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  1. I remember at school. We had certain compulsory subjects (Maths, English Language, English Literature, Fucking Frog, after that by the 3rd Form, you could pick I loved English and Literature. I won prizes for essays. I loved Chemistry, Physics, Biology. I Got 9 'O' Levels. Then they called me in to the careers master. "What career are you going to follow when you leave schools or University." "I want to be a veterinarian." says I. He looks in his book. "Oh no, you can't do that. You need Latin and you didn't take Latin did you?" "Isn't it a bit fucking late to tell me that now?" It's amazing, I ended up as a Business Manager, Computer Engineer, a firearms instructor, a Martial Arts instructor and a consultant dog trainer. When I was a consultant dog trainer for the military, one letter from the General to the veterinary college and they didn't even ask me if I was literate before they enrolled me into the veterinary course. Latin? What's that? Ain't life fucking great? Did I ever practice veterinary medicine? Not a fuck. By then I'd learned it was an even bigger fucking ripoff than human medicine.
  2. Right on. Just sit back, join our peaceful protests and alles sal regkom. You don't need to worry, Fuellmich has an ace up his sleeve - Now where did I hear that before? Oh yeah, just before they handed South Africa to a bunch of murdering terrorists.
  3. Serves the bitch right. I only hope she goes the same murderous cow!
  4. It makes NO difference. NOTHING will ever change, No government on earth will dare to admit they are liars and evil cunts. If the truth ever comes out and ever sinks in to these fucking brainwashed morons the streets will run red with blood.
  5. No government on earth DARE to back down now. They MUST keep this up to the bitter end. If ordinary asshole ever realize that they have lost everything, their loved ones, their jobs and their lives for a fucking hoax there would be MASS bloodshed. It's gone too far for too long. They daren't go back, EVER.
  6. Maybe he's just trying to keep you doing "Peaceful Protests"
  7. If you wait for a God to help you, you'll wait a fucking long time! Wishful thinking to replace your balls. Cloud Cuckoo land. WAKE UP.
  8. I don't have a smart phone, they can shove them up their arses. I still have my old Nokia.
  9. So if you want to take out a drug baron, surrounded by armed bodyguards, Leave the bodyguards and let them kill you, because the only way to get to the drug baron is first to get past the bodyguard, but don't hurt them. rather let them hurt you. - BOLLOCKS!
  10. You don't need a leader or training or money to break someone's legs with an iron bar, or to heave a brick at them. You don't need a leader or training or money to make a spear or a pike. All you need is BALLS. The problem is, not enough people have them and you are being brainwashed to believe that marching on a peaceful protest is going to make everything right. Alles sal regkom.
  11. Don't talk utter bollocks. Iron bars, axes, spears, bows and arrows, pieces of pipe, pieces of scaffolding. It's easy to make a nunchaku. Only one problem. One ingredient lacking BALLS
  12. By participating in peaceful protest and watching women being brutalized by the flatfoots?
  13. On the same level as fucking Indian 'gurus' and LSD.
  14. You have to ask yourself, WHY so much homosexuality. 1. Low testosterone. Testosterone levels in young white men is about half of what it was ain the early 1900s. 2. Men can't 'chat up' girls for fear of being labelled as sexual harassment. 3. Men run the risk of being accused of rape after being seduced by a girl who is piss drunk. 4. Doctors will NEVER prescribe testosterone for men lacking One of the reasons for the explosion in obesity. 5. White men's sperm count is now the lowest it's ever been. (why not Blacks and Mid East? They don't eat the same shit that white people are forced to do). (forced? TV and the billions of adverts)
  15. No, do tell. I hated the Beatles, the Stones and all the other shite.
  16. There is still one or more massive pedophile rings in the UK with ties right up to the royals. Do you know that 100,000 kids go missing every year in the UK and half a million in the USA. Some are sold for sacrifice, some as sex toys and some for kiddy porn and child prostitutes. They never get investigated too many people in government, police, and the law are involved. Everything is swept under the carpet.
  17. The problem was that little girls adored him, because they were extremely promiscuous back then. One of the 11 year old girls at the school I attended, bragged that JS had fucked her. Some of the under 16 girls toured all the local bands with a book and ticked off the names of band members they had sex with. I'm not sure about the little boys. I never knew of any boy where I lived that was 'gay'. One little boy of 9 at my school got expelled and sent off somewhere for raping a girl in his class. I found JS to be real creepy, but kids flocked to him. I'm pretty sure with most of the girls it was consensual. They would fuck anything 'famous'. Any boy who surrendered to JS, deserved all he got. Saville was a fucking creep. I wouldn't have gone into the same building with him, let alone the same room. I have zero sympathy. They opened their legs for anyone 'famous' and then as soon as people started MeToo, they all jumped on the fucking band wagon for MONEY. The Beatles heralded the end of melodic music and the beginning of drug use as well as immigration. All of these turds were pushed 24x7 on the radio and TV and we all know who controls that!
  18. I went to school until I was 18. I always wondered why I had to memorize shit by heart when I could go to a Public library and look it up. Now it's 10 times worse. Why the fuck would I need to know how to draw a picture of a fucking Bessemer Converter or who the king of France was in 1895, when I can look it up on the web in minutes? Apart from, Maths, English and writing. I can honestly say that I've never used anything that I had to memorize at school for their stupid fucking exams. Schools are purely for brainwashing now. The standard is set for the morons to pass. My wife went for an accounting exam a few years ago. She sat waiting to go in with a bunch of Muslims and Blacks. They were all reading the same book. She managed to nick one. It had the answers to all the questions - only for Blacks and Muslims. Fucking marvelous. She never bothered with another one.
  19. Do you really believe that your children and grandchildren for generation's to come aren't going to have to pay back every penny in taxation. If you believe that you are a fucking idiot.
  20. The entire Fuellmich thing, the Frontline Doctors the whole fucking issue is a SCAM. Fuellmich, the ACU2020, America Frontline Doctors, all of them are just a distraction to keep you from thinking that something is happening. It keeps all the fucking assholes out in the streets with banners, thinking that protesting whilst Fuellmich and the rest are working so very hard to bring this to an end. Don't worry my mate, Alles sal regkom. Fuellmich has an ace up his sleeve. How many times did I hear something similar in South Africa? The result? People sat back and let it happen. It's EXACTLY the same now. They are begging for money to keep up the 'good fight'. What are they doing? FUCK ALL. What are YOU doing? FUCK ALL. It isn't the government any longer. It's the PEOPLE. When you read the utter fucking CRAP on other Forums that people are saying, you want to throw up. They WANT more lockdowns. Even stricter. They WANT more vaccines. They WANT to close the schools. They DEMAND Vaccine Passport. They DEMAND mandatory vaccination. IT WILL NEVER END because there aren't enough people with enough balls to do the only thing that will stop this.
  21. Don't be fucking stupid. They'll either bring it back when the 'flu season starts or invent a new even more dubious one. If you haven't realized by now that this bullshit is NEVER going to end then there is something wrong with your head. Keep up the peaceful protests. If you do the same thing a million times and get the same result, convince yourself that next time will be different.
  22. Yes and my arse is a King-Sized watermelon and I had my fucking goldfish injected and all the ants in the garden and they're all fine as well. Go peddle your shit elsewhere. We don't buy it.
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