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  1. The Bible is parable, symbolic of internal struggles. The Anti-Christ is you. The selfish side of you who lives it's life almost exclusively in response to it's fear of death.
  2. As a practioner of the occult, one of the things that irks me the most about that community is how they whitewash their own history, pretending that western eroticism had nothing to do with fascism or eugenics. It absolutely did. Helena Blavatsky was an asset of Czarist Russian intelligence. That's not a conspiracy theory, but a verifiable fact. Fascism and eugenics were quite "en vogue" during her time, and most occultists of that time are guilty of the same. There's no benefit to denying this, it's just true. However, you're wrong about the Great White Brotherhood, but that's of little consequence. You're really describing the works of the Black Brotherhood, who often pose as the White Brotherhood. No harm, no foul.
  3. If the word "hello" is something you're genuinely worried about, then you are beyond "privileged";. You've probably never had a real problem your entire life.
  4. Believing that certain words are "evil" is taking political correctness way too far.
  5. That's because he wasn't a freemason. He just received an honorary degree from them for work he did on his own. Freemasonry could never produce someone as brilliant as Manly P Hall. It's a joke.
  6. I'm sure you've already heard this a thousand times before, but there are only three degrees to freemasonry. All other degrees are unofficial and honorary. The 32nd and 33rd degrees are like receiving an honorary degree from Harvard. It means nothing. You can be awarded the 33rd degree without ever having previously been a part of Masonry. In fact, that's usually the case when someone is awarded the 33rd degree. It's almost insulting, and definitely condescending.
  7. 33 is a number representing the duality of the trinity and the balance between the two. With access to both, it's power can be used for either "good" or "evil", because ultimately the two are one and the same.
  8. This is just silly. The "eye of Horus" or Ra or Shiva ( it's all one and the same) simply refers to the destruction of illusion (the "world") that occurs when one seeks out enlightenment. You are Shiva/Horus. You can destroy the illusion of the world simply by opening your eye.
  9. This, at least the gist of it, is absolutely true, with the correction that Satan primarily works through Christianity rather than the occult. The formula of achieving enlightenment through the sacrifice and suffering of another is the formula/method of Shaitan and the Black Lodge.
  10. The easiest way to curse someone is simply to convince them that they are cursed, then their own guilt and paranoia take care of the rest. But aside from that, curses are definitely possible, though ill advised as they often involve worse consequences for the one who cast it than the one it was cast against, depending on the karma of both involved. A key characteristic of the "Black Lodge" is knowing how to exploit the flaws of karma to cast curses without consequence to themselves. (The "Black Lodge" is essentially what you all would call the "Illuminati".) Freemasons on the other hand? They can't even recognize the esoteric significance in their own symbols and rituals, and generally (and hypocritically) disown any association with the Occult. So I strongly doubt that they have any real knowledge of casting effective curses. In my opinion, the Black Lodge pushes masonic conspiracy theories as a way of distracting attention away from themselves.
  11. Oh, and yes, the O.T.O. is almost exclusively concerned with Sex Magick. This was true even before Crowley took over the order. The name, The Order of Oriental Templars, refers to a synchronization of Christian Mysticism with eastern tantra. The A.'.A.'. is less exclusive in that it generally allows the aspirant to use the methods of his/her choosing.
  12. The A.'.A.'. and O.T.O. really are very different organizations. The O.T.O. is just a fraternal that really teaches nothing but rather mostly exists to perform the Gnostic Mass. The A.'.A.'. is much more of a teaching organization, though the student is left mostly to his/her own devices. I personally do not like the O.T.O. and have little respect for it. It's become rotten with elitism, sexism/misogyny, and classism. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in Magick and Mysticism seek it out on their own, as is the true way of the A.'.A.'., and not bother with the lodge systems. They're corrupt and obsolete, though they still contain some great members.
  13. The Star Ruby is simply a banishing ritual that Crowley created but never actually practiced himself. It's considered by many as nothing more than a practical joke or a useless snare by many. My own experience with it is that it is effective at banishing but in an almost too thorough sense. It practically creates a vacuum like effect, which can be useful when you have something specific to invoke, but dangerous when you do not. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the empty space will always be filled by "something". Crowley's rituals aren't so much "evil" as they are powerful and risky.
  14. I'm a member of the A.'.A.'., and am willing to answer any questions you may have, at least as far as my own knowledge allows. I don't know everything. I also can't guarantee that you'll like all the answers that I'll give, but I'm also not here to tell you all that you're wrong about everything either.
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