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  1. Another ploy to keep people's hopes for freedom alive and to keep the sheep in their pens, whilst the wolves roam free. Like everything else, NOTHING will happen and it will just fade away in week or two
  2. NO, it isn't the pollen. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HAY FEVER OR A COMMON COLD. They have decreed that the DEADLY Delta variant has the exact same symptoms as Hay Fever and a Cold. You don't have hay fever. You gave the super deadly Delta variant. You need a hospital NOW and a ventilator or you might not die. Rush NOW to your doctor, get "The Jab", let him send you to hospital and tell them to put Vovid-19 on your death-certificate. You doctor's gotta live you know. He NEEDS the money
  3. After living in Africa, sleeping in the bush, sleeping in cockroach infested houses with no water, I have to be honest. I'm a very long way from being the cleanest most hygienic person on earth. In Africa I could go for days without even being able to wash my hands. I have a cast iron fucking immune system, but I manage to get SARS-COV-1 in 2003 and it was rough. but I survived with no doctor and no hospital, just acupuncture. I heard the saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness. - Not a fuck Cleanliness is a good way to shorten your life. There's a huge difference in being "not smelly and not dirty" and washing your hands every 15 minutes! Tlatter is STUPIDITY
  4. Absolutely. ALL these so-called "Lawyers for Freedom" have one purpose and one purpose only. They are they to keep you having false hope. Having false hope will prevent an uprising. An analogy : In the late 1980's back in South Africa, the white population were getting very militant with Chrome Dome de Klerk, poised to hand South Africa on a plate to a bunch of child murdering terrorists. There was a political Party called the AWB, led by Eugene Terreblanche who was preaching violence and the overthrow of the government. More and more people (both black and white) were joining. Another high profile politician, Andries Treurnicht, actually walked out of Parliament and started a new political Party called "The Conservative Party". The premise of the Conservative Party was NO Violence. Peaceful Demonstrations. Refuse to vote in the upcoming Referendum. He assured everyone, that only as a very last resort, would they support any violence. Several high-ranking military generals were among the prominent. They had massive rallies, massive demonstrations (all very peaceful) Violence is not the answer, they said. The AWB should be shunned and so it went on. There was only one teeny problem. Andries and Chrome Dome had agreed that the new Conservative Party should be featured as prominently as possible and people should be encouraged ro join. What was the actual effect of the Conservative Party? EVERYONE was fooled, They truly expected the CP to stop SA being given away. What did they actually DO? FUCK ALL! But it worked, South Africa went with a whimper, not even a shot was fired.. If this doesn't ring bells with Fuellmicht and Doctors for Freedom and all that shit, then you deserve all you get. BTW - I see almost ALL of these "Freedom" Parties are now handing out the begging-bowl now for support. I'm getting one or more emails every week trying to pry money out of me. They can go fuck themselves! I guess you'll all be giving generously so they can join the rich and powerful.
  5. The resemblance is remarkable, but compared to Whitty, Pennywise is a benevolent, warm-hearted, kind and caring person!
  6. Now, every year, in the UK, in excess of 100,000 children 'go missing'. In the USA, over half a million children vanish every year. What about the hundreds being abused as we write and the ones that will never grow up, because that have been murdered to satisfy the whims of the rich and perverted. Where do they all 'disappear' to? Let's have a think. Some will be addicts and drop off the grid. Some will be runaways (probably because of sexual abuse by a relative). Some will join gangs. What about the rest? How many are groomed (for want of a better word) and then sold to big pharma 'black' sites for experimentation? Better than animals and the bodies easily disposed of (acid, crematoria, pig food). How many get sold as 'toys' for the filthy rich and disposed of when they tire of them? How many are kept as sex slaves and exported to other countries as prostitutes? How many exported for forced labour? How many are sold for human sacrifices? We aren't even looking at the "Grooming gangs" in most of the big cities, that the police ignore for fear of being labelled 'racist'? That happens in plain sight and no one does anything about it. How many children are taken from their parents "for their own safety", sent to care centres or foster homes and then "run away" (more often sold to pedo gangs and then they simply vanish)? Pedophilia, homosexuality and lesbianism grows every year. Men can no longer "chat up" girls as we did when I was young. If you "chat up" a girl, it's sexual harassment. Now if you date a girl and have sex, there's a good chance that she'll regret it next day and scream "RAPE" So young men rather than risk the slur of sexual harassment or date rape, become homosexuals OR sexually abuse children (usually in their own family). Women are being raised and brainwashed that men are evil, so they look to other women OR male children in their own families. Incest has been rife for centuries, it will never stop. It's happening every day "under the table". The filthy rich and the Roman Catholic Church are the biggest pedophiles on earth. We must also add that a lot (and it's more and more every year) of young men have such low testosterone that they "can't get it up". Well not hard enough for penetrative sex anyhow. We can thank plastics, food additives, chem trails, toothpaste, perfumes, deodorants, air fresheners leather preservatives Roundup, and the shite they put (deliberately) into the water. (There was a rumour that the EU were planning to put oxytocin into the drinking water to make people less anti-immigrants. Not sure if they did, we have a big water filter, so it probably got trapped. I hasn't affected us, anyhow.) Who is responsible? SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES, the media, and the fucked up society and family values that we have allowed the Jews to create for us. If you are rich and powerful like Gates, Soros , Jimmy Saville, Biden, peers, barristers, judges, royalty, you can be a pedophile and nobody will ever say a word. Just don't get caught if you aren't rich.
  7. With most of the population having joined the choir invisible, there'll be less need for pills, they have all milked covid-19 and have millions stashed away by now. Any left-over goyim and infidels that need pills - well fuck them!
  8. There are two possibilities here : 1. Turd Boris will announce a change of heart a day or two before 19th 2. More likely, PCR the ramped up to 70 and millions of new "cases" and fake deaths PROVING to the rest of the world that the evil ugly cunt Navarro and the WHO were right. Masks and lockdowns forever to defeat the Kappa, Lamda, even deadlier variants, quintuple, hextuple mutations
  9. I received this from a friend, it's a newspaper from 2011
  10. Has anyone found this? https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-06-29-darpa-built-covid-help-bill-gates-who.html
  11. It will be gone long before then!
  12. I'm 80, never had a vaccine even as a kid, refuse to wear a muzzle, wouldn't even consider hand sanitizer. Make our own toothpaste, beer, wine, avoid anything in plastic, don't take medication (drugs and poison) from doctors. How come I am as well?
  13. https://sputniknews.com/science/202106301083273052-scientists-discover-oldest-strain-of-black-death-which-killed-millions-of-people/ Funny that I can't see it on Icke, but its on my computer 09:49 GMT 30.06.2021(updated 09:50 GMT 30.06.2021)Get short URL by Max Gorbachev 2104 Subscribe The infectious disease is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. In the beginning, the plague only affected rodents, but over time it mutated and was able to infect humans, which occurred via insect bites. Scientists from the University of Kiel, Germany, have discovered what has been dubbed patient zero of the Black Death, which is estimated to have killed up to half of Europe's population between 1347 and 1351. According to the findings of their study, published this week in the journal Cell Reports, the oldest strain of bubonic plague was found in the remains of a young man, who lived in present-day Latvia. The researchers decided to sequence his genomes and tested them for bacterial and viral pathogens. To their amazement they found that the man, who died in his 20s or 30s, was infected with an ancient strain of plague. The discovery suggests that the infectious disease began infecting humans about 7,000 years ago, when agriculture began evolving in Europe. Researchers say that the ancient strain of bubonic plague was less contagious and virulent than the one that killed millions of people in Europe and Asia.
  14. Is this what Bill Gates is planning to release "to make them take notice"? (and to cull anyone not taking "The Jab"?). Scientists Discover Oldest Strain of Black Death Which Killed Millions of People https://sputniknews.com/science/202106301083273052-scientists-discover-oldest-strain-of-black-death-which-killed-millions-of-people/
  15. The rulers will NEVER give up their total domination of the mindless masses. The mindless, moronic masses want even more draconian measures "to protect them". so why should governments not give them what they want? Go on, have another peaceful protest, you KNOW they will take notice!
  16. Do you think the Muslims are any better?
  17. Don't be fucking stupid. They are already doing it. What do you think changed?
  18. I am so sick and tired of all the people on this forum waiting in hope that the bullshit will end. You are like fucking ostriches, burying your heads in the sand and pretending that your protests and all this rhetoric about Court Cases is one day going to return everything to normal. YOU ARE DELUDING YOURSELVES! All this rhetoric from Reiner Fuellmich, American Front Line Doctors and all the others that you live in expectation for action, are only allowed to spout their bullshit to keep you living in hope that they are going to change things. That the Courts will actually allow these cases to be heard and especially allow one of them to be won. These are ILLUSIONS, to keep you occupied whilst they plan your demise. They have a job. That job is to keep you from resorting to violence. Keep you quiet, ever waiting for that magical day when things return to normal. They are doing a GREAT job. Fuck all! LIFE WILL NEVER RETURN TO NORMAL. The governments of the world DARE NOT admit that they fucked up. The brainwashed morons, clamoring for more kill shots, will DEMAND more stringent mandates and regulations. Even when their hopes of being allowed to go on holiday are dashed, they still believe the garbage that Governments are tossing into the trough that you read and hear every day. Sad to say, this site is doing a fine job at reinforcing this illusion, that soon, one day, things will be the same and you'll be free again. Pull your heads out of your arses and face reality. Masks, Social Distancing, 'Bubbles', more "Jabs", more lost jobs, more poverty, more deaths. WILL NEVER GO AWAY! I used to visit this site every day, but now I realize its just cementing the illusion that all the so-called "Lawyers for Freedom" are spouting, I just can't be bothered any more. Turn the other cheek. Peace at any price. Don't fight. Violence doesn't solve anything. Good luck with that!
  19. MOST people don't want the lockdown to end. All the silly twats being interview by RT want to lockdown to be PERMANENT to protect them from the 'deadly' virus. I did tell you that the June 'back to normal' was pure bullshit. Now I'll tell you again. THE ONLY WAY THAT THE LOCKDOWNS, MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, HAND WASHING AND BULLSHIT WILL END, IS WHEN THERE IS A REVOLUTION. If this was ever to happen, it would be civil war, because the supporters of this insanity will fight to the death, those who want it to end. IT IS NEVER GOING TO END!
  20. The total, utter, complete idiocy of people and the intelligence of the Covid-19 virus was demonstrated today on Belgian TV. The Covid-19 virus is FAR cleverer than we thought. The Flemish Parliament was on TV this morning. The dumb, fucking idiots all sit around wearing their muzzles, but when they want to speak, they take off their diaper and woffle on. As soon as they shut the fuck up, they hastily put their diaper back on. Proves that : 1. The virus only attacks people who are sitting around doing nothing, but as soon as they want to spout bullshit, the virus stands down and becomes non-infectious 2. Politicians are just stupid, brain dead cunts.
  21. They've been doing it for years and judges, peers, police, politicians and even royal are all involved. Pakistani grooming gangs, massive pedophile rings. Nothing is ever done about it. Now, a six year old can decide it wants to change it's sex but you need to be EIGHTEEN before you can consent to sex, because until then you aren't old enough to make that decision, but you are old enough at SIX to decide to be transgender. What a fucked up world we are living in.
  22. I would suggest, medical experiments, human sacrifices and sex-slaves to the massive pedo ring in the UK which has been successfully allowed to exist for years and that's apart from the Middle Eastern grooming gangs, which still exist, despite that a very few have been apprehended.
  23. And what have all the afore-mentioned judges done about the government run pedophile ring.? FUCK ALL Why. because many of them are part of it. What do you think happens to the 100,000 plus children that disappear every year in the UK? Abducted by aliens?
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