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  1. Jesus Christ! How many times do I have to say this. In 1918, there was the Spanish 'Flu. My grandfather and grandmother AND my great-grandfather and great-grandmother survived it as did all their children including my mother. In 2013 there was SARS-COV-1. I have no idea what it was, but I got it. It was the worst dose of 'flu that I have ever had. I say it was 'flu, probably bronchial bacterial pneumonia. I really don't give a fuck what you call it. I was VERY ill. I could barely breathe. I didn't even go to a doctor(?). My lungs were full of fluid. The noise I made trying to breathe kept the entire house awake. I got acupuncture, stayed in bed, drank lots of fluids (especially orange juice - I was in Belize). I was like that for 4 days, felt like shit for weeks after. in 2018, we all got sick with whatever the fuck they chose to call it. We stayed home, stayed warm, took Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and a concoction of the boiled juice made from grapefruit and Lemon peel. We were VERY sick for 5 or 6 days, and we all felt like total shit for almost two months afterwards. We aren't overweight. We don't eat shit. We exercise (well used to do before we were all put under house arrest) There were NO fucking masks, NO fucking Social distancing, NO useless PCR tests, NO self isolation, NO track and fucking trace, NO fear porn of people dropping like flies and hospitals bein 'overwhelmed'. It's all BOLLOCKS. That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet. Call it what the fuck you like. Most of the people that die, die of the same reasons every year. Unless you stuff your gut with bars of chocolate and eat shit and take medication for imaginary illnesses (caused by overeating and under exercising), you have a 99.6% of recovery just by staying home, staying in bed. keeping warm, drinking fluids. The only medication you need is Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D. Doctors shit makes you worse, hospitals prefer you to die, because they only feed you on DRUGS to make big pharma happy. There is a cure for everything growing in the soil and all you need after that is YOUR MIND. If you believe you are going to die, you probably will. Every time I get sick (and I'm over 80), I fight the problem and I KNOW, that I'm going to beat it. If you spend your life thinking about dying, by the time death gets you, you will never have really lived. I never think about death. I don't believe in Hell, nor do I believe in Heaven. You just cease to exist. If you want some fucking comport, sit back in your armchair and think what things are going to cost in 50 years time. Just imagine all the mosques, all the immigrants all the rapes, murders, robberies, censorship. What a fucked up world it's going to be. If you can visualize life in fifty years from now YOU'LL BE FUCKING GLAD TO DIE,
  2. I think we are looking at the all wrong. 40% of UK people demand to keep face masks and social distancing mandatory. Alas, we have no statistics. but I will hazard a guess. The majority are White females and a sprinkling of white obese elderly men. I'm also fairly certain that most of them are either 'Woke", BLM supporters or Climate Extinction supporters. I see more White supporters of BLM than Black. Odd that. the cunts have a death wish. Now if every one of these is "Jabbed" and every one is now sterile or queueing up to die, isn't this a GOOD thing rather than a bad. My wife an daughter will NEVER get vaccinated, but if one of them did, I would have so little fucking sympathy, I wouldn't even bother to arrange a funeral when they kicked the bucket. Just give the body to science and they can do whatever they like with it, they would get ZERO respect from me. Finally IF the other 60% grow some balls and stop this shit. Just think what a fucking wonderful world it will be!
  3. Take away their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and they wouldn't last a week. Its ten times worse that heroin. Take away Google and they would be lost. NEVER use Yandex, those nasty horrid Russians, will be watching. Of course the USA would never DREAM of monitoring you 24 x 7 nor would your mate Boris!
  4. What? By peaceful demonstration?
  5. When you've seen the exact same thing happen TWICE before, there is NO doubt, It's just all BOLLOCKS to keep you quiet until it's too late!
  6. There is only ONE way to beat the tyranny and everyone knows what it is, but the shrunken testicles overwhelm reality.
  7. That's one of the great things about the bible. You can use it to prove any hypothesis you care to dream up, no matter how ludicrous. Finally if you are REALLY stuck and you can't prove something your particular version of Christianity needs, all you need to do is your own NEW translation. My grandmother swore that Dinosaurs never existed. Nothing could be millions of years old, because the earth is only 7,000 years old and she could prove it from her bible.
  8. It's just smoke and mirrors. They will do NOTHING! It's all part of the script.
  9. So where is the petition to STOP the bullshit?
  10. What difference will it make? - FUCK ALL!
  11. Blah, Blah, Blah. Peace at any price. Obey the law. Patience "Alles sal reg kom!" Now where did I hear those words millions of times?
  12. The public DEMAND more lockdowns, more masks. You should wear them in bed. EVERYTHING must be shut down. Stay in your home, Amazon will deliver food to your home by drone. The Foodbank will deliver food by drone (if they remember). Close all schools and universities. Brainwashing is easier online (subliminal advertising - OBEY). Ban all protests (except BLM and Global Warming). NO travel. ALL shops closed. All business closed (except Amazon) Monthly booster vaccines. Make sure that any newborn babies get "The Jab" IF there are any IT'S DEADLY and it's coming for YOU! Don't worry, you won't have to pay, nor will your grandchildren They'll all be fucking DEAD!
  13. There was a story (I believe it's true). I Japan, some years ago. A team of white coated individuals pushing a trolley full of medical equipment, came into a bsy bank. They closed and locked the doors, told everyone that a deadly biological disease had been released from a motor accident and they must all be given the antidote immediately. "You will feel dizzy and perhaps blackout for a while, so as soon as you get your jab, lie down on the floor." Customers and staff complied. The "doctors" then robbed the bank and everyone in it and left. When the police finally gor called everyone was dead and all the money gone. "OBEY, Only total compliance is acceptable!"
  14. Has anyone seen this. If it's true, then the Canadian Government must be shitting in their pants. https://www.bitchute.com/video/8cROaJnSsx1f/ Bear with it until the end. My only complaint is that thy should have executed the cunt on the spot. Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me.
  15. I know, I just stay in own garden. Just SEEZING these fucking morons killing themselves in their muzzles makes me wanto beat them to an unrecognizable pulp! I will never wear one of those face diapers.
  16. I understand that here in Belgium there is NO acceptable reason for not wearing a mask ZERO exceptions. As an alternative you MAY get permission from someone to wear a fucking visor instead!
  17. July 19 Either backtracking by BoJo OR Let 'em free for a couple of weeks, ramp up the PCR cycles to 70 or more and there will be MILLIONS more "cases" August Because of the millions of new "cases" in the UK, because they removed restrictions, we MUST act now, followed by more lockdowns world-wide. Britain is the example to the rest of the world September REAL cases start to rise because of "The Jab" This will be the new Lambda, Phi or Kappa quintuple mutation variant. More and FORCED "Jabs" January 2022 Covid-21 discovered. A new even deadlier variant. Anyone still alive, will be FORCED to get a brand new even more experimental "Jab" even more deadly. January 2023 Whilst the elite bunker down thousands of feet below ground, they release the Black Death, recently isolated from a corpse in Latvia. They'll probably release it in Russia and blame them. January 2025. The elite all genuinely immune against the Black Death (it's a bacteria) emerge from their bunkers. They round up survivors and transfer them to forced labour camps to work exclusively for them.
  18. Another ploy to keep people's hopes for freedom alive and to keep the sheep in their pens, whilst the wolves roam free. Like everything else, NOTHING will happen and it will just fade away in week or two
  19. NO, it isn't the pollen. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS HAY FEVER OR A COMMON COLD. They have decreed that the DEADLY Delta variant has the exact same symptoms as Hay Fever and a Cold. You don't have hay fever. You gave the super deadly Delta variant. You need a hospital NOW and a ventilator or you might not die. Rush NOW to your doctor, get "The Jab", let him send you to hospital and tell them to put Vovid-19 on your death-certificate. You doctor's gotta live you know. He NEEDS the money
  20. After living in Africa, sleeping in the bush, sleeping in cockroach infested houses with no water, I have to be honest. I'm a very long way from being the cleanest most hygienic person on earth. In Africa I could go for days without even being able to wash my hands. I have a cast iron fucking immune system, but I manage to get SARS-COV-1 in 2003 and it was rough. but I survived with no doctor and no hospital, just acupuncture. I heard the saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness. - Not a fuck Cleanliness is a good way to shorten your life. There's a huge difference in being "not smelly and not dirty" and washing your hands every 15 minutes! Tlatter is STUPIDITY
  21. Absolutely. ALL these so-called "Lawyers for Freedom" have one purpose and one purpose only. They are they to keep you having false hope. Having false hope will prevent an uprising. An analogy : In the late 1980's back in South Africa, the white population were getting very militant with Chrome Dome de Klerk, poised to hand South Africa on a plate to a bunch of child murdering terrorists. There was a political Party called the AWB, led by Eugene Terreblanche who was preaching violence and the overthrow of the government. More and more people (both black and white) were joining. Another high profile politician, Andries Treurnicht, actually walked out of Parliament and started a new political Party called "The Conservative Party". The premise of the Conservative Party was NO Violence. Peaceful Demonstrations. Refuse to vote in the upcoming Referendum. He assured everyone, that only as a very last resort, would they support any violence. Several high-ranking military generals were among the prominent. They had massive rallies, massive demonstrations (all very peaceful) Violence is not the answer, they said. The AWB should be shunned and so it went on. There was only one teeny problem. Andries and Chrome Dome had agreed that the new Conservative Party should be featured as prominently as possible and people should be encouraged ro join. What was the actual effect of the Conservative Party? EVERYONE was fooled, They truly expected the CP to stop SA being given away. What did they actually DO? FUCK ALL! But it worked, South Africa went with a whimper, not even a shot was fired.. If this doesn't ring bells with Fuellmicht and Doctors for Freedom and all that shit, then you deserve all you get. BTW - I see almost ALL of these "Freedom" Parties are now handing out the begging-bowl now for support. I'm getting one or more emails every week trying to pry money out of me. They can go fuck themselves! I guess you'll all be giving generously so they can join the rich and powerful.
  22. The resemblance is remarkable, but compared to Whitty, Pennywise is a benevolent, warm-hearted, kind and caring person!
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