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  1. 1 hour ago, Nemo said:

    Yeah, people don't actually know that the energy one uses accessing the internet far outweighs the cost of that they are charged for doing so. Most countries subsidise the huge cost of powering these servers.


    Private Bitcoin mines, without government subsidies, have thus sprung up in countries with either government subsidised fuel to offset the power costs like in Venezuela or in very cold countries where cooling the servers can naturally be done far cheaper.


    The idea that watching a video in 1080 uses double the energy and creates double the heat than watching in 720 does, multiplied by the many servers through which such data must be transferred and or processed makes the energy usage and heat production a problem for responsible and sustainable energy concerns.


    The Internet uses an average of about 5 kWh to support the utilization of every GB of data with global internet users consuming about 6.2% of the worldwide power supply. Energy producers generate roughly 29% of the global supply from renewable sources.


    A good idea was to install small data centres in the basements of buildings (instead of using large dedicated data centres) and use the heat to help supply heating to the entire building.


    However according to research, anywhere between 30% to 55% of a data center's energy consumption goes into powering its cooling and ventilation systems, with the average hovering around 40%.


    Just to put this into perspective. I can compress a 1.5 hour movie into around 200MB without losing too much quality (It's still clear).

    ONE spy camera is operating 24 hours daily That's 3.2GB Not sure of the additional power to record, but let's concentrate on STORING that data.

    It's estimated that there are around 4.2 MILLION cameras operating all over the UK. half a million in London alone.

    That's close to 14 TERABYTES daily.

    I understand from reliable sources that data is kept for a minimum of 3 years.

    So, take your 14 TB and multiply it by 1095 days and as data is kept on failover systems, multiply that by two (because it's stored on 2 different arrays).

    Maybe a heating engineer can calculate how much energy that data requires to keep (a) the servers collecting the data and (b) the drive arrays required to keep it and (c) Backups to keep that fucking ton of data COOL.

    I have a 6TB hard drive and it gets FUCKING hot very quickly.

    Take the figure the heating engineer calculates and work out the amount of CO2 that generates.

    Maybe someone like Grim Greta should start protesting  this shit, because we haven't yet taken into account all the data being collected and sold by Google, Facebook, and all the other social media sites.

    Nor have we taken into account that every email is scanned and collected as well especially Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. These are the most popular systems because cheap cunts refuse to pay to keep their communications PRIVATE. 

    Give it all the the tech giants so they can SELL it to advertisers. You can get a SECURE email system from Protonmail for 48 Euros per annum and they DON'T send spam and they DON'T scan your data and they DON'T sell it to any cunt who offers to pay for it.


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  2. 4 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    Exactly, ever thought you've been swindled, the Bee's are pissed too, Beevax 🤣👍




    No. Imagine the amount of CO2 produces in cooling all the data storage systems that hold billions of hours of spy videos, from cameras all over the world. Have you any idea how hot these storage systems get? Ever been into a computer server room when the air conditioning fails?


    There are storage systems containing God knows how many trillions of trillion terrabytes of data. Acres upon acres of storage, all of which need COOLING.


    The cooling of the spy storage in the UK alone is vastly MORE than the farts of every cow and human in the fucking world.


    Add to that the CO2 produced by the never ending wars, bombs and missiles, tanks, war games, and endless 'practice' flights of military aircraft.


    The entire premise of Global Warming and the 'concern' of cunts like Grim Greta is all BULLSHIT, but the brainless assholes out there, believe any fucking thing they see on the haunted fish tank or read in the propaganda rags.

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  3. 5 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    Errr…. stunned😦


    Minister…. For…..for health???!?!?



    Yep, and everyone knows that Belgium (according to them) is the centre of the known universe, because it's home to the EU and NATO and Maggie probably makes the Health rules for the EU (under the supervision of the WHO, CDC, FDA, the Gates Foundation, George Soros and the much beloved Anthony Fauci, the American hero doctor).

    Maybe she's trying to compete for the title of the Swazi Kings mother. 'The Great She-Elephant'.

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  4. 1 hour ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    It must be a woke term for an obese person. 

    Doctors should know better than to scoff themselves silly on cake and biscuits. 

    Promoting ‘weight inclusivity’ is almost as bad as the subject matter he/she/them/that thing/whatever is outing in the first place. 

    He/she/them/it is probably right though, these docs and cops are super corrupt, playing the system to get a good unnoticeable death. 
    If they microwave you for 20 years  as a slow kill, and there’s money behind you, it’s worth it for them. The end always justifies the means

    Hah, have you seen the Belgium Minister of Health.MaggiedeBlok.jpg.0c47bc57549b72b581a1798c4ca97eb6.jpg

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  5. 5 hours ago, Edmund Blackadder said:

    They're doing it in the former UK army also, check their recruitment website on who can join up.

    Yes, and they are going to covertly and later overtly, tens of thousands to the Ukrainian meat grinder for the Russians (and Ukes to murder) at will. Already thousands of Poles are dead and I believe Brits and Americans are also over there.


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  6. Christianity and religion are the biggest scams ever perpetrated on humanity. It was used by the 'rulers' (and there have always been rulers), to control the population.

    The Roman Catholic Church are even bigger liars and thieves than politicians. Millions have been murdered in the name of religion and the two worst ones are Christianity and Islam.

    Watch the movie 


  7. On 2/4/2023 at 11:02 PM, Ergo Storm said:


    Sorry but I think you're missing the point.  It's not really about who to trust.  When it comes to injecting things into your own body, it's foolish to trust anybody, other than in circumstances where the treatment is necessary.  If I break my leg and need surgery for this, I accept I need to put my trust in qualified people, as the treatment is necessary, so the question is whether masks, lockdowns and injections were and are necessary.


    You have to make your own decision about whether you think any of this was and is necessary, but I think anybody who looks at the official government statistics can see that it wasn't necessary. I don't need conspiracy theories.  I can just look at the government's own information and it tells me that wearing masks, lockdowns, injections, etc. was not needed.  None of it was necessary.  I don't need a medical degree to come to this conclusion, as it's within the field of any layman.  It's just a matter of clearing out of your head all the white noise from both the mainstream media and the alternative media,and then applying a sense of proportion. 


    If there were bodies literally piling up in the streets, or there was a serious demonstrable risk of this, I might revise my views, not least for my own safety, and I would then have to consider the issue of who I trust, but that is not the situation, so I don't need to go into that, nor is it necessary to come up with elaborate theories about the motives of people in authority.


    All anybody had to do was stop, look at the matter calmly by considering the facts, and think a little, and it would have been clear that it was all a load of nonsense.  In the first few days of it, back in March 2020 or whenever it was, I was slightly taken in but I stopped, looked at the matter calmly using facts from the mainstream media, and realised it wasn't quite right.  As time went on, it became clear that it was all nonsense.  It wasn't David Icke or Vernon Coleman or Richie Allen or anybody in the alternative media who influenced me, it was the mainstream media and the government's own information.  That was what told he it was all rubbish.  That's because, unlike 99% of people, I actually listened to what was being said and sought out some basic facts that could easily be found by anyone in mere seconds or minutes - all of it official information.  In consequence, I never wore a mask and never had the vaccines, and I'm still here.


    Not a question of 'trust', which is subjective.  Nothing to do with fancy theories about 5D masts, Chinese bioweapons, the CIA, Big Pharma, or lizards or whatever.  Just a matter of using your noggin.

    The second they mentioned "Asymptomatic spreaders" I think anyone with two grey cells to rub together would know it was pure unadulterated BULLSHIT.


    Asymptomatic spreaders are as common as rocking horse shit or chicken's teeth.


    Typhoid Mary was one - so fucking rare REAL doctors couldn't believe it and there's never been a mention of it since.


    As for masks there was (note WAS) a shitload of info about how fucking useless they were but Google 'sanitised' it and brought in 'new studies' (paid for by Govt and cunts like Fauci, Gates et al.,) proving (like 'The Jab') how safe and effective they were.


    The sudden disappearance of influenza to be replaced by Covid-19. (That which we call a rode, by any other name, would smell as sweet - William Shakespeare - a fucking long time ago), should also have got any remaining grey cells working and alarm bells ringing like mad.


    Anyone whose brain couldn't get around this can be labelled as a FUCKING MORON and whatever happens to them is well deserved. They should never be allowed to breed and produce more cunts like themselves.


    If you are so fucking stupid that you believe ANYTHING that the Govt or MSM tells you, you won't be missed.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Nip said:


    Yeah, packs of lunatics roaming the streets ain't good

    Worse than that, pal. We, the taxpayers, are paying for them to stay in 5-star hotels, whilst we freeze and starve so they can rape and kill and live like fucking kings.

    Or do you believe the tooth fairy produces the money?

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  9. I hope every one of them dies. And the ones who stirred up hate again the anti-injections should have a special slow, agonizing fucking death.


    It would certainly clean the gene pool and these morons wouldn't be breeding and brainwashing more morons.


    We should PUBLICLY hang every doctor who supported this bullshit. Not by a quick drop, but haul the cunt up and watch him choke to death.


    The 'scientists' and politicians who started this should be burned at the stake. A fitting end for their fucking witchcraft.


    Do I have sympathy for the mutilated and dying from 'The Jab' they were so eager to take? NOT A SINGLE DROP. Morons shouldn't be allowed to live and breed. 

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  10. 47 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Swiss MP Bastien Girod painted a vision of the near future in which governments change the nature of how population is organized.  The grand idea?  To focus people into tightly controlled cities designed around carbon controls and where cars are illegal for individuals to own.  And, to establish penalties for businesses that do not conform to bureaucratic climate change policies.


    At the WEF, a Swiss MP proposes cities where there is no individual ownership of cars, and encourages punishing any businesses that do not align with environmental goals. pic.twitter.com/x2jySxdOhK

    — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) January 16, 2023

    The exploitation of global warming hysteria despite all scientific evidence to the contrary remains the primary topic and tool of globalism.  Climate organizations claim that carbon emissions substantially increased for the past eight years yet global temperatures have not increased in same period according to the latest NOAA data.  Not only that, but global temps have only risen less than 1 degree C in the past 100 years.  There is still no concrete evidence that carbon emissions have a causation relationship with changes in global temperatures.  Yet, this false threat is the rallying cry of the Davos elite and their continuing demands for freedom crushing centralization.       




    You know perfectly well that the fucking snowflakes will love this idea. The morons believe that staying home, stopping farms, cattle, meat and milk will stop their crazy idea that it's getting hotter, which is BOLLOCKS.


    These same morons support America's endless proxy wars, endless military exercises, fucking fighter planes, endlessly disturbing people. Bombs, tanks, aircraft carriers, submarines, missiles, heavy artillery, mass killing, none of those produce CO2. Of course not. The fucking tooth fairy and Santa convert it all to oxygen.


    Don't burn fuel and stay warm. It produces CO2. Do star jumps so we can send more missiles to Ukraine to fight America's wars and produce more CO2 daily, than every fucking animal on the planet put together produces in a year!


    Go on strike for more pay, so it puts you into a higher tax bracket and the Tax Dept can make you poorer than you were BEFORE the fucking pay rise.


    Don't drive or fly. Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, Fauci, Hillary, and Grim Greta need your carbon credits for their yachts, private jets, limousines and luxury life styles. You think THEY will ever be cold and hungry?


    Obey slaves and work 5 months every year for FREE so the taxman can pay for more wars and rebuilding countries that America, NATO and the UK have sent back to the stone age. 


    Why not cull all the people. They fart, breath and make CO2...


    Oops, sorry, I forgot, they are doing that with the fucking injections and poisons they sell to the gullible assholes out there and the dozy twats line up for more 'Jabs' and pills, while people all around them are dying from those same poisons The twats DESERVE to die. They lost their brains shortly after birth.


    Ooh, I know. Time for more 'peaceful protests'. The elite will quail in terror at the sight of you freezing your butt off in the cold and rain. Just as they did with the covid 'protests'.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    He sure as hell don't look 36. He was quite a bulky lad in the past, and he's clearly shed some pounds, but it's more than that I agree. Same with Higgins (who doesn't seem to be anywhere at the moment) - says he was on some magic weight loss/get fit programme but just looks decades older.

    They all look MUCH older, play like beginners and have a blank look when they sit. Would be interesting to know how many were coerced into the 'Jab' before they were allowed to play.

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  12. I've worked all over Europe, lived in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg.


    We have a kachel (coal burning stove). We used to buy good anthracite @ €250 for 500kg. Many moons ago, I worked for the Coal Board Scientific Dept, so I know a bit about coal.


    Now SHIT anthracite, full of iron, with a high ash content and a low calorific value, costs us €360 for 500kgs, but it's not European coal. It's AMERICAN.


    I've never seen a Jersey cow over here. Not sure why, because we had them in South Africa. All the milk cows here are Friesian and the cream is off white. Jersey cream is buttercup yellow.


    Until Ukraine and sanctions, we bought off-white butter. Now, all of a sudden we get yellow JERSEY butter, but it DOUBLE the price. I don't believe this is coming from the UK with all the Brexit bollocks, so my guess is we are buying EVERY fucking thing from the USA now.


    Most of the shit from the USA is GM. Maybe THAT is making people sicker as well.


    Has anyone else got info on this?

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  13. 11 hours ago, SimonTV said:



    Do people deserve 2 years of pain and suffering because some WEF bastards think the world is over populated and they want to line their pockets? Safe and effective yea fucking right. 

    You can't beat stupidity. I saw a story of one woman who took her kid to be jabbed and it dies, so she took her other one. How fucking stupid can people be and then they whine about it.


    There was a white woman in Rhodesia, can't remember her name offhand. She was screaming for re-elections, when they elected Muzorewa.


    When they elected Mugabe she was dancing in the fucking street. Two years later, she's writing sob stories about how terrible life is in her 'beloved country'.


    Then she got raped and murdered. Poetic fucking justice.

  14. 9 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    I do follow the snooker here and there, but not had much time to sit and watch the recent stuff in great detail like I would normally. However, the results are all over the place. And the bit I did see one evening was as you describe...absolute pants. There are hardly any close matches at the moment. Someone thrashes someone one night, then gets the same happen to them the next. Robertson, Selby and Ronnie O seem to be struggling more than most.

    Absolutely. They miss shots that a child could make, then they play an almost impossible one. It's almost farcical. John Parrott was commentating, and he shook his head and said this is a comedy of errors.


    I watched one play the break off and potted the cue ball. Never seen that, not even in a club, let alone professionals. Refusing a pot when it's right over the pocket and they could drop the cue ball on a colour.


    One might think they are being paid to throw the game, but that's impossible, because they are ALL playing like assholes. I'm convinced it's the jab and by this time next year, a lot of them will have shuffled off their mortal coil. Mark Allen looks SICK. By that I mean ILL.


    Something isn't right.

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  15. I don't know how many people watched the Grand Masters Snooker.


    I admit it was refreshing not to see a single muppet with a fucking face diaper, BUT the quality of the snooker was embarrassing.


    To see world class player, making mistakes that schoolkids wouldn't. To see them miscuing, missing pots that a 10 year old would get. It was embarrassing and depressing. 


    I was looking at the expressions on the players faces as they sat, waiting to make an asshole of themselves again and they all had the same blank look.


     Do you think it's the vaccine, 5G or are they turning into fucking zombies?

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  16. Whatever problems you got from the "Safe and Effective" vaccine, you deserve it.


    If you are so fucking stupid that you fell for all the bullshit, the sudden disappearance of 'flu and 'asymptomatic spreaders', you deserve EVERYTHING you get.


    If you were one of those who castigated the people who weren't as stupid as you, you deserve to die slowly and painfully

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  17. 4 hours ago, SimonTV said:


    I would think so. 

    I very much doubt it. They trust the science.



    In a new study, scientists at the Fleastone University, discovered that by having your male children castrated, before they reach puberty, they will be immune to ALL strains of Covid 19, Covid-21 and a new virus called parrotpox.

    Save the NHS, we have teams standing by. The procedure only takes a few minutes. Our surgeons have been castrating piglets with penknives for years.

    The procedure is SAFE and EFFECTIVE



  18. 1 hour ago, Freaky Dragonfly said:




    Anything But The Vaccine


    The vaccine(?) is SAFE and EFFECTIVE. Trust the science (until someone pays them to prove the opposite). ALL it takes is MONEY. That's greases the wheels of science.

  19. 6 hours ago, zArk said:

    neither . the article is implying that corpse temperature is normally below 93degrees so these corpses are odd


    i dunno if a thermogenic reaction post death is possible or normal in certain circumstances


    maybe there is a variety of tests coroners and doctors have available now, that wasnt normally available pre covid , which is finding all sorts of weirdness? 



    A dead body will cool to the exact same temperature as the air surrounding it. At death, the temperature can be anywhere above 98.4.

    If the body is left in a room at a temperature of 85 degrees, the air in the room will GAIN heat from the cooling body and the Corpse will LOSE heat until both room and body are at the same temperature. The room will also gain or lose temperature depending on external temperatures (snow/frost/tropical conditions). THIS IS THE LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, not fucking sorcery or magic.


    You can't put a body at 98 degrees into a refrigerator at 32 degrees and find after equilibrium that the fucking fridge at is suddenly at 93 and the body as well.


    Don't be fucking stupid. Get a book on Thermodynamics and don't make people think we are ALL morons. This is the plan. They feed you bollocks. You regurgitate it like a fucking parrot and they LAUGH AT YOU.

  20. 11 hours ago, zArk said:

    yes, i think the article is reporting the temperatures of corpses which it claims is unusually high

    So, you reckon daily temperatures WORLD WIDE, never rise above 30 degrees Celcius. OR are you trying to say that corpses don't obel the laws of thermal equilibria?

  21. Just now, Talorgan said:

    There is no real accountability or complaints department (yet!)

    Hasn't been for years. The job of a doctor in this 'brave new world' is to alleviate symptoms with pills and potions recommended by big pharma. Once upon a time the job of a doctor was to find the CAUSE of the disease and try to eliminate it. No such requirement exists today.

    Are you in pain? 

    Yes (checks computer)

    I'll give you a prescription for synthetic opioids. Don't read the small print! 



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  22. 2 hours ago, Edmund Blackadder said:

    Close shave.

    Ranitidine is another recent withdrawn from use drug they said was S&E.

    The speed of science approves a drug for use in months, realises it's deadly poison decades later.  As everything else, it's all arse about tit.

    No, it's about making as much money as you can before the gullible twats catch on. EVERY medicine from doctors is POISON.

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  23. On 1/7/2023 at 1:54 AM, webtrekker said:

    “The body temperatures were unusually high, such as 33 or 34 degrees celsius (91-93ºF).”

    This is total BULLSHIT. Get a fucking education. Normal human temperature is 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celcius.


    If your body temperature was 93°F, You'd be DEAD and rigor mortis would be present.


    It's this kind of shit that casts doubt on people who have a brain. 

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