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  1. I've lived long enough and seen enough changes and I've read all Lyall Watson's books as well. it doesn't seem likely, but neither did self opening doors until they were on Star Trek. I don't believe in a lot of other things, like the Lunar Landing and "one small step" along with the 'plane and the Pentagon, or the 9/11 Narrative. I have a whole lot of good reasons never to trust any governments and I wouldn't trust anyone in the UK Government as far as I can piss in a 100 mph headwind!
  2. I seem to remember a phrase, "Beat you swords into ploughshares". Try the other way around. How do you think that Jomo Kenyatta became the leader of Kenya? Peaceful protests? How do you think that Robert Mugabe became the despot of Rhodesia? Peaceful protests? I won't mention South Africa, that was completely different. Sold out by a traitor. Do you think that the police and the army stood back and took it on the chin?
  3. Yes, but do you think ANY of the morons will actually believe it and say "NO!"? Are 'peaceful protests' working? Is Reiner Fuellmich actually DOING anything apart from talking? Even if he does, do you think ANY of the Courts will even schedule a hearing? Do you think that things will ever get back to normal if we follow this path?
  4. Doubt that. I think it will be the entire country again until everyone has been sterilzed or dead.
  5. I think that "I TOLD YOU SO", might be appropriate now. Just to rub it in. After this lockdown is over, probably May or June 2022, There will be a triple mutation new Guatemalan variant, even more deadly, for another more of the same. Peaceful protests aren't working, are they?
  6. Oh, I'm convinced. I'm trembling with fear. Why would an ordinary college student, who is learning English, write a post like the one here, with correct spelling and punctuation, tell us it's real, unless it is? He's so utterly believable, even my pet Dodo is convinced. Covid-18 is real, it's deadly and you MUST take "The Jab" to protect him and others. Come on everyone, you KNOW that he is so convincing. I'm sure there will be more and more absolute proof from him with every post. I need to run away and hide. My pigs are all groomed and fed and waiting on the runway. M
  7. EVERYONE who has even a bad cold, loses his / her sense of smell. Smell and taste are linked, if you can't smell it, you can't taste it. As you MUST be aware of this, unless you have never had a cold or influenza, what your posts are trying to do is to convince others here that the "deadly virus" actually exists. If you are. tough shit, it ain't working. I'm sorry to be blunt, but I think you are a shill to promote the Covid-19 narrative. Please go and take "The Jab" and IF you survive, please tell us which is worse, the 'flu, or getting either violently ill, or dying a
  8. But when you have enough money to take over the Media, including Hollywood. Most of the world's governments (especially the USA) and just about every major position, you can put people wherever you like and control whatever you like. Read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and before you tell me it's fake PROVE IT BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT. When Mugabe took over Rhodesia, Most of the White's left in a hurry. They were not allowed to take anything out. Some friends I had there came down to SA. They were flat broke. I GAVE them some cash to get them back on t
  9. Being Scottish doesn't mean shit. When dBase came out, I was in partnership with another guy, back in SA. A friend of my partner came in and asked if we would create a dbase database and put some names and addresses into it. We had a look at this pile of names and addresses and there must have been around 300 of them. We quoted him a price and he agreed, so he left the documents and went out. The names and addresses were the names and addresses of the Pretoria Jewish Community. Like fools we had a quick look through instead of photocopying them. There were n
  10. Exactly right about Kelly, Teflon Toni had him "terminated with extreme prejudice!" You may well be right about Gates and Epstein, they need a fucking good plastic surgeon and they'll have to cut of both of Billy's loathsome arms and fingers! hey are a dead give away.
  11. Almost every member of the Commissariat after the Revolution were JEWS. Many had changed their names. they tortured and murdered thousands. Somewhere I have all the names and original Jewish names - somewhere . . . I'm sure someone out there also has it. Stalin had a Jewish mother, so he was a Jew by definition.
  12. The plan is a simple one. For the next few months, the heat will be slowly turned up. I believe that when the new 'flu season starts, people will start dying like flies and by that time all the vaxxed that survive, will know they have been sterilized. As the story breaks. Gates will "shuffle off his mortal coil and joined the pitchforks in the hot place." It will, of course be suicide! Probably slashed his wrist and took 3 aspirins, just like Dr David Kelly, remember him? Now the final act will be that the entire scamdemic was all down to Gates. Mad Boris and all the
  13. Something interesting has come across my desk. I have several very elderly friends in the UK. One couple in particular, They are in their 80's, they've been married for >50 years, they never had arguments. They are also anti-vaxx. He sent me a mail yesterday. Apparently he and his wife have been at each others throats now for about 6 months. His son is having major problems with his wife. he grandson is flying into rages for nothing. Seems that there are MANY people that are going down this route. My own family has a similar problem. I see red for minor things, so does my wife.
  14. Fucking spot on, my friend. I've always felt, ever since I was a kid, that I was born into the wrong multiverse or planet. It was always bad, now its unbearable.
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