisters.
  9. It's been like that for years. I think that some of us were mistakenly born in the wrong fucking Galaxy, because the morons are so far away from reality, you can't even think of them from a different planet
  10. This nurse seems to think so https://www.bitchute.com/video/maE077DlFlgA/
  11. But there are NO differences, both 'evils' are the same. The ONLY difference is the rhetoric and false promises aka LIES that the different Parties make. Elections are decided months before they take place and if the people don't fall for the lies, the voter fraud section steps in. MSM decides the elections along with the voting crooks. Any Party who just might not be ready to fall in line will be vilified by the MSM and if by any remote possibility (Austria) the WRONG Party gets elected, the country will be deemed a pariah state and bankrupted, maybe the wrong Party leader's sudden death or they get bombed back into the stone age. DEMOCRACY is just a word. VOTING is to fool the Public into thinking they have a choice. NOTHING EVER CHANGES.
  12. It's the same with Africans. Quite a few years ago, an Indian shopkeeper in South Africa, stabbed a Zulu for complaining about a dud radio the crooked Indian shopkeeper had sold him. A few hours later, the entire Zulu nation came to the Indian Township. They killed everyone, burned down the entire township and toasted Indian babies in the flames on the end of their assegais. Many events never make it to the newspapers. In one of the Zulu vs Xhosa confrontations, just before they let Mandela out. The media reported that around twenty five people had been killed. The truth was that 16 truck loads of bodies were brought into a hangar at an Air Force base! I wonder if the Zulus still have the balls to revolt against mandatory vaccines or has plastics and brainwashing chemically castrated them.
  13. And guess what. The assholes will flock to vote Labour again/ Even if he personally kicked him in the face, bloody morons will STILL vote Labour!
  14. The truth is, people are too bloody lazy to even TRY to protect their servers. The ISP doesn't give a flying fuck about hackers and spammers using the service, he gives even less about trying to protect your server. There is only ONE way to protect your server and that is to have it IN YOUR OFFICE OR HOME. Once there, you install a firewall and you monitor your mail and webserver logs EVERY day to block all the filth (mainly from the USA) that are trying to shut you down. Security is HARD WORK, don't think that all you have to do is setup a blacklist filter of a firewall, you need to monitor your server logs DAILY and NEVER use Microsoft's IIS servers and NEVER use a Microsoft mail server either. The ONLY way is to use Linux for your mail and web servers. Microsoft = Gates. Gates = Cabal. Put two and two together. If you think I'm talking out of my arse. Don't say that I didn't warn you.
  15. Here's another one worth watching : https://brandnewtube.com/watch/final-irrefutable-proof-that-the-covid-19-pandemic-never-existed_JmPw8cUxQG1w7NP.html
  16. It's not a question of honesty. When I was in Rhodesia and later South Africa, parents hoped for their children's future. Choice #1 was becoming a house doctor (GP), or a veterinarian and if they weren't clever enough for either, then a priest was #3. All three jobs don't require any physical labour and they bring in wads of cash. Now, strain your gray cells and think carefully through this one : Imagine if ALL people were actually TREATED by doctors. This would entail speaking out against poisons such as Roundup, phthalates in plastics, scents, creams, sprays, lotions and suchlike which are NEVER tested for long term damage. Then they would prescribe Testosterone for people once they passed 40, based on blood test results. They would prescribe HGH (Human Growth Hormone) for the same age group. They would actually have to learn about preventing illness (vitamin D from sunshine and exogenous vit D3 in countries where there is little sun. They would ensure that patients took adequate vitamin C, zinc and other minerals. They would actually learn how to CURE illness rather than treat the symptoms, which would mean having to be able to DIAGNOSE rather than type into a computer for the best (most expensive) drug from pharma. Now let's assume that this actually happened and let's take a look at the situation in the UK In the UK : Each year 6,000 medical students currently graduate every five years Doctor workforce in numbers - 150,000, so rising by at least 6,000 each year Doctors working in NHS - 25% are foreign, 9% due to retire in next five years, 2% more needed each year to keep up with demand. 7-10% of posts are vacant Source: BBC, Civitas, NHS, DoH, GMC Data for numbers of hospital and community pharmacies on the register. As of today, they are : Hospitals 340 Community 14059 886 million prescriptions are now dispensed in the UK every year, at a cost of £8.5billion https://www.statista.com/statistics/318922/number-of-nurses-in-the-uk/ https://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/aug/18/soft-touch-doctors-write-10m-needless-prescriptions-a-year-says-nice https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/jun/29/nhs-prescribed-record-number-of-antidepressants-last-year https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2012/09/15/shocker-how-many-drug-prescriptions-are-written-in-the-us-every-year/ It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that without patients, how would that extra 6,000 every year earn their money? It doesn't take much to work out that if patients were CURED, there would be no need for 886 million prescriptions. Boohoo - drug companies would go bust and what about the 1,499 pharmacies each of which employ AT LEAST 3 people. Bottom line : If patients were cured of obesity and depression and all the other 'diseases' caused by lack of testosterone, HGH, Vitamins, Minerals and natural products, not to mention EXERCISE. 156,000 doctors would be out of work - well at least half of them Most of the 54 teaching hospitals would have to close. God only knows how many 'professors' would be out of a job 700,000 Nurses would be out of work 43,200 Pharmacies and hangers on would be on the dole. Pfizer employ 78,300 people GlaxoSmithKline 99,300 people Wars are a GOOD thing. This alone keeps a lot of doctors, hospitals, and drug companies busy. There's a massive market (and huge profits) in artificial limbs and prescription drugs for the poor bastards that get injured or mentally sick. Research is also a good way to milk people of money. As one very knowledgeable man said : Bit like 'Global Warming.' The statistics above are from 2012! Imagine how much worse it is today. The medical profession can't afford to have a healthy population. It MUST keep people sick by any means at all. If the population was healthy and only REALLY sick people with broken limbs, burns, accidents etc., needed medical attention, the numbers of unemployed would be too vast to cope with. Your doctor WANTS you to be sick. Not so sick that you can't work, but sick enough to visit him constantly and consume vast amounts of unnecessary prescription drugs, most of which have worse side effects than the disease. Thus, Medical Schools aren't interested in DIAGNOSING or CURING people. They teach them how to look up symptoms on a computer which tells them which pills to prescribe. The students spend their time experimenting with drugs, getting pissed and fucking everything they can. Now THAT is why the go to university. What's going to happen to universities now they are forcing the students to keep away from each other and no more drunken parties and orgies? Answer - No more students. They don't care, with the reduction in population from "The Jabs", there will be far too many doctors already, so closing down teaching(?) hospitals for a few years will mean fuck all, besides, after all the cash from these vaccines, who needs people to buy anything at all from them now? Doctors KNOW that this Covid bullshit is a hoax. They KNOW that masks are causing harm. They KNOW that these "Jabs" are experimental and dangerous. EVERY DAY they violate their Hippocratic oath and every single "doctor" on earth who have promulgated this crap, should be stripped of his title Doctor and slung into jail for at least 10 years and the ones who started it (Gates, Fauci, Tedros et al.,) should receive the DEATH PENALTY. The entire medical profession is a gigantic hamster wheel which gets bigger every year and can never stop.
  17. Here's a video clip of SIR Keir Starmer making a total and utter cunt of himself and getting thrown out of a pub. Proof of his view on human rights, proof that he's in on the scam and proof that democracy is just a word. Spread this one. If anyone knows how to get this onto BitChute, for fucks sake do it. YouTube will certainly cancel it!
  18. I haven't seen the following link and information on this site, if I missed it and it has already been posted, please delete. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/monopoly-an-overview-of-the-great-reset-follow-the-money/
  19. EVERYTHING is poisoned. Roundup is in just about everything now. Plastics are full of phthalates, the water table is full of estrogen from "The Pill". Just about everything has a level of radiation from unreported nuclear power station glitches, along with Chernobyl and Fukashima. Then, to add insult to injury, the dumb Yank assholes are throwing depleted uranium around, like its going off the market. They get rid of their nuclear waste by poisoning the rest of the planet. Fish are full of mercury. Then we have our "loving" govts, who put fluoride in the water, and toothpaste, it's rumored that in Europe they put oxytocin into the tap water, in an attempt to stop people hating the invaders and their raping spree. No one knows what else is put into our water and the bottled water is even worse, because it's full of phthalates from the plastic container as well. Then we have all the shit that the aero-planes are deliberately spraying into the clouds (chemtrails). for weather manipulation, which is also poisoning the people and the food we eat. Accidental?
  20. You can thank the assholes who dreamed up "Sell By Date" and "Best Before" for all the waste. I was working in London and staying at a B&B. I used to catch the bus every morning. Walking to the bus stop, i saw wheelie bins full of never opened packets, Chickens, bacon, cheese, unopened cans, all thrown out because it's a few hours past it's "sell by date" Over here, the supermarkets throw away TONS of perfectly good food. but it's put into locked containers so that people like us, who laugh at "sell by date" and "best before" bollocks, can't get at it. I remember in South Africa, there was a glut of butter, so the fucking government dumped it into the sea, rather than give it away to the peasants. In the UK, I remember thousands of gallons on milk being dumped, but they wouldn't give a single pint of it away to the poor bastards who were starving. The governments and corporations, world-wide are completely corrupt and totally out of control.
  21. NO. The evil bastard in the USA, researching EVERYTHING they can dream up to be used as a weapon, have been trying to modify the weather to use it as a weapon. They've been spraying shit into the atmosphere, shooting atomic missiles at the sun, trying to create earthquakes and using HAARP, to change weather patterns. Add to that the tons of depleted uranium they've been spreading everywhere, causing cancer and deformities. As I said before, because the fucking Yanks are doing it, so are the Russians, the Chinese and who knows who else. The ONLY thing America is interested in selling is weapons and DEATH. The USA are the prime reason that everything is turning to shit.
  22. I'll be ready to quote this back at you in a few months when they make "Jabs" MANDATORY. The only right you can never lose is the right to DIE. You lost all other rights years ago but you still have the illusion of rights, like you have the illusion of free, fair and democratic elections, or freedom of choice of your doctor (unless you can afford to go private).
  23. CORRECTION : You HAD the right to decline whatever drugs are DEMANDED. Thanks to the morons out there, you lost ALL of your rights. It's not the Govt that needs to DEMAND, it's the moronic masses. Worse, I see people even on this forum who 'forgive' them and want to keep them as friends. Some fucking friend!
  24. It isn't the govt, it's the moronic fucking people who don't have two brain cells to rub together!
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