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  1. Hi Deca, Good to see that someone on here has the right idea. I have reported my encounters with the GCHQ(I actually met them in person in 2015) to the United Nations in Geneva twice now. The first time I received a positive response and the torture went away completely for an entire year within a week of delivering my 8 page report. As you may be aware it is the torture and end of life services division of the GCHQ otherwise known as the JTRIG who are responsible for the torture/unlawful killing of British citizens in the UK. I have a lot of very specific information on the subject if you are at all interested in finding out more including very detailed information about the voice of god, synthetic telepathy and the kinds of influence that they are able to exert by using microwave technologies on the brain stem, the most important of which is a condition known as hypoxia. By starving the brain and body of oxygen it has a terrible impact on mood, coordination, the ability to think clearly as well as diminishing your energy levels considerably. There have been times when I have considered calling an ambulance and I am a healthy 39 year old. If I was in my 80s with repository problems I imagine that I could be killed remotely very easily by this method. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk to someone who may be able to provide you with some additional insight. Hope this helps
  2. Not by the moderation team but by the GCHQ. I am really enjoying your platform. Please keep up the good work!!
  3. Dear A .Harris There was a great deal of information relating to your research area freely available on youtube and other places for a very long time. Unfortunately the Overton window has shifted and a great deal of opinion that was considered reasonable in a free society is now considered to be offensive. There is great difficulty in having any kind of balanced discussion in the UK and elsewhere about a great range of topics including historical events owing to the restrictive nature of recent legislation that has led to people self censoring out of fear of breaking the law. As a Law graduate I am disappointed to see the law develop in this way as once apon a time "mens rea"or "guilty mind"had to accompany an illegal act in most cases in order to constitute an offence under the criminal law. At the present time the law relating to hate crime is encapsulated in this paragraph taken from The Metropolitan Police website: "A hate incident is any incident which the victim, or anyone else, thinks is based on someone’s prejudice towards them because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or because they are transgender." This means that if you for example post a video of someone from a minority background, painting them in an unfavorable light, even though you do not in fact hate them (or even dislike them) if someone watches that material and forms an unfavorable opinion of this individual/race ect then the person posting the material may have committed an offence under uk legislation. It makes no difference that the person/race/religion ect actually deserves the criticism because they have done bad things. The fact that what you say is the truth is no longer a defence in English law. Hope this helps, all the best with your research
  4. To be completely honest with you the distinction although interesting is of very little importance. David never claims to have had an encounter with the dark suits but unfortunately I met them in 2015. What we are dealing with is 40/40 psychopaths, flesh and blood and identical to us in every respect except they have a deformed amygdala. At that level of psychopathy they seem very much like aliens as they will do things that are beyond your levels of experience and comprehension. They are exceptionally cruel and they are what I would describe as pure evil. They have developed through decades of research(all funded by the tax payer of course) a number of techniques, the most devastating of which is know as synthetic telepathy which makes them appear like aliens but it is nothing more than reading the electrical messages that your brain gives off when you think. This technology has no percolated down to civilians and it is now possible to buy on Amazon a lightweight headband that enables the wearer to change the channel on the tv just by thinking about changing the channel. Hope this helps
  5. Hi Daniel, I am probably shadow banned so you most likely will not get the opportunity to read this. I dont believe that David claims to have had any direct experience with the "dark suits" but I met them in 2015 because of my web browsing history (all lawful at the time but not politically correct). For your information they are just 40/40 psychopaths and I dont believe/have no evidence that they are invisible/reptilian ect. They could restrict your breathing/alter your mood/hypnotise/use synthetic telepathy in 2015 and are therefore not dependent on 5g towers to do this since the 5g architecture came much later. Hope this helps
  6. (1) and (2) I lean more towards (1) If you remember we had Tony Fauci and other prominent public figures telling us that this would be the new normal even before the true extent of the coronavirus could be measured in society. If you combine that with the European Commissions proposals timeline on Covid vaccinations/passports that was most recently amended in q3 of 2019 https://ec.europa.eu/health/sites/health/files/vaccination/docs/2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf it seems clear to me at least that the psychopaths had an agenda before the appearance of this particular coronavirus strain. Another argument to detract from (2) is that we still do not have the suicide figures for 2020 as they are typically reported around a year later following a coroners inquest. This number was around 6.5 thousand in 2018 and I suspect this figure could be around 12-18 thousand as we were faced with unprecedented levels of suffering as you all know. In addition we heard reports of many people not seeking medical assistance that could have extended their life expectancy and instead chose to die at home through fear of seeking medical attention. The number of people who were sadly lost in this way will likely never be known. Deaths attributed to the Flu went down exponentially during 2020 and people dying of other causes went down as well as the government decided to use the over inclusive pcr test in order to include as many people as possible in the deaths attributable to covid 19. We did not lose many more people than we typically do in a bad flu year like 1999-2000. The cure was far worse than the disease!!
  7. Through my limited research I have been led to believe that the pcr test is identifying only 20 base pairs or a virus that may have around 30,000 pairs in its sequence. As I am not a scientist I wondered if the correct analogy to give to a layperson would be: Covid 19 is a cherry pie and the pcr test is identifying flour Alternatively does the pcr test enable more refined identification so that we can identify the cherry filling that differentiates the covid 19 pie from all other pies? I would be grateful if anyone in the community with a scientific background could set me straight. Many thanks for any assistance that you may be able to provide.
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