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  1. Who are you Kali to warn people in a vulnerable state as you put it, your sounding like a guru with your preaching. do you expect people to listen to your views without question and research just believe what you say?. I had my own awakening 7 years ago and do my own research. I have no intention of sharing my personal views of spiritual understanding. people who are truly awake continue on their own journey learning as they go embracing how precious life as a human is for the short time we are here. If one can make a difference to another being  by kind words and empathy that’s all that’s needed try it!

  2. I’m sad you feel this way about my suggestion of a possible answer to the question asked. I do not agree with your comments in my understanding they are totally and utterly wrong and misleading to others. People can make their own minds up after watching and do not need people like you giving your own opinion in a negative way let the people decide for themselves 🙏🏽

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