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  1. That would be assuming that cunts like Boris and all the Indian Ministers, Doctors and so-called scientists have brains. It seems that the UK has been taken over by India and Pakistan or Bangladesh. I rarely see a white British scientist or doctor on TV, with a few notable totally corrupt exceptions.
  2. This is total and complete BOLLOCKS. Go to their so-called website and look at the email address. Do you really think that a company, especially one that is going to the ICC, would have a fucking HOTMAIL account? Do you think that would put documents into Dropbox which gets hacked on an almost daily basis? You can disregard this. This really IS FAKE NEWS!
  3. We've still got our old Nokia's, they can shove iPhone and Android and all the other 'smart phones' up their deceitful arses.
  4. Do you seriously believe that this will make any difference at all? If you do, you are living in cloud-cuckoo land!
  5. I've always called this "The Flat Earth Theory" They've been doing it for years. Here's how it goes : 1. You get a 'scientist' (very tongue in cheek) 2. You put him on TV to explain (in complete gobbledygook nonsense, that a new study reveals that the earth is flat. 3. Over the next few weeks, you keep bringing in more 'scientists' who repeat the narrative. 4. You pay about 10 people to be 'ordinary' shoppers on the street. They have a script 5. TV crew 'interviews' them. They nod wisely and agree that the scientists have got it right and the earth is indeed flat. 6. You do this several times. Then you pick someone who says "bullshit, It's round.". Now you ridicule them. 7. Repeat on YouTube, making sure that anyone who disagrees is called a "conspiracy nut job. 8. Finally censor and cancel anyone who dares to disagree. That's why my TV is in the basement, unplugged. That's why I'm skeptical of EVERYTHING I see on the Internet!
  6. What you say is true. BUT. The police are suppose to protect the people who pay them THE FUCKING TAXPAYERS. These assholes don't give a fuck about the people who pay their salary. There only concern is to protect the Government and to show that THEY have the power to fuck up anyone they please including old ladies and children. You are surprised that the people are pissed off and enraged? It's obvious WHO they should target, but the pigs are just there to stop them. Respect? The rule of law? Authority? You must be crazy!
  7. The French have BALLS. 2,000 pigs, armed with tear gas. water cannon, shields and protective clothing can beat the living shit out of 3 to 5,000 unarmed civilians, who cower in fear of "authority". Not all the protective clothing in the world can protect them from half a million or more pissed off enraged people WITH TESTICLES, who don't give a fuck about "authority". That's the difference between the Frogs and the Brits. If Britain had to go to war against France now, YOU WOULD LOSE!
  8. I'm afraid that I'm suspicious of anyone who thinks that doing the same thing over and over again with the exact same results every time, is suddenly going to have a different outcome. IT WONT! They are laughing at you.
  9. The new super draconian lockdown isn't far away. I make my own beer and wine, so I really don't give a shit. If you can't / wont learn how to make your own, I suggest you stock up, because the new super lockdown will stop ALL sales of booze. :I makes people behave irresponsibly" will be the reason. I doubt if things will remain open until end September. The new 'wave' and the next variant is already on its way. Mask up and be prepared for the entire country grinding to a halt.
  10. Words can change in meaning. - the meaning of celebrity has changed from a cunt in the spotlight to an obedient super cunt who stands out in stupidity and sponsored bullshit.
  11. Even if you force the sheeple to read this, they will say it's fake news and double the number of face diapers they are wearing. https://bolenreport.com/getting-to-the-truth-portugal-shows-us-the-way/
  12. He's here to promote Islam and to attempt to cover up the fact that the biggest slave traders in history were ARABS. He's here to denigrate anything that isn't Islam. He's just a shit stirrer and one of these wankers who it's impossible to converse with, because, like all Muslims, he know EVERYTHING and he'll avoid, twist and downright LIE to refute anything that any non-Muslim dare to say or think. I wouldn't waste any more of my time even bothering to converse with him. You can't have a sensible conversation with a Muslim unless you are also a Muslim, because to the likes of him, we are just infidels and know NOTHING.
  13. It's been too far for a long time. It will only end if people ever grow testicles again
  14. Actually, I think it's funny. Boris is laughing himself fit to bust. Boris, Reiner, American Frontline Doctors and all the other are screaming with hysterical laughter. They did it. They kept everyone quiet, the light at the end of the tunnel - FREEDOM DAY! Jawelnofine. You have freedom EXCEPT : You still have to wear a mask You still have to maintain Social Distancing You still can't travel You still have to get "The Jab" and booster shots. You still can't go to big events. What's changed, you ask - FUCK ALL! Now the Government can sit back and so can Reiner. THE PEOPLE demand the restrictions. Not the government. What a bunch of cunts. Quick! Time for another 'peaceful protest' and a mass march. That'll show 'em we mean business. You really can't make this up!
  15. There's a lot of evidence that Smallpox was NOT eradicated by vaccines, more by better hygiene (NO, not washing your hands in carcinogens every 16 minutes so some fat fucking Jew can buy a bigger yacht.)
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