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  1. Riddle me this : Our fucking turnip-faced weather man says that this summer is the hottest on record for Europe (despite the massive flooding) The Energy Minister says the price hike for energy is due to an unusually cold summer. If that isn't fucking double think, tell me what is. Right our of George Orwell's 1984. I bet he never thought that things could ne MUCH worse than his imagination.
  2. The Belgium Minister of Health - Healthy eating folks, healthy eating. Remember the old days. Ït's me glands, y'know - (as she unwraps another Mars Bar) What about the Frog twat. Close to Whitty in looks. Pure fucking evil.
  3. The Health Ministers. Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, UK, France What an evil bunch of cunts. Just look at their eyes
  4. Well, you could stake them out naked someplace where there are lots of hungry rats, rather than caging them. No good feeding them to the pigs, not enough butchers and no one would ever eat pork again. No, definitely rats.
  5. Too many fucking 'peaceful protests' and NO ACTION. Why is Draghi still alive? Why is Whitty, Johnson et al?
  6. Hanging is far too quick. Castrate them without any anaesthsia. Fasten a face mask to them so it cannot be removed ever. Cut out their lying fucking tongues so they can't talk and then cage the cunts like they've done to us until the bastards die.
  7. Why Did Gates And GAVI Say Marburg Will Be The Next Virus We Will All Have To Deal With? 'They' Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use! https://rense.com//general96/next-virus.php
  8. The Africans are refusing the 'vaccine'. I still have friends in SA, they say white people are rushing and fighting for "The Jab", but hardly any Blacks (they don't watch TV or Social Media so they are not getting the subliminal messages). What better way to make them rush to roll up their sleeve? Malaria! BTW, Smith Kline French, spread the deadly parvo virus to world-wide dogs and pharma made billions out of "Parvo vaccines" which actually REDUCED natural immunity. Parvo was man made. We proved it. We proved that the 'Jab" actually reduced immunity. They started it by putting the disease (doctored feline panleukopenia) in the so-called "puppy measles vaccine", that people were urged to give puppies at 6 weeks to prevent Distemper. My colleague's research paper was shredded by the Dean of Medunsa Veterinary teaching Hospital, and he was told that if he ever mentioned this to anyone, he would be immediately dismissed. Vaccines are also killing dogs, making them infertile and causing an autism-like illness in dogs.
  9. They just forgot to mention that it sterilizes the recipients
  10. Guerilla warfare. Ask the Afghans and the Vietnamese. They did in in the last war, but back then men had testicles, not pink tutus and gender blockers. I only wish I was younger and a lot more sprightly rather than osteoporosis in both knees. They weren't so bad until they closed the gyms.
  11. Ours does, it's an old house and had a tiny (blocked off) fireplace. I unblocked it and used it as a chimney but I guess you could use steel or ceramic pipe. Very economical on coal (anthracite) 1/2 to 3/5 inch.
  12. https://www.saeyheating.com/nl/producten/categorie/multi-fuel-kachels Not sure if you can get them in the UK. Best bit of kit I ever invested in. My whole house gets heated with this little thing. We boil water on it, cook on it. Fucking fantastic. I's 14 degrees outside and 25 degrees throughout the house. Central heating is for hot water only, but if it runs out of oil, we can boil it on the kachel. Had it since 2007. Coal is cheap over here.
  13. Most of them are Indian and Pakistani's. They HATE the British with a passion. Not without good reason after what we did in their countries. You think they feel sorry for the despoilers dying off?
  14. Someone who has NO time for fucking morons, especially murderous ones who inflict pain and death upon children.
  15. Mikheil

    Disease X

    What are they actually doing, apart from the rhetoric? NOTHING. Will they ever DO anything? NO Will the great unwashed ever wake up to the fact they have been conned? NO Will the Governments ever back down? NO Quo vadis?
  16. Of course they were. It's CONTROL. Up there is the great super-spook. Every second, he's watching the lives of 8 billion people. He watches babies being killed. he watches little girls and little boys being raped and tortured. He watches elderly people being killed off, he watches the evil fucking Yanks murdering innocents with drone strikes and endless war. He watches babies dying of ebola, polio, cancer and he does FUCK ALL. But he loves you and all of this is part of his "Great Plan". One thing is for sure, if you sin (and there are billions of sins) He makes a note in his little black book so he can send you to Hell for eternal torment when some cunt like Bill Gates, kills you. If you actually believe this dogshit no wonder you believe in Covid-19, Dr Fauchi, Bill Gates, Masks and endless 'vaccines'.
  17. Two things trouble me : 1. How much of this is natural and how much is man made? I recall that back in the late 1950s or early 1960s a Russian wrote a paper showing how the earth is moving on its N S Axis and predicted another Ice Age. Of course like anything else Russian, it was instantly discredited, Then we have HAARP and the fucking evil Yanks trying to weaponize the weather, so you can bet that Russia and China are at it as well. 2. Every year since we came here on 2004, there have been millions of acorns. Last year we had some VERY cold weather, but not so many acorns. This year there are NONE. Logic says the trees know what's coming a lot better than the useless biased weather reports, so are we in for the granddaddy of all winters this year? With all the energy shortages, without heat, how many will die? Of course, every death will be Covid-19. It's very convenient if people are dying of cold. Makes me think that climate engineering is far better than we thought. I did predict all this on the Covid Forum a while back. I have a kachel (burns wood or coal) Not sure what it's called in English). I installed it in 2007. I've got oil-fired central heating, but we only use it for hot water. I can cook on the kachel. The only thing we need electricity for are the fridges and the computers. I have 2 x diesel generators. and 90 gallons of diesel. I've got a stock of almost 6 tons of anthracite for the kachel as well as wood logs I've got enough dried food and non-perishables, rice, pasta, flour. sugar, bog rolls to last me at least 6 months to a year. I wonder how many people have enough survival skills left to be able to eat and stay warm for more than a couple of weeks.
  18. Yes, these so-called virii are Natures way of helping the aged, suffering people. If you are old and you've neglected your body and your mind, then you must expect to reap what you have sowed. If you look after your body (exercise) and mind (being creative or solving problems). You can get old without being obese and suffering from dementia. If you've been unlucky enough to have parents who filled you full of poison "Jabs" and in later years, stupid enough to stuff doctors poison pills into your body so that they can get rich, it's hard to be sympathetic. When men reach 45, they should start looking at their FREE Testosterone (which 'doctors' carefully don't measure until you demand it. Most men over 45 should be getting exogenous testosterone injections . Most men are too fucking stupid and terrified of a pin prick to do this, so they get lazy and obese. It's YOUR body and if you neglect it, lust like neglecting your home, it will eventually fall to pieces.
  19. It's all bollocks and propaganda. Here, where I live, it's pissed down almost every day. here have been floods all over Europe. We had just about a week of sunshine, it got up into the 30s, whoopee. The rest of the time I've been wearing a cardigan. We have a real cunt, who calls himself a weather reporter. He's got a face like a fucking turnip. It doesn't matter what the weather is like, his forecast is always the same. If it's pissing down there's 'clearing' and every month he tells us that this month is the hottest since records began, even when the entire Europe is flooded. TV is NOT your friend. It's just a propaganda machine. I turned mine off, it's in the fucking basement now. I don't have the patience to listen to cunts spouting utter shit to convince even bigger cunts that the politicians are not talking out of their arses.
  20. Usually at this time of the year, most of the leaves on the oak trees outside my garden have autumn red/brown leaves, lots of acorns and there's a carpet of leaves and those bloody acorns on my lawn. This year the leaves are still green. I don't see any acorns at all. There are a few leaves on the lawn, but those were blown off by the high winds that suddenly come out of nowhere. When I was a kid. Midsummer Day was the summer equinox on 21st June. Midwinter Day, the 21st December, the Winter equinox. I notice that Google has changed nature, they say that June 1st is the START of summer and December 1st, the START of Winter. It appears that the seasons are moving. Is this being a result of weather manipulation or the earth's axis changing? The entire premise of Global Warming is pure bullshit. I remember when the climate changed. It was after they panicked about smoke and smog and then they created smokeless zones and stopped coal fires and it was then that the climate turned to shit.
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