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  1. Do you realize that every minute of every day, 7 days per week and 52 weeks per year, EVERY single appliance connected to the internet is being scanned to check what software you have and to test for open ports and vulnerabilities.


    Do you know there are over TWO THOUSAND of these evil fucking things being operated?


    Here's the list. https://github.com/krsmanovic/block-shodan-stretchoid/blob/master/mikrotik-blacklist-result-example-rsc.txt 


    These companies running these scanners claim that it's purely for research. making the internet a safer place—BOLLOCKS!


    They claim it's 'ethical hacking—BOLLOCKS! One of the primary rules of ethical hackers is THOU SHALT FIRST ASK PERMISSION. These cunts feel they have RIGHT to scan your computer.whenever they feel like it.


    The worst of all is stretchoid. I bet they are run by the USA there are over a THOUSAND all running on Digital Ocean a US company with world-wide tentacles.


    Do you wonder why your computer is running so slowly sometimes? I've had as many as 20 of these fucking scanners busy scanning my servers at the same time. They never stop.


    There are two ways to stop these evil twats.


    If you have server (like the one running this forum) you look for a hidden file called .htaccess you take each and every ip address/subnet and put it into a text file with the two words 'deny from' in front of it.


    deny from
    deny from
    deny from


    It's a fucking long list, there are over 2000 and they keep creating new ones. Add these fucking scanners to the shitload of spam mails and hackers bots and you wonder why the internet is so slow and your computer is being hacked without you even knowing it.


    But I only have computers in my house for my family. How can I prevent them?


    Take an old PC (get one from ebay or the second hand shop). a 5 or 10GB hard drive is plenty. 8MB RAM is fine. Install either FREE OPNsense Firewall (best) or FREE Smoothwall Express Firewall. Add every one of these asshole nasty fucking IP addresses to it.


    Make sure you have a PROPER Password. These bots try every dictionary word, your bank account number, Car Registration number, birthdays, wives, children, dogs names. You think they don't know these. THEY DO. Most of them are run by Govt agencies and they have access to the DVLA, Births, deaths, even fucking veterinary records.


    So how do you make a password and stop using password123 or qwerty or xxxx?


    Pick a phrase. Any phrase you can remember. DO NOT USE THIS EXAMPLE

    The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

    Take the first letter of each word - tlimsisnw 

    Make the first two letters Upper case - TLimsisnw

    Convert i=1, a=4, o=0, s=5 so TL1m515nw

    Good start. Now add either one of @#$! followed by your birth year


    Let them crack THAT!


    You think your IP Address hasn't been hacked by someone? Test it.

    1. https://whatismyipaddress.com/

    This gives you your PUBLIC IP Address

    2. https://mxtoolbox.com/SuperTool.aspx?action=blacklist%3a+

    Enter the IP address you got from Step 1


    Run down the page and you'll see if you have a clean IP address or not


    Why bother?


    Because if you have a blacklisted IP address, any mail you send to a PROPERLY configured mail server (like mine or protonmail) with be REJECTED. So when you send a mail to company A and wonder why you don't get a reply, you now know why.


    What can you do about it?


    FUCK ALL except COMPLAIN and KEEP COMPLAINING to your ISP. Threaten them with legal action because your mails aren't being delivered and it's THEIR fault and you are losing money. Remember very time you start your computer your ISP hands out your IP address unless you pay extra for a FIXED IP Address and it can be different every time.


    ISPs should cut of anyone sending spam (usually accidentally because they don't even know they've been hacked—piss poor passwords are the main reason) and force them to fix the problem and create a proper password. It's not rocket science. ISPs KNOW when computers are spewing spam or worse being in a hacker bot. They just don't give a fuck as long as you keep paying.


    Finally let's look at email. Are you using gmail? Why not just cc all your emails to the CIA, MI6 and every fucking spy agency in the world? Do you REALLY think Google is secure? If you do, you are fucking insane. Hotmail? Yahoo? Any FREE email provider. EVERY mail you send is scanned by every fucking spy agency. If you're happy with that fine. Want to test?


    Write an email to a few friends, tell them you have Sciatica or AIDS or cancer. Within a day or two you'll be getting targeted ads and spam mails offering 'cures'. Why? No prizes for guessing!


    If not you could try Hushmail, it's secure, It's cheap, BUT if the CIA demand they release your mails to them, they spring to attention and roll over for their tummy to be scratched!


    Anonymousspeech VERY secure, but EXPENSIVE and they get a lot of spam and they only blacklist NAMES, which is a total waste of time because ONE IP Address can have a billion forged names.


    Protonmail is probably the best. It costs less that 1 Euro per week and I've never had a spam mail. It's double encrypted and their servers are encrypted AND you can send PGP encrypted mail with them as well. You can get a months trila (I think) from here https://pr.tn/ref/BXYXAV91T75G


    If you want lists of just the IP addresses of each of these bastard companies. I've split them up so I have a list for shodan, a separate list for stretchoid etc.


    If you would like these lists, PM me. 


    Hope at least you learned SOMETHING from this.


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  2. On 6/6/2023 at 11:39 PM, k_j_evans said:

    And the horse version, if anything, is likely to be less toxic than the human version, as a racehorse or show jumper is a lot more valuable than a human.

    We proved in South Africa that the veterinary version of most drugs are (a) Cheaper and (b) much more pure.


    Parvo-Virus was the test bed for all these 'virii' they are spreading. Parvo was distributed with the Smith-Kline-French puppy vaccine, known as the 'puppy measels vaccine' at the time.


    A colleague PROVED that the parvo 'vaccine(?)' actually LOWERED the antibody count and that every booster lowered it even further.


    When he finished the research paper, the Dean of the faculty called him into his office. Took the research paper and fed it into the shredder and told him that if he ever repeated 'nonsense' like this he would be fired.


    How much notice did people take when we spread this information? FUCK ALL.


    Parvo was a bio-weapon trial on dogs.

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  3. 57 minutes ago, jack121 said:

    Yep, i have to agree. There are millions of children in the homes and millions of couples wanting to adopt, but they cannot, as the royals and the government demand a supply of young children for their adrenochrome satanic sacrifices. There has been so many cases of chidren going missing from homes, and the staff pretend they do not know what has happened to the child, even they though they are supposed to see the child everyday feed the child every day give the child a medical every day tuck the child in to bed at night, the child has been missing for months and the staff just shrug their shoulders and walk away, ofcourse they most certainly know and they are making large sums of money out of selling children to paedophile gangs

    It's been happening for years and stretches deep inside the elite and governments. Over 100,000 children go missing every year. Sure a lot are runaways and addicts, but a shitload are being abducted, and sold (some by workers in social services) to traffickers, who pass them on when they are tired of them to Eastern European or Africa countries as prostitutes.


    When one pops up on the radar, documents go missing, technicalities delay proceedings and it's subjected to a massive cover up. Some of the 'elite paedohiles (Epstein) 'commit suicide' (he stabbbed himself in the back 32 times a bad case of suicide - OR - the post -mortem revealed he's been drinking - best not mention the 0.22 mm hole in his head!). Others just 'disappear' and pop up in South America.


    In the USA 250,000 children 'vanish' every year. 


    Then there are the 'grooming gangs that are untouchable, because it's their RIGHT to rape 8 year old, because to stop them would be RACISM or ISLAMAPHOBIA.


    This world is truly FUCKED. Bring on the nuclear war, let' REALLY drain the swamp the we have 15 or 20,000 years to get back to where we are now and fuck it all over again.



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  4. 12 hours ago, Human10 said:

    mainly due to walkouts in the health and education sectors

    Lazy farts still got long covid... They could push still BS if they could... 😠


    You can't blame the people for refusing to work. Why should they? Taxes take a huge amount of what people earn, income tax, VAT, property tax death tax, and every year they dream up new ways to waste taxpayers' money.


    Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE refused to work? A big fat FUCK YOU to the corrupt, unelected government. 

  5. 15 hours ago, SimonTV said:



    As much as she thought her brother was dumb, her know it all arrogance killed her daughter. 


    It's just a pity the kids have to die and not their dumb ass parents. Mind, having said that, the kids of this generation are so fucking dumb and brainwashed, they are a waste of space anyhow. All they are good for is being trannies and fucking 'eco-warriors'

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  6. 10 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    hyper-inflation or no i would still recommend people get rid of their smart phone but i know its a sore point....i know its like crack cocaine


    i've never had a smartphone so having never huffed on that crackpipe, so to speak, i've never developed that addiction


    Dead on mate. We stick with the old Nokia dumbphone

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  7. 12 hours ago, SimonTV said:


    Its off topic but we need new government's to just stop this shit


    Yeah, you need SIR Keir Starmer and whether you need it or not, that's what you're gonna get!


    With him, a bunch of even bigger brainless cunts who are determined to turn the UK into an even bigger Third World shithole than it is currently, with more and more black and Muslim cunts running the show along with the trannies, moffies and lesbos

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  8. No one seems to have mentioned that the (unelected) EU have now made a LAW requiring cattle farms to lose. They are closing over 3,000 farms in Holland and this is going to spread all over the EU if they get away with it.


    No more meat, no more milk, no more butter, no more cheese, no more lard, so any cooking like bread, cakes or such 'luxuries', will have to use trans fats, man made shite. I wonder who has the most shares in man made shit food?


    If the EU is allowed to get away with this, we are going back to the fucking stone age. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Gates, Fauci and all the other evil Jewish bastards, will live in castles, and we'll be their serfs. Back to the old days of 'Droit du seigneur' where the 'elite' could claim the right to fuck the daughters of the plebs they fancied.


    What a wonderful world to look forward to!

  9. On 4/17/2023 at 3:36 PM, Observations said:

    That’s a video worth sharing. I notice the bee keepers are called Vast Harvest Permaculture.

    The authorities killing bees through fear of Verona mite.


    What a sad world. This destruction reminds me of mad cow, bird flu, covid. And so on. There is always someone in the comments section who justifies this type of procedure; for the greater good, huh?!  


    It's not the first time. My grandfather kept over 100 hives of bees and in the 1950s the newly formed 'Bee Keepers Association' (no prizes for guessing what race all the 'head hocho's' were), killed thousands of hives for 'Isle of Wight disease'. Which was totally spurious, BUT, from then on, they controlled all the bees and beekeepers in the UK

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  10. 3 hours ago, jack121 said:

    I felt like turning the heating on as well, but luckily i was wearing my ski clothes so did not feel the cold so much.

    I just have to tell you about the clothes as i have told about everyone else i know. Please buy some ski clothes, salopettes, or ski trousers. They are brill !!

    You can walk around all day, and you don't feel the cold. Walk out of the front door, the rain just drips off you, the wind just bounces off you.

    They don't cost much more than ordinary clothes, like £40 for a pair of ski trousers, and they are so warm.

    I wore them on a sking hoilday a few years ago, i could sit on the ice and not even feel it.

    A must have item in todays global tampered world.

    I haven't noticed any increases in violence in my area, what is the reason for this, are you living a city. It's usually quieter in the towns


    When I was young, Midsummer day was 21 June. Google changed that, because they labelled June 1 as the START of summer (bollocks) and the cunts believe everything Google says.


    Now today is 1st June and we've had temperatures reach over 20 degrees for the first time 3 days ago, the sun is shining, but the temperature you FEEL is cold, because there's a cold breeze and the wind chill factor makes it feel much cooler than it is. 


    Every year until 2021, I had to put the fan on in the bedroom at night. Last year ONE NIGHT ONLY. We only let out wood/coal stove go (almost) out 3 days ago. The FIRST year we've not let it go out in early March.


    The stupid cunts on TV are screeching the 'Global Warming' or 'Climate Change' every day. For sure there's climate change. IT'S GETTING COLDER!


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  11. 17 hours ago, Shake said:

    Agreed. It must be the vaccines or they are mental in the first place


    Brainwashed by the schools, the Churches and the media. Men are useless thugs. Men aren't necessary. (Hey, they might be OK to buy you a house and furnish it and after that they can piss off.) 

  12. 12 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    But the elephant in the room is staring you in the face and that is what is causing this malady in the first place, we have been systematically poisoned, just take a look through the various food related threads and it quickly becomes apparent of this fact which is why i say DIY forever, grow your own food, disconnect from the system that is trying so desperately to use you as its vehicle for survival, step into your power and fully remove the trust you had in anything post three years ago, simplezzzz, 👍


    Yeah, sure. Grow your own food when gardens are the size of a postage stamp and there are no such things as allotments..


    What do you suggest? Grow them in your bedroom? To have a garden you need MONEY.

  13. 3 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    Or, no injectables at all, because all injectables are inherently dangerous, many have all been injected from birth unless you live outside of the reach of the medical establishment, and by that i mean either remotely or have strong convictions that says no, the truth of vaccination starts off with a glossy brochure of success with some horrific diseases that are claimed to be cured, turn the page though and the rest of the brochure is made of toilet paper, the PCR test will tell you that it is not the vaccine that did anything at all, it has always been the immune system that did the healing, and by that i mean the time that the disease emerged to the time it went away was masked by the intervention of the injectable so they, the 'virologists' claim correlation IS causation of cure or prevention of the disease, they point to it as the measure of success, and yet with the PCR you can find 'anything in anyone' including smallpox, so in conclusion does anyone really know what they have been injected with since birth?, i think not, this whole thing is a giant scam for the over entitled over privileged to over state the case for it and therefore over indulged and over worshiped and over paid, and it's about over time for this to be exposed, 👍


    I don't like to bust your bubble, but not ALL injectables are harmful. As we men get older, our production of testosterone decreases.


    Symptoms of low testosterone include:

    Reduced sex drive.

    Erectile dysfunction.

    Loss of armpit and pubic hair.

    Shrinking testicles.

    Hot flashes.

    Low or zero sperm count (azoospermia), which causes male infertility.

    Other symptoms of low testosterone in adults AMAB include:

    Depressed mood.

    Difficulties with concentration and memory.

    Increased body fat.

    Enlarged male breast tissue (gynecomastia).

    Decrease in muscle strength and mass.

    Decrease in endurance.


    Trying to get testosterone from ANY doctor is like getting a prescription for rocking horse shit. There are a few renegades out there, but if you aren't a fucking millionaire you can't afford them.


    You think men WANT to have the above symptoms? Today, even YOUNG men have low testosterone. Obesity, loss of muscle mass. Difficulty with memory.


    All this could be avoided BUT... Why would your corrupt government want you to live a long, healthy life and NOT have to live on pharma poisons?


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  14. 43 minutes ago, webtrekker said:




    Haven't a clue what you're on about. Where did I ever mention Ukraine?





    Very simple. You claimed I was Russian and then you went on the sake Fuck them all including Russians (нахер их всех, включая Россию!) Why would you hate the Russians?


    Simple. You believe all the bullshit about the poor little Ukrainians at the hands of the 'horrid ruthless Russians'


    How dare they attack a country who has such a clever and majestic president who was on YouTube playing the piano with his fucking DICK.


    You obviously prefer fucking asshole clowns like BoJo, Valensky, and Creeper, Brain-dead Biden. At least Putin cares about his COUNTRY. Do the twats in your Government? The USA? The EU? NO! They don't give a fuck about their country or the people in it. They collude to MURDER them with lethal injections and bio-weapons.


    They bow to the satanic cabal of Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates, Schwaab and the WEF.


    I repeat ебать их всех!

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  15. 2 hours ago, shadowmoon said:

    I hardly see any babies being pushed around now in my town.

    Vaxx sterility/stillbirths? Lack of money? 


    Many babies where you are. ?


    Maybe the probability of sexual harassment charges or date rape is sort of discouraging men. Not to mention trannies, lesbians and just men-haters in general.


    I'm only glad I'm no longer a young man. I'd be VERY wary of even TALKING to a woman now.

  16. 1 hour ago, webtrekker said:


    And you've personally witnessed all of this, yes?


    I can give stories of similar atrocities performed by nearly every other country and race in the world, including your own Russia.


    нахер их всех, включая Россию!





    Oh, I agree absolutely нахер их всех, включая Украину! You don't have to be Russian to learn it.

    I'm probably more fucking British than you, but unlike you, I don't fall for the wonderful, defenceless Ukraine propaganda bullshit.

    And yes, personally.

  17. 8 hours ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    Well put, we do indeed live and learn, I used to visit Varna road, in Balsall Heath the red light district of Brum where a few of my workmates { we never had colleagues then, only workmates}🤔 lived, and we used to visit a few pubs and shebeens { illegal drinking houses } and I'd end up blathered and wake up on a settee or even the floor in some black man's living room. The older West Indians I worked with were a great gang and full of devilment and there was never any serious threats as such, just the occasional bloke who'd had a few too many pints, mouthing off, but, I learned to curb that aggression over time!🤫 Watching West Indians play dominoes in a pub could be a little disconcerting at first, they'd slam their dominoes down with such force, and shouting as if a fight were on the way,  but that was just their style of playing!🤔 Those nights were where I got my passion for curried goat, Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Patties from! Good days, although you never fully appreciate them at the time, full appreciation is only in hindsight!👍


    Yes indeed. When you've seen nuns in Angola, gang raped, and hung upside down before being skinned alive. Perhaps your love of these fucking savages might get re-evaluated.


    When you've seen young men, brutally sodomized with their penis cut off and sewn in their mouths.


    When you've seen the paunching racks with humans being used as food. Just maybe you'll WAKE UP. 


    The only difference today is that instead of a military uniform, they wear SUITS.


    ебать их всех!

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  18. 7 hours ago, sock muppet said:

    who cares co2 is not an issue


    You miss the point entirely. What I'm trying to get at, is that none of these fucking 'eco-warriors' have ever even thought for a single second about the carbon footprint of storing spy camera data or of the Industrial arms complex.


    Maybe, just maybe, if this info was thrown at people on forums like this (and every other one out there), the silly self-opinionated little cunts might stop for a moment and ponder cows farting vs spy cameras vs weapons.

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  19. I don't live in the UK, and I don't know how one gets information from the Freedom of Information Act.


    I wonder if someone 'in the know' could formulate a request under the FOI.


    (a) How many cameras are in the UK

    (b) How many terra byes of data does each camera generate daily.

    (c) How long is the data stored for.

    (d) How much heat do the storage units for the data generate daily

    (e) What is the cost of cooling this storage per day/month/year.

    (f) How much CO2 does this cooling produce per day/week/month/year.


    A second FOI request could be How much CO2 is produced by every missile/bomb manufactured by UK arms companies when it is fired.


    How many missiles are used or exported every year in (a) war and (b) Training exercises. 

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  20. On 5/5/2023 at 9:35 PM, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Er, 80% of the ‘planes’ you see spreading that shit in the sky aren’t actually real planes. They look like planes, but they ain’t 


    We take what we can see for granted. It’s easy to fool us as our eyes can only see about 2% of physical reality and a fraction over 0% of the other realms 





    You're missing something here.


    There can be no doubt that Chemtrails are real. The USA have admitted it. Let's look at something else—HAARP or High Active Auroral Array Research Project.


    They call anyone who says it's being used to control weather, induce earthquakes and suchlike "nut jobs' who should wear tinfoil hats and conspiracy theorists. (Yeah,just like Area 51, UFO's and a shit ton of other stuff now conspiracy FACT.)


    Now if the USA have HAARP, then for 100% so does Israel. You can bet a pound to a pinch of Chinese-Crested dog shit that both Russia and China also have it. This gives us FOUR countries (at least) who are fucking with the weather and with fucking disastrous consequences.


    ANYTHING that the USA is discovered is weaponised. It's the only fucking thing they are good at. KILLING PEOPLE at the behest of their 'Elite' controllers. 


    Let's hope Russia and Chine nuke them from the face of the fucking planet. Then the UK can go back to what it used to be, a nation of family businesses.

  21. 22 hours ago, numnuts said:


    Indeed, if everyone had refused to go in to lockdown and just tossed their TV's from their homes, then no one would have noticed the slightest difference in their lives. I think it is now very safe to assume, a certainty even, that the next 'pandemic' will not be 'Covid'-related in any way, shape or form. The PTB need a new brand name to work with.  


    How many people remember the first 'scamdemic' of sorts. 


    How many people remember 1979 (I think it was). World-wide, there was the dire prediction. "We are on the point of running out of oil." Some countries had petrol rationing. All the media could talk about was 'Peak Oil'.


    Where I was living, you couldn't buy petrol after 18h00 and petrol stations closed on Friday at 18h00n and didn't reopen until 08h00 on Monday.


    The number of people who fell for this bullshit was incredible. We had people being assaulted for daring to drive a car. It didn't last for very long, because more people back then were a fuck lot less gullible than the cunts inhabiting our streets today.


    Peak oil didn't work. Global warming is slowly losing support of the PEOPLE, because they know it's all bollocks. Then we had the Scamdemic.


    Figures they've got to dream up something new. Return of the Messiah, Alien Invasion. World War III.


    One of 'em is on its way. Now the UK look like getting SIR Keir Starmer, who is Teflon Tony in disguise, but the silly cunts will vote for him because there is NO viable alternative. Unless you want the Liberal Democratic homosexual retards.

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  22. On 4/22/2023 at 7:53 PM, Mikhail Liebestein said:


    Here we go, yet more truth coming out finally. Funny how the 'conspiracy theorists' were right yet again: 




    EXCLUSIVE: Face masks may raise risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline due to build-up of carbon dioxide, study warns


    Face masks may raise the risk of stillbirths, testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children, 'explosive' new research suggests.


    A review of dozens of studies on face coverings suggested they can cause mild carbon dioxide poisoning when worn over long periods.


    The German academics who carried out the research believe masks create a pocket of dead space between the mouth and mask, which traps the toxic gas.

    They say the build-up of CO2 in pregnant women's bodies could cause complications for the unborn fetus. They point out that CO2 also contributes to oxidative stress, which can affect cognition and cause testicular issues in men.





    Do you think the Government, doctors and the 'sheep' will take any notice?

    Of course not. It's all 'conspiracy theory' and you should be wearing a tin hat and dosing yourself with horse dewormer.


    Trust your doctor. Trust the NHS, trust the WHO and if you have 12 kids and 10 die from 'The Jab', get the other two vaccinated as well. The vaccine(?) is 'safe and effective' everyone knows that. 

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  23. 21 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    FFS, they are now trying to shut down the UK unpasteurised cheese industry, probably because 125 geriatrics die of listeria each year.


    Ring any bells? 


    99.9999% won't be allowed to do something because 0.0001% have the constitution of an eggshell. 


    I eat loads of soft unpasteurised cheese, and have never been ill once.










    During the plandemic, I even postulated some of those "dying of Covid" would likely die of cheese mould if they tried a bit of blue cheese.


    Cheese has TRIPLED i price over here. Can't afford to eat it any longer.

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